Creamsicle Chia Pudding

This dreamy, creamy, satisfying Paleo creamsicle chia pudding contains no added sweeteners and will squash even the biggest craving for dessert!

Creamsicle Chia Pudding Fed and Fit-4

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I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many attempts it took before I landed on this recipe. Short story: it took me 3 tries and I had to go back to the store for black chia seeds TWICE. Sometimes recipe development feels a lot like chipping away at a buried fossil. You have an idea (maybe even hopes) of what you’re unearthing, but there’s no way to know exactly what lies beneath until it has been completely extracted and dusted off.

Note that I’ve made chia pudding before (see one example here), but I really wanted to incorporate citrus in this recipe! Citrus is in season and I wanted to offer up a Fed & Fit Project-compliant dessert for everyone working so hard in that material. First, I worked with just citrus juice, and then just fruit, and then finally a combination of fruit and coconut milk. While the chia seeds will plump and soften as they absorb some of the liquid surrounding their cute little bodies, there’s only so much liquid they can take. I’ve found that in order to achieve a pudding-like consistency, a full-fat coconut milk *must* be added.

Alas, it worked!! In fact, it exceeded my expectations. Instead of a citrus chia pudding, we have a CREAMSICLE chia pudding. It was more delicious and more satisfying than I thought possible.

Creamsicle Chia Pudding Fed and Fit

Creamsicle Chia Pudding Fed and Fit-5

For this creamsicle chia pudding recipe, I used 2 full cups of peeled clementine segments (because they’re just so darn easy to peel) and one can of full-fat coconut milk. I blended those two ingredients together until smooth and slightly frothy. Stir in the chia seeds, let set for at lest 4 hours while the seeds can do their plumping magic, and then serve! To garnish, I topped these little pudding cups with some toasted unsweetened coconut shavings. The texture combination (especially when fresh) was AWESOME.

If you’re *not* working within the scope of the Fed & Fit Project and do like to incorporate natural sweeteners into your diet, I recommend adding a tablespoon of maple syrup or honey to the blender!

Creamsicle Chia Pudding

Preparation 10 minutes Total Time 0:10 Serves 4 large or 8 small     adjust servings



  1. Place the clementine segments and coconut milk in a high powered blender. Blend for at least 2 minutes, or until completely smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture into a large bowl and ad the chia seeds. Stir to combine and then transfer to the refrigerator to set for at least 4 hours.
  3. To toast the coconut shavings, spread them out on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Bake at 375 for 5 to 7 minutes, or until golden brown. Be careful not to burn the coconut and check on them often.
  4. To server, spoon the pudding into cups and sprinkle the coconut on top.
  5. Enjoy!