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BLT Wrap

This Paleo-friendly BLT Wrap has been up my sleeve since …well, since the very beginning of my Paleo journey about 5 years ago! I make it when I want something comforting and quick.

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I have always been a mildly obsessed bacon lover. Always.

Growing up, my fabulous mom would fry up some bacon to enjoy with over-easy eggs and pancakes every Sunday morning. In a house of 5, I was always a little nervous that I wouldn't get my fair share of bacon. So, as soon as the plate hit the table, I'd quickly do the math: “hmm …12 pieces of bacon. That means four of us get 2.5 pieces and one of us gets 2 …NOT IT!” I was a sweet, selfless older sister like that.

Like all loyal bacon lovers, I also became a lover of the lunch-appropriate bacon dish, the BLT (bacon lettuce tomato sandwich). I later fell deeply in love with the BLT's cousin, the BLAT (bacon lettuce avocado tomato). The BLAT became my go-to deli order. While my friends and family would munch on their silly turkey sandwiches, I would be absolutely lost in magical bacon heaven.

All you need for a perfect BLT Wrap: your favorite bacon, lettuce cups, avocado, a tasty red tomato, and a slather of your favorite homemade Paleo-friendly mayo. If you'd like to really kick this recipe up a notch, I recommend you use this incredible Baconnaise!

To find the full recipe, check out my article over at Breaking Muscle HERE.

Enjoy, my friends!

140730_Paleo_BLT_Wraps_BM_FedandFit (4 of 4)


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    Kierstenposted August 14, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Totally my go to lunch when I’m running low on food. I need to try it with your baconnaise next time!

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      Cassyposted August 17, 2014 at 8:05 pm

      Totally! Pete’s Paleo knows what he’s doing with those crazy awesome mayo recipes.

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