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Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I want to issue a quick word of heartfelt thanks …along with a handy-dandy single reference point for all my already-published Thanksgiving-friendly recipes!

I’ve been recipe developing, cooking, learning how to take food photos, and blogging here since the summer of 2011. I still remember the me back then and am a little amazed by how little I’ve actually changed. Sure, I’ve learned how to become a better cook. I’ve learned how to use a DSLR, manual zoom, natural light, and Lightroom (for photo editing). I’ve learned how to navigate some web programming lingo, how to personalize Paleo, and how to better wrap my mind around “what I want to be when I grow up.” As time has gone on, I’ve pursued post-graduate education in nutrition, launched a nutrition consulting business, started a podcast, adopted Gus, and got married. So many things! I’ve made mistakes, made great strides, and learned more than I thought possible …but I’m still the same girl. I still want nothing more than to share the tidbits of information I love most and that (I hope) you find helpful.

With all the different ways you and I can connect with each other (podcast, Instagram, Facebook, my nutrition program, the newsletter etc.), this blog has been my touchstone. My lifeline and guiding light. It’s the one place I can communicate and really feel like myself. I crack bad jokes and don’t worry too much about how my hair looks or how my voice sounds. Here, it’s just you and me. I’m writing, you’re reading, and by the end, we’re all friends.

This is my favorite place and I consider it home because you’re here!

From everyone who has been by my side since the beginning, to everyone who just found me today, and everyone in between, know that I both adore and admire you. I consider us friends, colleagues, and warriors together in this battle for positivity and health. Thank you for your company in this fabulous adventure! I’m excited to see where the future takes us together, but right now, I’m just grateful to be right here.

Okay, back to business …

Last year, I undertook my biggest Fed+Fit Project (at the time) and created a totally comprehensive Holiday Feast eBook! It includes over 45 recipes and 15 menus spanning Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. This year, we published an updated copy to include Halloween! I published that eBook because I wanted to offer you guys a single reference document for healthy, delicious, and simple holiday recipe swaps. I’ve gotten AWESOME feedback from folks who loved the recipes, but I can’t help but also want to highlight some of the FREE recipes I’ve published here on the blog over the years. Below is a list of most of my Thanksgiving table-themed recipes with links right to their page here on the blog.

Note: if you want more recipes (including my Honey Butter Turkey, Perfect Paleo Pie Crust, and Pumpkin Pie Custards), click HERE to grab your copy of my Holiday Feast.

Fed+Fit Holiday Recipes (from the blog):

Remember you can click HERE for a copy of my *updated* Holiday Feast eBook!



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    Cassieposted October 24, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I knew I could count on you for a Paleo Green bean Casserole!!! This is my First Thanksgiving since I transitioned to paleo, and this one staple dish was one I was most concerned about finding, it’s just not Thanksgiving without it!
    <3 Cassie

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