Cook Once Meal Prep Plan: Week 2

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    We're so excited to be sharing this 5-day paleo meal plan for Week 2 of our Cook Once Meal Planning series! This week, we are using shredded pork shoulder, sweet potatoes, and kale to make 3 different dinners that we'll pair with our favorite meal prep-friendly breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and desserts.


    Welcome to Week 2 of the Cook Once, Eat All Week Meal Planning series! We are SO excited to bring you this entirely FREE, gluten-free-friendly meal planning series. In case you'd like a more thorough introduction to this concept, click HERE to read all about how it works.

    All of the recipes below (minus the dinners) will be released throughout the week, but if you'd like to get them now, along with shopping lists, our full meal plan, and prep day instructions to help you save time in the kitchen, click HERE to download the eBook.

    This Week's Paleo Meal Plan Breakfast Recipes

    chorizo and potato breakfast meatballs on a grey plate sitting next to a glass jar of creamy green sauce on a marble board

    This Week's Paleo Lunch Recipes

    tortillas smeared with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, and red onion, on a marble board

    • Smoked Salmon Lunch Wrapswe've elevated the typical lunch wrap with smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, and capers! 
    • Bonus Lunch: Loaded BLT Egg Saladthink: classic egg salad, but jazzed up with bacon, tomatoes, and arugula.

    This Week's Paleo Meal Plan Dinner Recipes

    ground beef, peppers, and onions covered with provolone cheese and garnished with parsley on a marble board

    This week, you'll be prepping pork shoulder, sweet potatoes, and kale in bulk and turning them into three different dinners:

    • BBQ Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
    • Pork & Sweet Potato Curry
    • Carnitas Tacos with Creamy Salsa Verde

    As a bonus 4th dinner for the week, we are giving you a Philly Cheesesteak Skillet recipe that comes together in minutes!

    This Week's Paleo Snacks

    dried mango sprinkled with chili powder on a marble board

    • Mango Chili JerkyFirst up for snacks this week, we've got this mango chili jerky! It's equal parts sweet, spicy, and tangy and makes for a fantastic snack.
    • Plantain Chipsanother long-time reader favorite, you cannot go wrong with these plantain chips!

    This Week's Paleo Meal Plan Dessert

    paleo chocolate chip cookies on a marble board

    We've only got one dessert on the meal plan for this week, because you'll want to eat them all – Paleo chocolate chip cookies! We've perfected this recipe and the result is grain-free, refined-sugar-free cookies that are perfectly chewy and totally addictive.

    Meal Plan and Shopping List

    If you'd like to get your full meal plan, shopping list, prep day instructions, and recipes join our email list below to get your free eBook!


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    1. Marianne Andrews says:

      Recipes look great!

    2. Betsy says:

      Yes love to see the ebook!

    3. Caitlin Wamble says:

      Love to see the ebook! Just ordered the cookbook from amazon as well! Can’t wait to try some next week!

    4. Robin says:

      Hi Cassy, just love the book and so happy for the additional weeks, however, for week 2 I’m confused by the 2-4 people shopping list that is for the dinners only. It says it is for the 4 dinners but I don’t see the ingredients for the philly cheese-steak skillet…I don’t want to miss any ingredients when I go shopping so just making sure I’m looking at this correctly. Kind of used to the 3 dinner format so the weekly meal plan is throwing me off a little. Thanks for the amazing book and the free extra weeks…you are the best!

      5.0 rating

    5. Alex says:

      Hey! I downloaded the ebook and I’m planning to Cook the pork and sweet potato curry but I just had one question. When in the recipe do I add the sweet potatoes? I don’t see it in the recipe instructions.
      Thank you!

      5.0 rating