5 Things to Snag at the Nordstrom Sale

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Today’s post is all about the 5 things to snag at the Nordstrom Sale with a savvy strategy! I’ve named 5 items worth scouting out along with the Summer and Fall fashion trends shown in this epic pre-season sale.

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Oh boy, OH BOY is this an exciting time. I have to tell you, this is my first Nordstrom Sale (or “Nsale”) experience and by golly, what rock have I been living under?? When I started the style column here on the blog, I decided to also grab a Nordstrom card at the time. That card, apparently, gave me early access to their annual MEGA mid-Summer sale! Yesterday I flipped through, I kid you not, the ENTIRE sale catalog online, made a few lists, lots of Fall style observations, and even a few purchases of my own.

Sales of this sort, if you’re anything like me, can feel a bit overwhelming. A part of me wants to get ALL THE THINGS and then another part of me would love to employ some strategy. So, that’s what I’m offering today! While the sale has some *serious* mark-downs on fabulous products, it’s a little impractical to just go buy all the things.

To give you an idea of what’s included in the Nordstrom sale, it’s not just old product they’re trying to clear. These are NEW pieces! A lot of the sale actually revolves around Fall fashion, so it’s a great time to get a jump start on key Fall/cooler weather pieces (think: boots). I know it can be difficult to shop for sweaters and boots in the middle of triple-digit weather (like I’m currently enjoying down here in San Antonio), but trust me …these deals are WORTH IT. With a little strategy and a little looking (to the season) ahead, you can walk away like the savviest of the savvy fashionistas.

SO, I’ve broken down the 5 items worth considering for your Nsale purchase. These recommendations are based on what you can currently enjoy (in the warm weather), coming Fall fashion trends, and the amazing deals worth considering right now.

Let’s get to it!

#1: Boots & Booties

Fall is around the corner and so is scarf/boot/legging season. I personally like to spend a little more on my Fall/Winter boots because they get SO MUCH wear during those months. Because of the heavy markdowns during the Nsale, this is a really good time to consider splurging.

Note on Summer bootie trends: super low profile is IN! These are part bootie, part loafer. I got this pair and plan to wear them with breezy dresses.

Note on Fall boot trends: I like having a pair of minimal heeled black boots and a pair of brown boots at the ready, so this year I opted for the pairs below. Also note, over-the-knee boots aren’t going anywhere this year!

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#2: Breezy Summer Dresses

Just because so much of the Nsale (and my recommendations here) are for think-ahead fashion savings, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw something in for right now! Because of these great prices, I snagged the below dresses so that I can get started right away enjoying my new finds.

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#3: Coats and Jackets

HEAR ME OUT. I know, I know it’s hot outside right now. BUT, as soon as the temperatures start to drop, the prices on coats and jackets will rise. The cool thing about the Nsale is that THESE are the newest, most fashion-forward pieces. It’s like a peek into the future. If you’re looking to indulge in a nice coat or jacket, jump on it now and save yourself some serious dollars.

Note on coat and jacket trends: leather (or pleather) are IN again this year! I am so excited that I finally found this affordable option with gold (it had to be gold) metal accents. Just like with my boots, I like to spend a little more on a good coat that I’ll wear constantly. Some ideas below!

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#4: Cardigans + Slouchy Sweaters

These slouchy sweaters have me so dang excited for Fall! Though we may have to wait a bit to wear them, the current prices are worth considering the early buy.

Note on cardigan trends: long cardigans are IN, you guys, big time. I recommend grabbing at least one! These will be great for layering over slimming leggings (with boots) very soon!

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#5: Handbags

If you’re in the market for a new handbag, this is a GREAT time to snag one! The prices are really good and the styles are top-notch. My favorites are below, but I personally purchased this luscious green bag, this affordable fun yellow bag (to use right now), and this awesome wallet.

Note on handbag trends: deep moss greens, burgundy, and saddle leather are big!

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Bonus #6: Athletic Wear

I had to throw this one in there because there are some awesome deals on some of my favorite athletic wear brands! Below are a few of the items I personally snagged.

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