Calling All Cotton Dresses

Fed & Fit
Fed & Fit

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Calling all cotton dresses! This breezy, cotton-dress style is perfect for Spring and early Summer! Paired with comfortable sandals, lightweight earrings, and a bag that you can either rent or buy, this look is perfect for the weekend and the week day.

cotton dresses

Dear Cotton Dresses, I think we could (should?) be friends. You see, it's in my humble opinion that our timing is especially timely. I've been patiently (PATIENTLY) waiting for this magical weather-bearing moment to fall upon us. The threat of too-crisp mornings has ticked away with the early Spring calendar. Now, we're left with that magical time of year (almost as magical as October when I'll reach out to your cousins leggins, boots, and scarves) where the weather shows an admirable restraint. It's not too cold and not too hot. It's the perfect time for, say, a cotton dress! In the dead heat of Summer, especially in San Antonio, it'll be too late. But right now, in this early, beautiful May, I think we're the perfect match.

Off the shoulder, long sleeves, and with a pair of comfortable block-heal strappy sandals is how I'll feature your greatness. I'll wear you to brunch, maybe a few meetings, and out for a breezy “we'd like to sit on the patio, please” date night with my hubby.

What do you say?

Note: this dress is a good deal and I linked to several other breezy cotton dresses in the shopping widget below! These sandals are probably one of my favorite purchases this year. Also a great deal, they're perfect shade of brown. Wide straps and a block heal make them really comfortable! These earrings are one of the most lightweight pair I own, for my fellow sensitive ear sisters. Lastly, let's talk about this bag. FULL DISCLOSURE: I rented this fabulous bag. YES, you can still buy it, but you can also rent it. You do you, my friend!

For more spring style look inspiration, check out this post HERE.

{My look: dress | shoes | bag (rent) | bag (buy) | earrings | sun glasses}

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Cotton Dress Fed and Fit

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  1. Kayla says:

    The weather in Texas is perfect for those dresses right now! My fiancé and will be my in San Antonio for a quick weekend trip this month. This is our first trip to San Antonio, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for must-sees or paleo-friendly restaurants?

    1. Cassy says:

      Not so much on Paleo-friendly, but I recommend Supper at the Pearl!