Fancy Casual

By: Cassy Joy Garcia
Fed & Fit
Fed & Fit

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Today's fashion feature zones in on a breezy, light, throw-it-on “fancy casual” style that takes little planning but always looks fabulous.

White Mumu Fed and Fit-3

If I think about the kinds of outfits I wear on average, the breakdown probably looks something like this:

  • 60% athletic wear. Of that, half of them look put together (washed, coordinated, newer) and the other half were thrown on miss-matched during those rushed busy mornings and within hours, are likely hiding behind a thick layer of dog hair.
  • 20% comfy casual. Think stretchy jeans with slip-on sneakers and a loose-fitting button up (like this one or this one, which is on SALE!).
  • 15% what I like to call “fancy casual.” This is the category today's post slides into. This is where I grab a flattering tunic-style dress, pop on a pair of *comfortable* statement heels, and add a fun bag.
  • 5% fancy. Though this is one of my favorite categories to style (tulle skirts and floor-length prints), it's the one I actually wear the least.

So, let's zone-in on “fancy casual.” This is my standard date night wear! I have a small section of my closet sectioned off with my “breezy” dresses. None of them are form-fitting and they ALL look great with either simple flip flops or big clunky heels. I'm especially a fan of the clunky heel look. These are the dresses I wear OVER and OVER again. They can be styled with various hats, scarves, or pieces of fun jewelry, if you're looking for variety. My go-to for these fancy, but breezy casual, but fun dresses is Show Me Your Mumu! I love the fun prints, high-quality fabric, and always flattering shapes. HIGHLY recommend if you're looking for a fun way to jazz up your Spring wardrobe.

White Mumu Fed and Fit-5

White Mumu Fed and Fit-4

White Mumu Fed and Fit-2

White Mumu Fed and Fit-6

White Mumu Fed and Fit-8

In the shopping widget below, I listed several of these platform (making them actually pretty comfortable) shoes. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Sarah says:

    So adorbs and *effortless*! Looks like a fellow box-jump scar OWWIE!!!