Floral Sneakers & Light Summer Layers

By: Cassy Joy Garcia
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A new fitness look on the blog today revolving around some comfortable floral sneakers and light Summer layers to shed during the day.

a woman in a fitness outfit in front of a river

Happy Saturday, love bugs! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I remember a conversation I had with my mother-in-law a few years ago about all the things on my plate. I think it was back when I was working to finish editing my book. I remember looking at her and saying, “well, when this is done, I guess I'll have some more free time on my hands!” Her response, said with love and friendship, was “oh I don't believe that for a second, you are going to find something else to work on …and you always will.” She's a smart, intuitive, hard-working lady herself.

The desire need to work runs in my blood. My Papa, paternal grandfather, worked until his last day hand-crafting custom airplane parts in his impressive backyard machine shop. YES, he slowed down at times, but he loved the work. I love it, too. Working on, for, and towards something, making use of this precious time I have on this sweet earth, it feels like a puzzle piece falling into place. It feels right and natural.

As I'm somewhat in-between projects right now, I'm thinking back on my MIL's remark. As she predicted, I've got my sights set on a *couple* BIG new concepts. One will be here early next year and the other, possibly next Summer. I will loop you in as soon as possible, but you can trust that I'm always hard at work. Though the subject matter and sometimes even pace may evolve, I'm always looking forward.

I'm excited to share this new Style Saturday look with you! My new plan here out is to share a new style piece each Saturday, hopefully offering stylish inspiration and new ways to enjoy you being YOU.

Okay, back to today's athleisure look!

a woman in a fitness outfit doing an abdominal exercise in front of a river

in image of black nike floral sneakers

a woman in a fitness outfit in front of a river checking her phone

a woman in a fitness outfit in front of a river checking her phone

a woman in a fitness outfit in front of a river doing a situp

{My look: sneakers | tights | top | bralette | sunglasses | socks | phone charger case}

Today's look is all about these SUPER fun floral sneakers (I'm obsessed), stylish Zella tights (high-quality but more affordable than other options), and lightweight layering. I'm the kind of girl that prefers to not feel chilled. I will usually carry a shall or light jacket with me almost anywhere. I'll toss it on in a cool restaurant or in a theater. I find that Summer months can be even trickier than the cooler ones because we go from warm to cool throughout the day: cool AC into a hot car, cool mornings into a warm afternoon, etc. As such, I'm always on the hunt for a lightweight, layer-friendly, toss in my purse-friendly, top. This one fits the bill!

Also, if you're on the hunt for travel-friendly or on-the-go workouts, I HIGHLY recommend Aaptiv! I'm a huge fan. Choose how long of a workout you want, what you'd like to focus on (yoga? core? running?), and then enjoy a coached session with music! Be sure to enter the promo code “FEDANDFIT” (one word, all caps) at checkout, and your first 30 days are on the house!

Shop the Look:

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Sizing and fit: everything linked here runs TTS (true to size)! The sneakers are VERY comfortable, but best for walking or light workouts. I don't recommend long-distance running in them. I'm wearing a small in the pants, top, and bralette. I'm also wearing a size 8 in the sneakers.


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