From Yoga to Errands

By: Cassy Joy

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From yoga to errands is the theme of today's fashion post! This comfortable, high-quality, lasting look will get you through a morning workout and around town while you tackle your richly scheduled day.


On today's mid-week Fed & Fit Fashion post, I want to highlight a versatile look! In ALL areas of my life, I gravitate towards efficiency. I prefer efficient time in the kitchen where I can invest a small amount of time for a LARGE yield of healthy food (think: cooking in bulk/for the freezer). I like to grocery shop WHILE taking conference calls. My husband and I take 2 walks together each day, so Gus gets exercise and we get quality time. AND, I think that the Instant Pot (part slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, etc.) is one of the greatest inventions on earth. You see, efficiency is essentially the bright shiny star I admiringly chase each day. What I wear is no exception! I like outfits that work for multiple purposes. I want something cute, comfortable, versatile, and functional.

Today's outfit is just that! I needed something that would work perfectly for a morning yoga class, coffee with a girlfriend, and then a day of running errands. These slip-on shoes are my GO-TO for days like this. With a pair of no-show socks that REALLY stay in place, these shoes are perfect to slip off for a class and then comfortable enough to wear for a full day of running around.

This hooded puffer jacket (which is a great deal) kept me warm but not overly hot. These Zella brand stretchy pants are incredibly comfortable and this yoga mat feels like an old best friend. It has stood the test of time, you guys. I've owned this one for almost 8 years! Its the best mat I've ever used.

green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-11 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-10 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-9 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-7 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-6 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-5 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-4 green-pants-puffer-jacket-fed-and-fit-3

Shop each piece of my look below!


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