How-to: Cook Perfect Bacon

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I must admit that bacon, aka meat candy, is very important to my diet and lifestyle. Granted that I abide by a general principal of all things in moderation, I’d be lying if I told you I’m modest when bacon hits the table. I quickly do the math to figure out how many pieces each person gets, grab my portion, and will be the first to volunteer for the leftovers. Maybe I’m a bacon hoarder.

I don’t discriminate and love all kinds of bacon: peppered, hickory, maple, thick, thin, etc.

As your resident expert in all kinds of bacon, I have some tips to help you cook fail-proof meat candy.

how to cook perfect bacon

1 – Bake it.

Baking bacon is a very simple way to free up your time to focus on other breakfast or home preparations while filling your home with one of the best aromas around. Someone should make a bacon candle.

2 – Line your baking sheet with Parchment Paper.

Parchment paper allows for easy cleanup and will keep bacon bits from sticking to your pan or each other.  

3 – Run water over your baking sheet to make the Parchment Paper stick.

A trick directly from my mother to you; if you’ve ever experienced Parchment Paper rolling back up on itself, this will solve your problems. Run tap water over your pan, drain the large drops of water, and watch the Parchment Paper stick effortlessly to the pan.

4 – Bake at 375 for approximately 20 minutes.

It’s pretty much that simple. Your nose will let you know if it’s done sooner or needs more time. The thickness of your bacon will determine how long you should bake it.

5 – Get rid of excess grease.

As soon as your bacon is finished baking, use tongs to place each piece on a paper towel-lined plate. Once all the bacon pieces are on the plate, take another block of paper towels and blot the top. This will make for crunchy, not greasy, bacon.

how to cook perfect bacon

how to cook perfect bacon parchment paper

how to cook perfect bacon

how to cook perfect bacon

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  1. Chikachef says:

    You have the best photography! I can almost smell it – wish I were tasting it – it looks so good! Great tips. Thank you!

  2. Katie Barrett says:

    Does this yield bacon so crisp you can break it with a fork, that it will stand up vertical so you can make tepees with it? I like really really crisp bacon.

    1. fedandfit says:

      It does! Tepee test approved. I’m a crispy bacon lover too. Thanks, Katie!


    I never heard of “meat candy”, but that sounds like a beautiful name for bacon. LOL Thanks for sharing!

    1. fedandfit says:

      My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Brenda Scinto says:

    You should email Yankee Candle immediately with your idea 🙂 Love the baking idea and we here in Ohio love our meat candy too, well except for Mr. S who is afraid of it….

    1. fedandfit says:

      Yes! Will do, actually. Thanks, Mrs. S!

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi – great blog! I’m brand new to paleo, hence the late question to this post. How long would baked bacon last in the refrigerator? Thanks!

    1. fedandfit says:

      Hi! Thank you and welcome to the paleo world! I can usually keep cooked bacon in the fridge (in a container) for about 5 days. Reheat on the stove or microwave as needed. Hope that helps! Good luck with your new paleo adjustments and please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help.

  6. Amanda says:

    What about fully cooked turkey bacon? Is that paleo friendly?

    1. fedandfit says:

      Hi Amanda! Thanks for your question. The best answer I can give you is read the ingredients on the turkey bacon. If the ingredients are all whole foods that you could easily buy yourself, then yes! Paleo-friendly. However, if they’re loaded with chemicals and other mystery ingredients, I would only eat it in moderation. Pork bacon is usually a safe choice as log as it’s not flavored with extra sugar.

  7. Sandy says:

    lI love blt’s especially this time of year when the tomatoes are garden fresh…any ideas to substitute the bread???

    1. fedandfit says:

      You could make a lettuce wrap blt! Butter lettuce, romain, and collard greens are my favorites for wraps.

  8. NutritioNut says:

    I just discovered your site, and find it to be wonderful! xD

    When I want crispy baked meat candy (love that term!), I place it in the oven on a cooling rack over a cookie sheet. This allows the fat to drip off as it is liquified. It also makes for an easy clean-up and transfer of nice, clean drippings into a mason jar for later use.

    Your post just gave me the idea to place parchment over the top of the bacon to help control the inevitable oven spatter. I’m sure you have experienced this. lol! I’ll be trying this out once I pick some parchment up tomorrow. Thank you very much for the inspiration!

    1. Cassy says:

      Awesome! That’s actually exactly how I make my baked bacon now …time to update this post! 🙂