How to Cut Up a Mango

a halved mango with the flesh cut into cubes and the flesh of the mango turned inside out

This method will help you cut up a mango with ease!



1 mango, ripe


  1. Place your mango stem side-down on the cutting board. Holding the mango with one hand, and the knife with your dominant hand, slice just to the right of the center of the mango, continuing to cut until your knife meets the cutting board. This should yield a fleshy, oval-shaped piece of mango. Do the same for the other side (slicing just to the left of the center of the mango this time).
  2. Place one of the oval-shaped pieces of mango skin-side down onto the cutting board (flesh is facing up), and holding onto the mango with your non-dominant hand, use your knife to cut lengthwise slits through the flesh (but NOT all the way through the skin on the other side). Then, in the same cutting position, use the knife to cut crosswise slits through the flesh, still careful to not cut through the skin. Do the same for the second oval-shaped mango piece!
  3. Once you’ve scored each piece of the mango, you’re ready to cut the mango cubes from the skin. To do this, hold one of the scored mango pieces with both hands and push the skin side of the mango to invert it so that the mango cubes that you scored are now prominently sticking out. Once your mango piece is inverted, simply take your knife and slice the cubes of mango off of the flesh. Do the same for the second piece of mango.
  4. Enjoy the mango immediately, or store it for up to 5 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator. 

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