November Letter From the Editor

2020 has been a formative year for everyone who lived it. We’ve experienced, seen, and learned so much, and I believe that we can walk away from it with deepened sense of gratitude for our blessings. This year taught me to take nothing for granted, to recognize where I’ve been fortunate, and to see where I can use that fortune for the good of others.

Going into this Thanksgiving season, I’m definitely thankful for a heart that knows the Lord, for good health, our sweet family, a flourishing business, and so much more …but I’m especially thankful for the lessons learned. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving in November, it will likely look slightly different this year as many stay home in lieu of traveling to see family. While it can be easy to focus on what is missing, I want to encourage you lean in to counting your blessings. Explore your good fortunes, name them, and express gratitude for them.

If you find yourself cooking a holiday meal from home this year, for a smaller sized crowd, know that we’ve got you covered with recipes and dinner menus that will feed 2, 4, and 8. There’s a dessert, a turkey, and a side with your name on it!

My Top Thanksgiving Recipes:

  • Cranberry Sauce – hear me out, but I love this cranberry sauce because it makes me feel SO FANCY even though it’s the easiest dish to pull together.
  • Harvest Sparkle – it’s a cocktail, but It’s one of the best I’ve ever created. Be warned, a little goes a long way!
  • These Baked Turkey Breast Tenderloins are INCREDIBLE. The marinade will rock your world and scratch the turkey itch without you having to go all-in on a whole bird.
  • Kale and Pomegranate Salad – don’t judge me too harshly for these photos, I was but a baby blogger, but this salad is STILL a staple for our family during the holiday.
  • Mac and Cheese Bake – this no-boil mac and cheese bake is the I love it so much.

Fed + Fit Thanksgiving Menus

With the holidays looking a bit different this year, we wanted to go the extra mile to make Thanksgiving as easy as possible. We’ve put together complete menus with timelines and shopping lists for families of 2, 4, or 8 and we are so excited to share them! You can get your copy HERE.

Current favorite things:

  • Yeah Baby Goods – this is only relevant if you have the amazingly affordable Ikea highchair (Antelope) in your house, but this company (owned by the most adorable family) makes fabulous add-ons for this chair. We got the cushion and the footrest and have found that Bishop, our 6 month old, wants to spend even more time in it now.
  • Gigi Pip Hats – I love these hats for so many reasons: they’re affordable, they fit my enormous head (I wear the XL), they’re cute, and they make me feel way more put together than I am on most days.
  • Naadam Cashmere – this $75 cashmere sweater is worth the hype. It’s sustainable, buttery soft, and comes with really helpful care instructions that make me feel like I can actually extend the life of this gorgeous top.



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