Maternity Wear with an Edge

By: Cassy Joy Garcia
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I'm relaunching Style Saturdays here on the blog with my first official pregnancy fashion piece: maternity wear with an edge.

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

It is time again, my friends. It's time to relaunch my style column here on the blog! We're going to call them Style Saturdays going forward, so be sure to check the blog each Saturday for another complete look!

I took a little break from style posts for the first trimester of my pregnancy because I (honestly) had NO IDEA how to dress myself. I was in that awkward stage between not looking pregnant, but also not fitting into any of my clothes. Everything was too tight and, when combined with the chronic migraines I suffered in the first few months, the LAST thing I wanted to do tease my hair and slip into something cute for a photo.

Flash forward to the very middle of my pregnancy and I am THRILLED to tell you that I'm feeling much better! I do promise that I'm working up a complete recap of my 1st trimester (with the 2nd and 3rd to follow), but in the meantime …let's talk maternity wear with an edge.

This look was inspired ENTIRELY by a photo I stumbled across of Gisele Bundchen. She was pregnant and ROCKING a graphic tee, leather jacket, black pants, and mid-rise stompy black boots. I thought it was the dang cutest maternity wear I'd ever seen …and I was desperate to surround my growing belly with such fun.

I'm always trying to implement a careful budget strategy with my wardrobe. I'll invest where it makes sense to invest (like on pieces that I'll keep for multiple years) and save where it makes sense to save (like on a graphic tee). I have been on the HUNT for the perfect black leather (or pleather) jacket for years …that's no exaggeration. There were a few specific things I wanted and I was NOT going to compromise. I knew I wanted a with a distinct collar (not a no-collar) and I knew I wanted gold hardware. For some reason, I could only find black leather jackets for the last 3 years that were made with silver hardware! Though I was prepared to invest in my dream leather-with-gold-hardware jacket, I stumbled upon the most incredible deal. I LITERALLY squealed when I found this (faux) leather jacket. It has a distinct collar, is as comfortable as can be, has a lovely texture, and (low-and-behold) GOLD hardware! Ready to pull the trigger on a major purchase, I about fell out of my chair when I saw the price …it's less than $100.

I couldn't believe it. I bought it in an instant and love it just as much as I thought I would. If you've been on the hunt for such a jacket AND would like such a deal, get this one! It's buttery soft, great quality, and looks amazing on.

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

Maternity Wear with an Edge (style, maternity) - Fed and Fit

This jacket pulled the look together, but I paired it with a one-size-fits-all graphic Led Zeppelin tee from (believe it or not) Urban Outfitters! It's comfy and will continue to grow with my little girl. I'm also wearing the most comfortable “mother tucker” maternity leggings (thick and hold me in) and a pair of affordable stompy black boots from DSW. Though I gave half a thought to splurging on more expensive boots (like these), I opted for the budget-friendly option for this season. So far, I love them! I do recommend ordering 1/2 size up.

[My look: jacket, shirt, leggings (maternity), leggings (non-maternity), boots (budget), boots (splurge), purse, sun glasses, ring]

I hope you enjoy the restart of my style column!


Cassy Joy + Baby Cricket (nickname)

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  1. Tammy says:

    Hi Cassy! I have a blog post request. Will you do a maternity family photo shoot post with potential outfits for family pictures with a bump? I will be 17 weeks’ pregnant for the photos and am thinking the bump will need more hiding rather than showing off, as it may not be big enough at that point. I would love some ideas! Thank you!

  2. Jenn says:

    Love this post! I am 10 weeks pregnant and work in the film industry – boots, jean jackets and slouchy tees are my uniform – and I’m desperately trying to figure out how to maintain the edgy look I love without spending a fortune. Dressing like a big pink flower while I’m pregnant won’t work so well with all men I work with in my business. I still need to look a little tough, even with the belly! This post was perfect. Cant wait to see more maternity style posts!