Styling a Basic White Shirt

On today's fashion piece, I'm using step-wise photo instructions to show you how I like to style a basic white shirt for an elevated, everyday, comfortable, stylish look.

I am so excited about this style post! I asked what kinds of future #fedandfitfashion posts you would like to see, and the results came back to fit into these main categories:

  • Everyday Wear Styling Tips
  • Athleisure
  • Transitional Pieces (like workout to brunch; work to date night)

Today's post is an everyday styling tip! This outfit is my go-to template: comfy mid-rise jeans, my FAVORITE moccasins, a simple button-up (styled), big earrings, and a slouchy shoulder bag. Today I'm showing you (with step-wise photos) how I like to take a basic button-up and turn it into a more casual look with a little more personality.

{My look: top | jeans | shoes | earrings | bag | sunglasses}

Let's get to styling a basic white shirt! I have it broken down into 8 simple steps. I hope you find it helpful!

Step 1: unbutton the bottom button.

Step 2: tuck half of the shirt into your jeans.

Step 3: pull some of the shirt back out so that it doesn't sit tight against the skin.

Step 4: unbutton both sleeves.

Step 5: holding onto the bottom, pull the sleeves all the way up so that the crease is at your elbow.

Step 6: take the bottom of the fold and fold it up to the bottom of the cuff.

Step 7: roll the rest of the sleeve up on itself so that it sits right at the crease of your elbow.

Step 8: pop that collar!

{My look: top | jeans | shoes | earrings | bag | sunglasses}

Shop the Look:

Earring Options:

Sizing and fit: I'm wearing a small in the blouse and a 4 in the jeans. I recommend sizing down in the shoes. I normally wear an 8 in flats/tennis shoes (8.5 in close-toed heels) and have a size 7 in these. The earrings are medium weight.


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