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Managing Editor

Amber is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Health Coach. After being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and not feeling better with traditional treatments, she set out to start healing her body with more natural methods. Through a combination of nutrition, mindset work, and conventional medicine, she was able to improve her digestion and reduce symptoms like joint pain and fatigue. As a serious food lover, she built on her cooking and baking skills to figure out how to create approachable, special diet-friendly meals that were even more delicious than the classics she remembered. As the managing editor at Fed and Fit, she combines her background in sales and marketing with her love for nutrition to oversee our monthly content strategy, manage brand partnerships, and contributes to developing healthy recipes and nutrition content. Amber lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Hunter, and their dog, Stormy. Some of her favorite things are her afternoon cold brew fix, a good book, wine, hiking, yoga, and the beach.