Brandi Schilhab

Senior Copy Editor

Brandi is a wife and mama passionate about making overall health about more than just outward appearance. After spending too many years dieting and trying to change herself physically, Brandi decided that it was time to focus on an approach to wellness that truly made her feel like her healthiest self and allowed her to: take time to rest, spend time with her family + friends, eat food that she loved while still being conscious of how it made her feel, and exercise for enjoyment. After prioritizing these things, she just couldn’t go back to bland diet food and countless hours spent running on the treadmill! Brandi currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Colton, daughter, Emmie, and two pups, Ollie + Jax. Brandi’s favorite things include road trips to Colorado, hiking, sitting down with a good book, and popping in a Harry Potter movie (or all 8) on a rainy day!