Transitional Footwear (from the N-Sale!)

By: Cassy Joy Garcia
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We're cracking the code on transitional footwear from the Annual Nordstrom Sale today! Let's learn about which shoes are worth grabbing now then how-to style them this Summer and this Fall.

Transitional Footwear

Today's post is all about giving our well-deserving selves a little late Summer footwear makeover. The Annual Nordstrom Sale is officially open to the public! Styles are FLYING off the virtual shelves, but I did a little research and found the following fabulous 17 shoes that are all still in solid stock. If you're unfamiliar, the Nordstrom Sale (or “N-sale”) is an annual pre-sale on Fall fashion. While many sales feature last season's products, this sale is unique in that it gives us a discounted jump start on next season's styles. The shoes I've curated for this post are the perfect pieces to wear both now and later, when the temperatures start to drop back off.

While I've got notes for each of the 17 shoes below on how to style them now (for Summer) and how to style them later (for Fall), let's first review some basic apply-all's:

How-to wear them now…

  • Boots – style with flowy dresses (like this one and this one) or with a pair of shorts for a casual, but chic summer look!
  • Booties – style with shorts, dresses, or even pants for a loafer alternative.
  • Heels – though I've got deeper hues pictured here, style these with light-colored tops and dresses for a really posh Summer look.

How-to wear them later…

Shop the on-sale shoes!

Remember that prices will go up on these styles as soon as the sale is over, so don't wait to grab your favorites!


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