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the ingredients and supplies needed for homemade pet wash

Homemade Best Dog Shampoo

By: Cassy Joy Garcia
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Use this safer, non-toxic 1-ingredient pet wash next time you need to shampoo your pup!


  • A dog comb/brush
  • Non-breakable cup
  • 1-4 tablespoons Branch Basics Concentrate
  • Water to mix with Concentrate + more for wetting and rinsing your pup
  • 2 large towels


  • First, get everything out that you need: a brush/comb, non-breakable cup, your water source (the hose, a removable shower head, a refillable cup and bucket of water, etc.), Branch Basics Concentrate, and 2 large towels. Go ahead and lay one of the towels down on the ground (near where you're washing your pup, but out of water range).
  • Brush through your pet's fur with their comb or brush.
  • Combine the Concentrate with a little bit of water in the non-breakable cup. Mixing the two ahead of time makes for a much more streamlined dog washing process.
  • Completely saturate your pup's coat with water. Then, pour the watered-down Concentrate on your pup, lathering and scrubbing to spread it all over their body. Note: I recommend washing your dog’s head LAST, as dogs (or at least, my dog) typically start to shake once their head gets wet.
  • After you’ve spread the soap all over your pup, use your water source (a hose, removable shower head, or refillable cup with a bucket of water nearby) to FULLY remove the soap from your pup’s fur. Any leftover soap can lead to itchy skin, so be sure to be really diligent with this step.
  • Lead your pup to the towel that you laid out on the floor (step 1) and have him/her stand on the towel while you dry them off with the other towel.
  • Brush again, if needed.

Recipe Notes

Start small with the amount of Concentrate you use. For reference:
  • Brandi uses 2 tablespoons with her 45 pound dog
  • Cassy uses 4 tablespoons with her 100+ pound dog