Cook Once, Eat All Week

About Cook Once

Cook Once, Eat All Week is our revolutionary meal prep method that will allow you to cut your meal prep time in half and get dinner on the table in under 30 minutes each night!

Tired of meal prep plans that promise the moon but leave you exhausted from cooking and then bored eating leftovers all week? Us too.

Here at Fed and Fit, we firmly believe that eating healthy shouldn’t have to be so hard. After years of running the site, and an online program, we heard the struggle from our readers over and over again – that they wanted to cook more homemade meals, but there just wasn’t enough time. So, we got to work trying to solve the dinner time riddle. After much trial and error, Cook Once, Eat All Week was born. Cook Once, Eat All Week is a meal prep method that was designed to save your time, money, and sanity – and make it easy to get dinner on the table once and for all!

If you’ve tried meal prepping before, and you’re skeptical that this method will be any different, let me tell you WE FEEL YOU. We’ve also been burned by “easy” meal prep plans in the past. With this method you’ll be able to save a ton of time in the kitchen with a quick meal prep on the weekend, while still eating fresh, delicious, and healthy meals each night.

How does it work?

Instead of prepping a bunch of separate recipes on Sunday, then portioning them out and storing them in the refrigerator to eat throughout the week, we make a protein, a veggie, and a starch (or another veggie) in bulk, and turn them into three totally different dinners that you assemble throughout the week. This cuts down on your time in the kitchen and saves you money because you’re cooking fewer things, and we’ve strategically designed it so that you are using as few ingredients as possible. This method also keeps your meals fresh and diverse, because instead of making the full meals on prep day, you’ll have all of your main ingredients cooked and ready to assemble to make your meal in less than 20 minutes each night.

You’ll take three simple ingredients like shredded pork, potatoes, and cabbage and turn them into these three easy-to-assemble meals:

  1. Honey Mustard Pork Sheet Pan Dinner
  2. Enchiladas Verde Casserole with Avocado Slaw
  3. Sloppy Joe Stuffed Potatoes

The Book

Cook Once Dinner Fix

Get Your Copy!

If you’re ready to jump right in and get meal prepping, you can order the Cook Once, Dinner Fix book here:

What’s Inside:

6 Months Worth of Dinners

The book contains 26 weeks-worth of gluten free meals that can all easily be modified to multiple dietary needs. In total there are:

  • 8 weeks of low carb-friendly meals
  • 23 weeks of grain-free and Paleo-friendly meals
  • 25 weeks of dairy-free meals 24 weeks of egg-free meals
  • 25 weeks of nut-free meals

Supplemental Recipes

We’ve also included a chapter of supplemental recipes with 45 quick and easy recipes for proteins, starches, and veggies that you can use for extra meals throughout the week. These are perfect for times when you haven’t prepped and just need dinner in a pinch!

Storage and Reheating Tips

In addition to the recipes, we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about storing, freezing, and reheating your meals so you’re never left guessing.

Free Downloads

When you buy Cook Once, Eat All Week, you’ll also get access to the following resources:

  • The Cook Once, Eat All Week Seasonal Guide
  • Printable Shopping Lists


You can find the corrections for the Cook Once book here.

Free download

4 Weeks of Dinner Plans

The Cook Once blog series was the original 4-week meal prep series released in January 2017. The web series was so popular that readers kept asking for more, and that’s how the Cook Once book was born! If you’re just getting started with meal prep, or you want to dip your toe in the water before buying the full 26 weeks, this is a great place to start.