This Paleo-friendly BLT Wrap has been up my sleeve since …well, since the very beginning of my Paleo journey about 5 years ago! I make it when I want something comforting and quick.

BLT wrap

I have always been a mildly obsessed bacon lover. Always.  But let’s be honest, it’s hard NOT to love this perfectly crispy protein, especially when it’s being used to jazz up a meal!  There is something so incredibly satisfying about that salty crispness that just keeps me coming back again and again.

Growing up, my fabulous mom would fry up some bacon to enjoy with over-easy eggs and pancakes every Sunday morning. In a house of 5, I was always a little nervous that I wouldn’t get my fair share of bacon. So, as soon as the plate hit the table, I’d quickly do the math: “hmm …12 pieces of bacon. That means four of us get 2.5 pieces and one of us gets 2 …NOT IT!” I was a sweet, selfless older sister like that.

Like all loyal bacon lovers, I also became a lover of the lunch-appropriate bacon dish, the BLT (bacon lettuce tomato sandwich). I later fell deeply in love with the BLT’s cousin, the BLAT (bacon lettuce avocado tomato). The BLAT became my go-to deli order. While my friends and family would munch on their silly turkey sandwiches, I would be absolutely lost in magical bacon heaven.

All you need for a perfect BLT Wrap: your favorite bacon, lettuce cups, avocado, a tasty red tomato, and a slather of your favorite homemade Paleo-friendly mayo. If you’d like to really kick this recipe up a notch, I recommend you use this incredible Baconnaise!  I hope you adore this recipe as much as I do friend!

To find the full recipe, check out my article over at Breaking Muscle HERE.

Enjoy, my friends!

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Cassy Joy Garcia, a New York Times best-selling author, of Cook Once Dinner Fix, Cook Once Eat All Week, and Fed and Fit as well as the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed & Fit.

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  1. Totally my go to lunch when I’m running low on food. I need to try it with your baconnaise next time!

    1. Totally! Pete’s Paleo knows what he’s doing with those crazy awesome mayo recipes.