Welcome to our “Get to Know” series! Each Tuesday (for the next year), we’re going to introduce you to a creator in the wellness space that we think you NEED to know. The creators we feature are of various backgrounds. Whether they’re an online content creator, coach, or owner of a product-based brand, they each have their own niche in the wellness world and contribute to the space, as a whole, in an incredibly meaningful way. We’re setting this up Q&A-style so that you can learn more about each creator’s why, the content that they’re most proud of, and exactly how you can be a part of and contribute to their journey. We hope you enjoy our conversations with these wonderful people and brands. We know they’re going to enrich your lives!

This week, we’re interviewing Amina Al-Saigh of Hungry Paprikas. Amina says, “I want to expose readers to the diverse range of food within the middle east region and empower them to try something new using tested, perfected, and easy to follow recipes.” Follow along as we learn more about Amina:

Why did you start your business?

Amina: I started Hungry Paprikas when I was on maternity leave from my engineering job. It was mainly to fill my time and use it as a creative outlet. Over the first year, I gained some traction on Instagram and started to build a wonderful community. I quickly realized that my community wanted more of what I was sharing. Before I knew it, I was hooked on food blogging and all of the fun elements it entails such as recipe development, food photography, and that meaningful connection with a community of like-minded people. I simply had to keep it going, balancing it alongside my full time engineering job and motherhood. 

What’s your mission/purpose statement?

Amina: I aim to provide approachable and authentic Middle Eastern recipes that go beyond the popularized food that everyone knows; hummus, falafel, and shawarma. I want to expose readers to the diverse range of food within the middle east region and empower them to try something new using tested, perfected, and easy to follow recipes.

What 2 (or 3!) pieces of content are you the proudest of?


  • Maqluba is a much loved dish, and definitely one of those recipes that intimidates a lot of people. In reality, it’s not too difficult to execute. I worked hard on making sure the recipe was detailed and provided the right level of guidance to ensure successful results!
  • Honeycomb Bread is another really popular recipe, because I use a 10 minute dough to make the process much easier, faster and with amazing results. Getting the feedback that people who have never made dough before loved this recipe is just so nice!
  • Dolma is a recipe near and dear to my heart, because it is an iconic Iraqi dish. This is my mom’s recipe and I had to make sure I nailed it!

Where are you going next? What’s your goal for the next year?

Amina: Given that I am working full time alongside managing my blog, I hope to build a team to help manage the blog and free me up to focus on high quality recipes that my audience will enjoy. I am also passionate about food photography and helping other aspiring food bloggers start their journey, so I hope to continue offering my food photography course.

How can we (and the Fed and Fit community) best support you?

Amina: I’d love for you to check out the blog and sign up to my newsletter to receive an ebook with 10 of my popular recipes! You can also sign up to my food photography newsletter and receive a free ebook with tips to get started.

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  1. I make Amina’s recipes on repeat…they have become new favorites that I find myself craving. Her IG and blog are filled with gorgeous photos and mouthwatering creations.

    1. That’s amazing, LindaLee! Her work is so incredible!