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I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my favorite safer beauty finds, and share with you my Araza Holiday Paleo Makeup look! Araza Natural Beauty products are one of the primary THREE beauty companies I know and trust. When I launched my Fed & Fit Beauty column here on the blog, I promised to offer product suggestions that spanned the range of conventional to crunchy-Paleo finds. While you’re probably well aware of my love and personal use of the conventional-but-safe products produced by Beautycounter, I want to tell you that Araza is a great option for those who prefer an even more natural ingredient spread.

Their foundation is lovely and I adore the Coconut Lip Gloss. Their eye shadows (whether in a compact or loose) have nice colors + long wear and I really love their makeup brushes!

While I will continue to include Araza in my lineup of planned Fed & Fit Beauty posts where I’ll compare/contrast 3 “safer beauty” options for foundation, lip glosses, oils, etc., I felt compelled to first introduce this company by highlighting their Holiday Color Sets!

If you’re looking to try some 100% natural color for your eyes and lips, these sets are a fantastic choice. They include 4 eye colors, one lip gloss, and one eye shadow brush. Snag one now for the holidays or use them to stuff stockings of loved ones!



Because my friends over at Araza Natural Beauty are so excited to work with you all, they wanted to kick things off with a giveaway! TWO of you will WIN one of these Holiday Color Sets to create your own Araza Holiday Paleo Makeup look. You can choose from the “Smokey Eye” or “Reds & Copper” 4-color eye sets AND pick any lip gloss you like. I personally opted for the “Smokey Eye” and the “Candy Apple” gloss.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Simply leave a comment below telling me about your favorite holiday tradition!
  • Note which of the two eye shadow colors and which lip gloss color you would love most.

Two winners will be chosen at random on Thursday, December 8th at 12:00 p.m.


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  1. Amy Belton says

    Amy Belton —  12/06/2016 At 16:35

    Hi! Another great giveaway! Thank you!

    OK, my favorite Holiday Tradition: Since mine and my husband’s birthdays are so close to the holidays (he’s in November and I’m in December), we buy an ornament for each other for Christmas. We also make it a bit of a competition to see who “picks” better! He wins for the best overall. One year he contacted the winery where we got engaged and had enough corks sent to make garland out of them. I meeeean!

    Shadow Colors: this was a hard one! Probably toasted copper and fireside.
    Gloss: Sugar Poppy


  2. Tina Raft says

    Tina Raft —  12/06/2016 At 16:42

    How fun Cassy! My fave holiday tradition is easy! Every year we drive about an hour to cut down our Xmas tree! It is the absolute best to spend time with our teenage kiddos and they turn back into 5 year olds! And a freshly cut tree makes the entire house smell like a tree forest! I love hearing about safer beauty products, I think I would like the Foxy lip gloss and the Lace & Echo sparkly eye shadows! Thanks Cassy!

  3. Ariel Hoch says

    Ariel Hoch —  12/06/2016 At 16:46

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to a tree farm and cutting down a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving! Then decorating it while watching a Christmas movie like elf or Home Alone!

    I would choose the smoky eye and vintage lip gloss!

  4. Catlin Jensen says

    Catlin Jensen —  12/06/2016 At 16:58

    My favorite Christmas tradition actually happens on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve), we all go to my Grandma’s for dinner and SANTA comes and brings all the grandkids our Christmas pajamas. Getting these pjs from Santa is one of my earliest Christmas memories and when it really feels like Christmas is starting. Now that I’m older it’s fun to watch my little cousins get excited to meet Santa and experience the seasonal magic that comes with feeling in the Christmas spirit.

    Eyeshadow colors: smokey eye
    Lip color: raspberry glaze

  5. Micheleen says

    Micheleen —  12/06/2016 At 17:00

    Baking and decorating sugar cookies with my kids

  6. Micheleen says

    Micheleen —  12/06/2016 At 17:02

    Love you Cassie Joy and your book!!!!

    Baking and decorating sugar cookies with my kidsI grew up doing this with my mom and now I get to make memories with my kiddos

  7. AMY says

    AMY —  12/06/2016 At 18:12

    My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating Christmas Eve at my mothers house.
    Thanks Cassy!!
    Smokey eye/candy apple gloss

    • Cassy says

      Cassy —  12/09/2016 At 07:58

      You’re one of the winners, Amy!! Please email me at [email protected] with your mailing address. xoxo, Cassy

  8. Elisa Kanemasu says

    Elisa Kanemasu —  12/06/2016 At 19:00

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. It is more special now since my two year old is in awe of the tree and she wanted to help decorate it. I also have to admit I love indulging in ALL of the holiday GF treats! All the colors look amazing but the smokehouse and lace caught my eye. The Bellini lip gloss would be my choice! <3

  9. Katie S (Ktnu2) says

    Katie S (Ktnu2) —  12/06/2016 At 20:53

    My favorite holiday tradition is that a few of my cousins and I get together to decorate sugar cookies. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten any, but the conversations and laughter that take place during the decorating is something I could never give up! I don’t always get to see that side of my family as often anymore, but I never miss a cookie party!

    Smoky eye and candy apple 🙂

    Have you ever reviewed fatco (formerly fat face) products? I know you said oil cleansing didn’t really work for you, but they’ve got a great line of products that are also paleo. I recently tried their myrraculous face oil and I think it’s wonderful for dry winter skin.

  10. Sharo says

    Sharo —  12/06/2016 At 21:18

    My favorite holiday tradition is to have Christmas crackers at the Christmas Day Dinner table. Before dinner you choose a family member or friend to pull the other end of the cracker with you until it pops! The contents always include a hat,joke and toy.
    Smokey eye and Bliss are my favorites

  11. Kimberly Krueger says

    Kimberly Krueger —  12/06/2016 At 22:55

    Thank you for offering the giveaway. How fun!
    I always like to find something special for our kids stockings. Something they wouldn’t get for themselves. Last year i gave personalized yeti tumblers to the girls and their spouses. The best was the one for one son-in-law with Sasquatch (he truly thinks it’s real. Ha!) on it. I think I get more joy out of giving than they do of receiving. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
    My choices would be smokey eye and vintage lip gloss.

    Thanks again

  12. Bethany says

    Bethany —  12/07/2016 At 01:21

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions (because I’m a southern girl and can’t just pick one) is watching Miracle on 34th Street. Love both the old and new version ❤️❤️

    I love the smokey eye and vintage lip gloss

  13. Chelsey says

    Chelsey —  12/07/2016 At 06:44

    Favorite Christmas tradition: watching national lampoon Christmas vacation with my two sisters on Christmas Eve!!

    Smokey eyeshadows and raspberry glaze lipgloss!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Kerri says

    Kerri —  12/07/2016 At 10:36

    Beautiful makeup! My favorite tradition is every Christmas Eve my whole family (immediate, aunts & uncles, even sometimes my sister’s boyfriend’s family) get dressed up and go out to dinner at our favorite Italian Restaurant where we know all of the staff. I live away from home now, but I go back to Long Island every year and we eat great food, drink wine, and laugh for hours on end in the cozy restaurant down the street.

    One year we actually couldn’t go because my dad had the stomach flu, so we ordered all of the food for pickup instead. Turns out the restaurant had a huge kitchen fire and we only found out an hour before we were going to pick up the food and had to scramble to find another open place willing to take our order last minute! It was crazy and still the Christmas Eve we talk about the most 🙂

    Eye: Reds & Coppers
    Lip: Foxy

  15. Laura Yablecki says

    Laura Yablecki —  12/07/2016 At 10:44

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve and stopping for Chinese food on the way home to eat while we watch A Christmas Story. Since going paleo 3 years ago I haven’t been able to eat conventional takeout Chinese food, but each year I make a paleo version of my old favorite dishes and am amazed at how delicious they are! It makes me thankful for all the work that paleo bloggers like you do to put out such delicious recipes!

    For the makeup I’d go with Smoky Eye and Candy Apple.

  16. Lauren says

    Lauren —  12/07/2016 At 11:01

    Hi Cassy!

    My favorite Christmas addition is my family has this ridiculous ornament my grandmother made of a little teddy bear sitting inside an outhouse. You open the door and there he is sitting there. He even has a little roll of toilet paper. My mom was so offended by it the first year she did not put it on the tree. So I secretively hung on the tree when she wasn’t noticing. She eventually found it and laughed instead of being upset. She then went on to hide the little outhouse somewhere else on the tree. Long story short, it has now become a game with our family every year that one person hides it and then whoever finds it, hides it someplace else. This has gone on for 16 years and does not get old as we have gotten more creative with hiding places. This is also a nice game to keep my grandmother’s spirit around during the holidays.

    OMG I was so excited when I saw this! I recently just tried Araza’s jojoba foundation and it is wonderful! Their products are one of the only brands I can use that won’t irritate my skin. I have struggled with skin issues since I was little and it is extremely difficult to find cosmetics and bath products that will go well with my skin. I am allergic to about 95% of synthetics and chemicals and also fragrances and shea butter. Araza, Beautycounter, Primally Pure, and Jane Iredale have been huge lifesavers for me with skincare and makeup.

    Smoky Eye Set and Italian Ice for me please!

    Thank you and keep rocking it on your blog! Your doing great!

    BTW. I do not know if she will see this, but thank you for having Sam on your podcast. Before I moved, we were in the same Crossfit gym and the episode you had really struck a cord with me as I am going through similar things. So thanks!

    • Cassy says

      Cassy —  12/09/2016 At 07:59

      You’re one of the winners, Lauren!! Please email me at [email protected] with your mailing address. xoxo, Cassy

  17. Georgie says

    Georgie —  12/07/2016 At 11:22

    Hi Cassy!

    My favorite holiday tradition consists of my family cooking a traditional Polish meal every Christmas. The house smells like cabbage, onions, and fish, but everything this delicious and the time spent together is priceless. Just thinking about it conjures up images of the table set and the smells of the foods I have eaten since I was a little girl.

    My favorites are the Smokey Eye Set and Polished!

  18. Chelsea Roehl says

    Chelsea Roehl —  12/07/2016 At 13:12

    Hi Cassy!!

    MY favorite christmas tradition includes: Making gingerbread bear cookies with the family and reading the gingerbear christmas story! We all make our own gingerbears and place a red cinnamon heart on each of the bears! The book is a story about little ginger bears coming to life and making the Holiday easier on the family by wrapping presents, washing dishes, and hanging up decorations, etc. It is a very fun and heart warming story! I am looking forward to another year soon!! 🙂 I want to hear more about your favorite holiday traditions!

    My favorites are the Smokey Eye and the Huckleberry gloss. That color just pops out!! Thanks for sharing about this company! I am excited to check them out!

  19. Cindy says

    Cindy —  12/07/2016 At 13:33

    My favorite tradition falls on Christmas Eve when we go to Christmas Eve lunch with my husband’s extended family, then to church with my extended family, and then to my moms for dinner and a gift exchange. I like the smokey eyes and ruby red gloss.

  20. Vanessa D says

    Vanessa D —  12/07/2016 At 14:36

    What a great giveaway!! 🙂 My favorite holiday tradition is our family breakfast the morning of Christmas, after presents have been opened. Everyone pretty much stays in their pajamas/comfy clothes, and we make a huge breakfast! It is so nice to just sit and relax by the fire and enjoy everyone’s company. Sometimes the holidays can seem so busy, so it’s nice to just sit and relax!

    I would choose the smokey eyes and the huckleberry lip gloss!

  21. Kelsey Ortlieb says

    Kelsey Ortlieb —  12/07/2016 At 14:46

    My MOST favorite Christmas tradition would have to be every year when my family would take a trip out to the local Christmas Tree Farm, grab some hot chocolate, a saw and wheel barrel and go hunting for the PERFECT Christmas Tree. Once we found a winner we would each get to pick an ornament from the gift shop to take home and they would be the first ones on the tree. After we got home with our tree we would spend the night with (more) hot chocolate and decorating our perfect Christmas Tree.
    Unfortunately, this is my husband and I’s first Holiday season away from our families (not the easiest of things). However, we still held true to my families tradition with just the two of us. It was such a special moment for us to go out and cut down our very first Christmas Tree together as a married couple. We came home, exchanged ornaments that we picked out for each other, put on the Christmas tunes, made some hot chocolate and spent the night decorating our perfect tree 🙂 It’s hard being away from family, especially around the holidays, but getting to carry on these traditions with my hunny makes my heart so full of joy 🙂
    If picked to win, I would love the smokey eye set and sugar poppy lip gloss.

  22. Carrie says

    Carrie —  12/07/2016 At 15:13

    Decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music!

    For the giveaway: Smokey Eye & Ruby Red

  23. Angelica Trosper says

    Angelica Trosper —  12/07/2016 At 15:27

    My favorite holiday tradition includes an ornament that looks like a pickle! Mom always hides it by hanging it in the Christmas tree somewhere and since it’s an evergreen color it’s hard to find! We say 3, 2, 1, GO! And whoever finds it first wins a prize. Reds and Coppers and Sugar Poppy!

    • Angelica Trosper says

      Angelica Trosper —  12/07/2016 At 15:30

      Ahh!!! I meant toasted copper and fireside!
      Thank you for posting another giveaway!

  24. Amy says

    Amy —  12/07/2016 At 21:44

    Hi! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    My favorite Christmas tradition as a kid was to walk to the Christmas tree farm across the road, wander through the snowy woods to find the right tree, chop I down and carry it home. Even though my husband and I live in Seattle now we were able to continue the tradition this year by walking to and from the Christmas tree lot. Not quite the same, but still special 🙂
    I would love the reds and coppers set and the Foxy lip gloss!

  25. Sammy says

    Sammy —  12/08/2016 At 07:52

    I love everything Christmas! Seriously, it’s my favorite holiday. Fave Christmas tradition = getting to spend as much quality time with my family as I can. It is the only time of year where we actually plan and adhere to the plan of getting all of our immediate family together. One of my very precious childhood memories is getting together on Christmas Eve every year. That’s changed now that all of us kids have grown up and have jobs that sometimes require us to work on holidays (hello nurse world!).

    I would choose smoky eye holiday set with foxy lip gloss!

    Merry Christmas!

  26. Abby says

    Abby —  12/08/2016 At 10:36

    My mom and I do a christmas cookie baking marathon. I’ve largely adopted a paleo eating style but whenever we break out the kitchenaid it’s good ole’fashioned multipurpose flour and white cane sugar. Then we give them away to everyone before we can eat ourselves into a coma.

    This is my first Christmas since I’ve graduated, and now I live 2 and half hours away for work, so we’re downsizing our list this year, but the tradition will remain!

    I would be so tickled to win the smoky set with italian ice gloss. Thanks Cassy!

  27. Averi says

    Averi —  12/08/2016 At 11:02

    So fun! Okay so I guess one thing I look forward on Christmas is-One of my uncles is very genuine and gives each of the grand kids money! BUT, in a strange way…every year is different! Past years: Rolled up so tiny inside an ornament. Inside a sealed (brand new) looking box of cereal. Frozen in an ice cube! How fun!? I never expect it, but if we receive it, it’s like a bonus! How sweet!
    I like the Smokey Eyes & Hearthrob! So perty!

  28. Samantha says

    Samantha —  12/08/2016 At 13:51

    Watching “Elf” and “Christmas Vacation”… and of course all of the holiday treats and food!
    smokey eyes // raspberry lip