Get to Know Tuesdays – Pia Thompson of Sweet Digs

By: Cassy Joy Garcia
Fed & Fit
Fed & Fit

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Welcome to our “Get to Know” series! Each Tuesday (for the next year), we’re going to introduce you to a creator in the wellness space that we think you NEED to know. The creators we feature are of various backgrounds. Whether they’re an online content creator, coach, or owner of a product-based brand, they each have their own niche in the wellness world and contribute to the space, as a whole, in an incredibly meaningful way. We’re setting this up Q&A-style so that you can learn more about each creator’s why, the content that they’re most proud of, and exactly how you can be a part of and contribute to their journey. We hope you enjoy our conversations with these wonderful people and brands. We know they’re going to enrich your lives!

This week, we’re interviewing Pia Thompson of Sweet Digs. Pia’s mission is to “empower women to design a home and life full of truth and joy through tidying their homes.” Follow along as we learn more about Pia:

Why did you start your business?

Pia: I told my friends I was leaving law and becoming a home organizer in 2019 (lol), soft-launched my business in January, 2020 and officially launched with branding and a website in July, 2020!

What’s your mission/purpose statement?

Pia: I believe that decluttering is an act of self-love and my mission is to turn tidying into fun self-care. I empower women to design a home and life full of truth and joy through tidying their homes.

What 2 (or 3!) pieces of content are you the proudest of?

Pia: I love all of these. Couldn’t pick 3! 

Where are you going next? What’s your goal for the next year?

Pia: I’ve got so much happening! 

Hot on the heels of my NY Times article and the vaccine rollout, I’m working hard on a live course to help women figure out whether to reunite or break up with the clothes they haven’t worn in a year so they can figure out how to dress for a post-COVID world. That will be launching very soon. 

I’m also working on a live virtual summit,The Joyfully Organized Home Summit, to equip women who constantly put themselves last with the tools they need to be able to declutter then maintain an organized home. Also launching in 2021!

How can we (and the Fed and Fit community) best support you?

Pia: So many ways!


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