Welcome to our “Get to Know” series! Each Tuesday (for the next year), we’re going to introduce you to a creator in the wellness space that we think you NEED to know. The creators we feature are of various backgrounds. Whether they’re an online content creator, coach, or owner of a product-based brand, they each have their own niche in the wellness world and contribute to the space, as a whole, in an incredibly meaningful way. We’re setting this up Q&A-style so that you can learn more about each creator’s why, the content that they’re most proud of, and exactly how you can be a part of and contribute to their journey. We hope you enjoy our conversations with these wonderful people and brands. We know they’re going to enrich your lives!

This week, we’re interviewing Yumna Jawad of Feel Good Foodie. Yumna started learning to cook 2 weeks after she got married, and what started as a way to nourish her family (just as her mom always had) turned into the website and business she has today! Follow along as we learn more about Yumna:

yumna jawad of feel good foodie standing at a counter behind a clear glass bowl of lettuce greens and a cutting board with whole strawberries on it

Why did you start your business?

Yumna: I started Feel Good Foodie as a fun outlet while I was on maternity leave from my marketing position. I worked in a corporate setting for 10 years before that and wanted to learn more about cooking. So I decided to do it publicly on social media! When brands started paying me to share their products and create recipes, it was great motivation to take it beyond just a hobby on Instagram and develop a brand with my passion for a deeper purpose.

What’s your mission/purpose statement?

Yumna: As an influential, health-minded lifestyle brand, Feel Good Foodie is rooted in the belief that food should be nutritious, wholesome, and make you feel good. Our mission is to create nutritious, delicious, and family-friendly meals, and share our enthusiasm for natural ingredients and clean eating. We love experimenting with new tastes and textures and providing healthy alternatives to everyday staples; and we love giving our readers the information and inspiration to experiment as well!

What 2 (or 3!) pieces of content are you the proudest of?


Baked Feta Pasta –  I was one of the first people to trend this recipe on TikTok after it originated in Finland and was shared in the U.S. over a year ago. The power of social media is amazing and it’s truly humbling to see how much this recipe has impacted our food culture this month!

Overnight Oats Recipe – I worked so hard on this recipe to truly provide as much helpful information as possible on a recipe that I’ve been making for many years. All that work has paid off and it’s been an amazing traffic driver and resource for so many readers since initially published.

Stuffed Grape Leaves – This is a family favorite recipe that I learned to make with my mom when I was in elementary school, so it’s near and dear to my heart and now it includes actual measurements (not eyeballing pinches and handfuls haha) that I can pass down to my kids.

Where are you going next? What’s your goal for the next year?

Yumna: I want to build the Feel Good Foodie team with more staff and support to grow the brand beyond me as the influencer but into a full food media site. I’m hoping that frees up some of my time to also finally start writing a cookbook!

How can we (and the Fed and Fit community) best support you?

Yumna: Sign up for my quick start guide for eating healthy’ish in 2021 with practical tips and easy recipes: https://feelgoodfoodie.net/email-series/

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