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    On today’s episode, my good friend Juli Bauer of PaleOMG joins me to talk about our collaboration on the Fed & Fit Project and book, how she’s expanding her blog, the advice she gives to people who want flatten their tummy and build abs, plus insight on how to develop a profitable business.


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    On today’s episode, my good friend Juli Bauer of PaleOMG joins me to talk about our collaboration on the Fed and Fit Project and book, how she’s expanding her blog, the advice she gives to people who want to flatten their tummy and build abs, and then insight on how to develop and build a profitable business.

    Cassy Joy: Welcome back again to the Fed and Fit podcast. Today I am thrilled to welcome back one of my great friends, Juli Bauer of PaleOMG.com. She’s the owner and founder of PaleOMG, and if you have not been to her website yet, you should go right now. She’s got over 650 recipes there; that’s a lot of recipes. You could cook every single day from her website for almost 2 years and not eat the same thing twice. {laughing} That’s a really; that’s a lot. She posts 3 new recipes every single week. She’s a fashion icon with regularly weekly fashion posts, and links to constant sales and deals. She’s a Crossfit coach, inspiring fitness advocate. She’s the mama to the most adorable puppy dog named Jackson, and one of my most favorite friends. She’s a New York Times’ bestselling author, she’s got three books under her belt, and her latest, Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook’s, is probably one of my most favorite books ever. I have it at the top, tippy top of my cookbook stack, and I flip it open all the time for inspiration and for really, really solid recipes. Welcome to the show, Juli! I’m so excited to have you!

    Juli Bauer: Wow, you are just the greatest! That was such a great introduction!

    Cassy Joy: {laughing} Oh thank you.

    Juli Bauer: You’re such a doll.

    Cassy Joy: It’s probably my favorite part of this job, is writing introductions for my friends. {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: You’re so sweet. You’re seriously the nicest person, Cassy. I wish people could know how nice you are. Which, they probably do, because you never cuss.

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: You’re just the kindest human being, and you’re always like, “Good morning!!!!”

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: To every single person out there. So they probably know.

    Cassy Joy: I hope they know. I hope they know that I mean it. And then of course I’ve got friends and family who say they just can’t handle that kind of energy. I just went to New York, right, for this really mini press tour just to meet with some folks, and Kimberly, my sister went with me, and we roomed together in the hotel room, and Kimberly, Juli’s met Kimberly, my sister; she’s the country music singer. And she’s got a lot of energy {laughs} but Kimberly, by the end of the trip; she looked at me and she’s like, “Cassy, you just keep being you, because I don’t understand why you’re so happy when you wake up, but it makes me want to be happy.” Which is great, because Kimberly’s got; I don’t know, she’s like this little shiny; bright shining star, I feel like.

    Juli Bauer: Gosh, she has so much energy.

    Cassy Joy: She is. She’s a performer, she can really turn it on. It’s awesome.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah she can!

    Cassy Joy: Anyway, sorry. I digress. I’m so excited to have you on her. And just to give you guys some background, you probably heard a buzz about Juli and I working together. And really in a nutshell, Juli graciously agreed to indulge me {laughs} when I asked her if she would help me when I was augmenting the new release of the Fed and Fit Project. So I feel; I’ve got kind of the geeky background when it comes to nutrition, but I wanted you guys to have the best information, and we’ve just been working tirelessly. I’ve been working tirelessly to get you that stuff. But when it comes to fitness; I’ve said this a bunch here on the blog, but I’m kind of like a baby deer stumbling through fitness routines {laughing}.

    Juli Bauer: {laughs}

    Cassy Joy: And Juli is just; I mean, she’s the best. When I think of the best, she really is it. So she helped by sharing her expertise there. She authored the home friendly workouts for the 28-day project, and then the two of us worked together to build an entire fitness index complete with photos of each movement in the Fed and Fit Book, which hits shelves tomorrow, if you’re listening to this on Monday! So that’s Tuesday, August 16th. And it’s so exciting it’s here!

    But she came in, she did an amazing job like she did with everything that she puts together. She just has top quality work, so I can’t wait for you guys to see that. And they kicked my butt, Juli; those workouts are awesome.

    Juli Bauer: Good! I need to start doing just some just to talk about the book, and show people a couple of; maybe I’ll do that next week! Yeah, I just want to show people a couple of the workouts just to see a little sneak peak of them. I’m going to be reviewing your book next week, so I’m going to put a workout in there and show people what they can do with it!

    Cassy Joy: I love it!

    Juli Bauer: Because I made your curry last week. I actually just had it for breakfast, because I have leftovers, and it is delicious.

    Cassy Joy: You like it?

    Juli Bauer: Yeah, you know my obsession with curry.

    Cassy Joy: I do.

    Juli Bauer: {laughs} I could eat curry for every single damn meal.

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: And I love it! Yeah it was so good.

    Cassy Joy: {laughing} That’s awesome. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited. It’s just kind of fun to finally have a copy to flip through and see everything that’s in there. But she was a huge help there. And if you’re curious, I hinted at it in January when flew down to San Antonio, but we filmed some videos for the project online. And that’s kind of going to be a soft opening, but the first group is going to start early September and it’s really just; there’s a wait list that’s collecting right now at FedandFitProject.com, so you’re welcome to put your information in there, but we will slowly release that as the months go by and you can see her beautiful face and all of her wonderful thoughts about how to actually have a lifestyle, a healthy one with food and fitness.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah!

    Cassy Joy: So, anyways. Ok, enough about that. Let’s talk about you. {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: {laughs} Well, ok. If we have to.

    Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh. First off, I would really like to ask you. So you started PaleOMG as a food and fitness blog, and of course you’ve got over 650 recipes there so you’re an accomplished recipe developer. And you share a lot of fitness tips and weekly workouts. You’re constantly keeping things fresh, but I know you’re looking to expand your blog into more beauty and travel, which is so exciting! So I would love to know what are your thoughts behind that; what’s your vision for the blog, and how do you see it all working together?

    Juli Bauer: Well, when I started my blog, I think it was like 5, 5 or so years ago. It just started just for food, and it was just paleo recipes. And then the more I would talk about different stories; like maybe struggles I was going through, the more people connected with those things. So I was like, why don’t I talk about this more? So I kind of expanded into fitness. And then when I started posting outfits, when I started my first book tour, I saw people were really interested in the fashion; so I was like, why don’t I talk about fashion? So I started expanding into that, and then people started actually asking about my skin, because I had really bad acne before and I’ve been able to turn it around. So I was like, ok, why don’t I do beauty?

    So I just kind of keep expanding because I see feedback from people, then it makes my life more interesting too because I get to talk about different stuff that I’m truly interested in. I just did a skincare post last week, and I have some trips coming up. I have a trip to Portland, and a trip to Palm Springs, and a trip to Key West; so I want to talk about all those places that I go and the different meals that I eat and how I travel and stay healthily and stay working out, and stay up with my diet the entire time.

    So really, I’m expanding because people are giving me this feedback, and because it’s just stuff I love and; oh dang, sorry if it beeped. But if it’s stuff that I love, I know it’s going to be stuff that other people love ,as well because we’re all this big, happy family together through the internet, and there are so many different interests so I want to really showcase all those different interests all across the board to different people.

    Cassy Joy: Totally. I love that.

    Juli Bauer: That’s the long answer. {laughs}

    Cassy Joy: I love it! That’s a great answer. You know what, it really comes down to; it might seem semi-unrelated; beauty, and travel, with paleo. Right? Or a paleo diet direction. But I think it’s so important to put that stuff out there, because people often wonder if you only put up recipes on your website, right; hypothetically. If you’re just putting up recipes, you know, you’re kind of leaving the lifestyle; the rest of it as a mystery to folks. And I know some people who struggle with trying to be perfect in everything. They think that they can’t do paleo if they’re not doing totally paleo skin care. You know; oil cleansing and stuff like that. And it just is so helpful to show; you do a great job of showing your what I ate in the day and what I worked out and what I did today. And it just shows how to live the lifestyle instead of just these arbitrary perfect rules that tend to be put out there. So I think you’re doing an amazing job of living the example. You’re walking the walk, and you're figuring out a way to share that in a really fun, engaging way. So keep it up, girl!

    Juli Bauer: That’s what I think is so cool and so empowering about paleo, is when I started to change my diet, I felt so good so my workouts got better, I felt better in my skin and I was able to showcase that through fashion. The better I feel, the more life I have, honestly, and I want to show that to others that the way you eat can expand into so many different things and can make you feel so good, and everybody will see that. And that’s really what paleo became for me; it’ just wasn’t just what I was eating, it was my completely lifestyle, was how I felt all around, really.

    Cassy Joy: That’s awesome. That is such a great and important note, as well. And that’s something people ask me; they’re like, “Do you drink magic juice in the morning? What is wrong with you child?” and I really think; I struggled with being blue in college and afterwards I just didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. And I remember my dad; you know, it just makes your gut wrench just thinking about it. But I remember my dad looking at me, and he’s like, “Are you ok honey? You just don’t seem like yourself.” And for years; and I just didn’t know what was wrong. And I turns out I was just inflamed and I didn’t feel good, and I didn’t feel good in my skin. And as soon as I got all of that right size, and I really started taking care of myself and I just kind of went with the flow and stopped worrying about being perfect on a diet, like I had been for years, I felt like I stepped into the life I was supposed to have. And you’re totally right; a lot of my energy I identify comes from that.

    My skin; I struggled with that too. I don’t know if you and I have talked about this, but I took Accutane and had just major skin obstacles to get over when I was younger. It makes my skin extremely sensitive, and it’s just amazing to me that I found a way to have healthy skin at this point in life.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah, absolutely.

    Cassy Joy: But that’s great. That’s really inspiring. Keep expanding; it’s so fun. It has me inspired. I want to dabble in fitness; excuse me, fashion and I do some beauty stuff, but the fashion stuff is just so fun.

    Juli Bauer: {laughs} It’s so fun!

    Cassy Joy: {laughs} Oh man. Well good; ok, so speaking of all your hard work, this is kind of a wishy washy question, but we’re going to figure out a way to talk about it. You are one of the hardest working girls I know, and every time I’m around you, Juli, I always come home and I’m ready to kick butt. I’m like; “Juli does an awesome job, she gets up, she works hard, she kicks butt, she doesn’t make excuses for herself, she just gets it done.” And I’m like, I’m going to do that too! {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: Aw, you’re totally the same way. You work 10 billion times harder; I don’t know how you keep everything straight. It’s crazy.

    Cassy Joy: It’s just spreadsheets. {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: Yeah! I don’t even know how to use Excel.

    Cassy Joy: Oh man. But this is a really tough question, so I’m sorry for putting you on the spot. But, you know, is there something that you feel; because I know there are some people who can stay motivated in waves, you know. They maybe have seasons. And that’s good, and that’s healthy, but I know you work hard every day. You stick to your schedule, you’re very committed. Is there something that you think is a little; something you tell yourself, or kind of a secret to really staying on top of things as well as you do, because it’s a question I get a lot. People will try stuff, and then they kind of peter off after a little while. But you’re very consistent, so; and I’m trying to drag this question out {laughs} so you have time to think about it.

    Juli Bauer: No, I…

    Cassy Joy: What are your thoughts?

    Juli Bauer: I get that question I think a lot, actually.

    Cassy Joy: Ok.

    Juli Bauer: And I kind of talked about it in one of my weekly workout posts recently. It’s just holding yourself accountable. When it comes to working out, it’s just something we should do. It’s not something we like to do, but it’s something we should do for our bodies; whether that’s walking, running, yoga, kickboxing, spinning; something that’s getting your heart rate up, something that’s challenging your body, something that’s working your bones. We need to do it. We don’t always like brushing our teeth or flossing our teeth, but it’s something that we do because we know that it’s good for ourselves. Same thing with food; we don’t always want to cook. We don’t always want to eat healthy; fast food is easier, it’s faster. Blah, blah, blah. It’s cheaper, whatever. There’s all the excuses in the world to not take care of ourselves, but it’s just something we should do and we have to hold ourselves accountable because nobody else is going to hold you accountable if you’re not doing it.

    So at the end of the day I work out because I know it’s good for myself, and I know that I’m going to see long term effects from that. And I always turn back to the teeth brushing and flossing, because I think a lot of us put off flossing, and then say we floss and our gums bleed. We’re like, “Oh I shouldn’t floss, my gums bleed.” {laughs} Well it’s bleeding because you’re not taking care of your gums!

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: So maybe that first day, that second day sucks, that third day sucks. If you keep with it, you're going to see healthier gums, your gums don’t bleed anymore. You’re seeing the effects from it. Same thing with working out or eating healthy. We don’t see really the first effects in a week; maybe a month. Maybe a couple of years.

    Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm.

    Juli Bauer: Working out, you don’t see the effects always right away; everybody is different. But if you work out on a regular basis, if you take care of your body on a regular basis, you are going to see the long-term effects. Short answer; holding myself accountable is the only way I really do it. If I don’t hold myself accountable, nobody else will. My husband is not going to, my dog’s not going to; my friends aren’t going to. It’s going to be me. So at the end of the day, you just have to make sure you’re doing it; and say, ok, I’m doing it! I don’t want to do something, I’m going to do it, and that’s it. That’s just how it is, you take care of your kids, you should take care of yourself, as well.

    Cassy Joy: Bam! I love that.

    Juli Bauer: Bam! Yeah, good.

    Cassy Joy: {laughs} I love it. That’s a great answer; I love the analogy of the teeth, that’s so true. And you know, I think I might have talked about this on a previous show, here, just the psychology of building habits. But it’s exactly what you’re alluding to; it’s so painful at the beginning, and nobody wants to do it. And even when you get going and you’ve built the habit, I still don’t wake up, and I’m like, “Whoo! I can’t wait to go crush it at the gym!” You know. {laughs} I don’t.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah!

    Cassy Joy: I don’t actually wake up thinking that. But it becomes; I second guess myself less once the habit is developed and just automatically put on my clothes and you automatically floss your teeth. And it just gets a little bit easier because the guesswork is taken out of it. And holding yourself accountable, and not waiting for someone else to give you permission or encouragement is crucial. Because you’re not going to get it.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah.

    Cassy Joy: Just like what you just said.

    Juli Bauer: Exactly.

    Cassy Joy: Oh, that’s great. What advice do you have for somebody; again, I’m blindsiding you with all these questions.

    Juli Bauer: No, I like it!

    Cassy Joy: You’re so good on your feet! What advice would you have for somebody who feels like they’ve been working at a grain free lifestyle, they’ve got a good balance, they’ve been working out, but they feel like they’ve hit a plateau. They’ve stopped progressing. Because at first, when you first make the switch, the progress is really exciting. Because, especially if it’s the first time you’ve given up grains and processed dairies and things like that, you can kind of see big things happen in the first 30 days.

    But, say someone has been in this lifestyle for a few months; maybe a couple of years and they’ve hit a plateau and they’re just feeling very excited or motivated. Do you have any advice for somebody to keep things fresh?

    Juli Bauer: I think it’s going to be different, obviously per workout or if it’s nutrition. I think with nutrition, since our bodies are changing, our hormones are changing, we’re always aging, our needs change as well. So when I first started paleo, a really high fat diet was super critical and important for me, and I saw great results from that but over time it didn’t work for me, and high fat is not exactly what I need now. And it took me a little bit to find that, and it’s kind of playing with your diet and changing things up. Maybe adding in more carbohydrates, taking out more carbohydrates. Adding in fat; taking it out. Changing up what protein you're eating on a regular basis.

    So I think messing with your diet is important, because you’re always changing and your body composition is changing, and you really have to figure out what works for you. So I’m constantly messing with that and seeing what works and what doesn’t. and I think when it comes to working out, a lot of times we can get kind of plateaued because maybe we’re just in the same routine and the body is just used to that, and that’s why I love Crossfit so much, I never get in a plateau because I’m constantly doing different things. Sprinting, or running long distance, and lifting heavy weights or lifting lighter weights. So I recommend finding; maybe finding a new workout. Maybe you’ve been doing a workout for a certain amount of time and you’re just not seeing the results you did at the beginning; maybe it’s time for a different kind of workout. Or maybe it’s time for you to increase that weight, or push your run a little bit longer, or your walk a little bit longer.

    Constantly messing with things; because maybe something that worked for you a year ago is not going to work for you now. So you’ve got to change things up, you’ve got to try new stuff. You’ve got to make yourself a little bit more uncomfortable and push yourself outside that comfort zone, but if you do those, you’re going to see results. You’ve just got to make sure you stick with it. No matter if it’s just still working out on a regular basis; you’ve got to stick with it. Because results will come; you’ve just got to dabble around with different stuff.

    Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm. And stick with it is such an important thing to note, because so many; when we go from being comfortable, maybe for a year, we’ve been comfortable in our diet and our workout routine, and then as soon as things get a little bit uncomfortable, we want to give up again.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah.

    Cassy Joy: So yeah, you’re right, exactly. Stick with it; give it a good shot. Give it a good amount of time, whether that’s a month, or a couple of months depending on how quickly your body responds.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah.

    Cassy Joy: That’s awesome. I know you get a lot of questions on social media and on your blog; I’m just kind of curious, what’s a question that you get the most often asked of you, and then what’s a question that’s been one of your favorites that you really thought was really thought provoking and something that you kind of want to; it inspires you to expand on.

    Juli Bauer: Oh man.

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: {laughs} That one’s a tough one.

    Cassy Joy: Surprise! {laughing}

    Juli Bauer: Yeah! {laughs} Let’s see. Ok, the first question?

    Cassy Joy: Yeah, so what’s a question you get all the time on your blog or social media outlets that we can answer.

    Juli Bauer: “Recipe?”

    Cassy Joy: {laughing}

    Juli Bauer: That’s probably the one that I get the most. I’m like; ok, I literally have 650 recipes for you. Let’s see, the question I probably get the most often is; let’s see. You know what, I get this question a lot, which I think is really funny, and it’s, “What is your secret to abs.” {laughs}

    Cassy Joy: Oh yeah?

    Juli Bauer: Yeah, and that question pops up all the time, and there’s no secret. I want to put that out there to everyone in the world; there’s no secret, as you know, Cassy. There’s no secret to abs out there. There’s no secret to a flat tummy, there’s no magic pill. All there is hard work and just like we talked about, consistency with eating a healthy diet and working out on a regular basis. Sleeping a good amount, drinking a ton of water. I wish there was a secret magic potion, but there really isn’t. And that’s what I tell people on the blog all the time. If you stay consistent, if you limit your alcohol, if you limit your sugar, and if you just take care of yourself you’re going to see results.

    So that’s one of the big questions I get on Instagram and on my blog on a regular basis. And as you and I know; there’s just no secret. But that’s just the answer, in the end.

    Cassy Joy: Yeah, there is no secret. There’s no substitution for hard work.

    Juli Bauer: None. None.

    Cassy Joy: And consistency, and you just have to stick to it. It’s not going to be easy. If you have a goal that is outside of your current norm, then you’re going to have to get uncomfortable for a period of time to achieve it.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

    Cassy Joy: Yeah, totally. That’s a good thing to cover. {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: And second question; what was the second one?

    Cassy Joy: Is there a great question that you’ve gotten recently where you were like; dang, that’s a good question, I’m going to think about that.

    Juli Bauer: You know, I like when people kind of request a certain post, and I know you actually did a post like this recently, but I had this on my agenda to do at some point. We’re talking about pots and pans, and people ask about pots and pans, and I just kind of think that everybody knows that stuff, because I just go to the store and I just pick a pot or pan that looks.

    Cassy Joy: Yeah.

    Juli Bauer: So I’m going to put together a pots and pans post because I know that’s helpful to people. So I like hearing that kind of stuff; like, “hey, would you do a post about your hair routine.” “Hey, would you do a post about how to style a scarf.” Stuff like that, because that gives me inspiration, and that’s what I need to keep my blog fresh, is inspiration from other people.

    Cassy Joy: Totally. Well that’s really good insight, because if you guys are listening and there’s something that you're just dying for Juli to right about, go tell her.

    Juli Bauer: Yes! Yes. Come to my Instagram and spread some positive chat over there; I love that!

    Cassy Joy: Yeah, positivity. Let’s go flood her feed with positivity. Really good words. On that note, that’s something that I like to touch on; regardless of how many emails and questions and things we get, if you like something that somebody is working on, go tell them that you like it and you appreciate it. It might sound a little trivial, but bloggers tend to work in a little bit of a vacuum, and we work really, really hard. Juli works really hard, you guys, to bring great content every single week, and if you’re consuming content, whether it’s from Juli or another blogger that you admire and you like their work; take just two seconds to go and tell them that. And it really, it goes a long way.

    Juli Bauer: It really does, because it’s so easy to read the negative and to really take it to heart; so if more positivity can come in, the better our lives are and the more we want to keep doing this.

    Cassy Joy: It’s true. It’s true. There have been days, especially; I was kind of in a slump earlier this spring, and Juli called me out on it. I don’t even know if you remember this; I was telling Kimberly about it the other day. Because Kimberly is kind of in a period in her career; summertime’s are just quiet for everybody.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah.

    Cassy Joy: I think, and it’s just easy to kind of get in your head, you know, “is this the right thing, am I doing the right direction.” And I told her that I was having one of those moments. We were at PaleoFx, and you, Juli pulled me aside and said, “Cassy, you’re not being your normal positive self and I need you to talk nicer about yourself and your business. Because you’re doing really good work.” And I needed to hear that, but there’s some times where you are; you work in a vacuum and maybe you get three negative comments in a row, and then if somebody writes a nice email, it just turns my day around.

    Juli Bauer: Totally.

    Cassy Joy: And it makes me want to be like; I’m going to go get in the kitchen right now and cook 5 new things. You know {laughs}.

    Juli Bauer: It totally does. It’s so easy; I was PMSing really bad earlier this week, in a total rut, and it just really bogs you down when you get multiple comments putting your down for something you worked so hard for. I don’t think people always understand that, because maybe they work in an office, and maybe your boss puts you down for one thing, but it’s not multiple people that you’ve never met putting you down for stuff. So, I think people don’t understand how upsetting that can be. So when you get positivity and someone just reinforcing what you're putting out there, it helps so much. They have no idea.

    Cassy Joy: Yeah. It goes a really, really long way.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah.

    Cassy Joy: Oh man, I love that. And you tell your friends, too, listeners. Let’s do this! Let’s flood Juli’s Instagram on Monday with sweet notes!

    Juli Bauer: {laughs} Yeah!

    Cassy Joy: I love that.

    Juli Bauer: I’m totally fine with that.

    Cassy Joy: I love that. Ok awesome. Ok, so I just have a couple more questions for you before I let you go. It’s something that I really like to ask all business owners that come on the show. What advice would you have for somebody who’s looking to start a blog. I know a lot of listeners here, they either just started maybe a business, maybe it’s a recipe blog, maybe they’re trying to launch a product and bring it to market, or they just have a vision and they just haven’t actually taken the steps to make it happen. It can seem really intimidating. So do you have any just one to two pieces of advice for somebody who is looking to get started?

    Juli Bauer: I always, whenever I get an email about this, I always tell people, “You need to make sure you work hard every day.” And when you’re creating your own business or, you know, you’re becoming an entrepreneur, if you don’t work every day, your business is not going to grow. If you want to make money, you have to make that money. And that’s at the end of the day, so that means all the back end stuff, that means all the social media shares. That means a lot of hard work.

    So I always recommend that people post on a regular basis if they’re starting a blog. Share things on a regular basis, and really share your voice. If you want to be cookie-cutter, you may make it but I think people like to hear from different voices, so be yourself. Be exactly who you are and put it out there. Share stuff on a regular basis, and to me, I mean, I’ve worked a lot of Fridays, and Saturdays, and Sundays. So know that the work never ends. But it’s totally worth it in the long run if that’s what you want to do.

    Also, and I always tell people this; everything doesn’t have to be 100% perfect. I think that I intimidate myself sometimes. Because, say I’m like; ok, I want to start doing YouTube stuff. But I don’t know what camera to use, and I don’t know how to do the editing. I don’t think the lighting will be right in this room. And it doesn’t have to be perfect; that’s not why people come to watch you, is the perfection on TV. It’s your voice and it’s your personality coming to life.

    Just make sure that you put something out there that you’re proud of, but it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning. If you’re in this for the long run, it’s always going to get better and better, and people are going to see that. But they’re going to come back because of the voice that you put out there and the hard work that you put out there, not the perfection.

    Cassy Joy: Awesome advice. That’s so killer. It’s so true! And it’s timely, because I have a video that I’m procrastinating putting up because it wasn’t perfect. Thanks Juli.

    Juli Bauer: Totally! And I’m the same way. I want to do videos, but I’m just so intimidated by and I don’t want people; you just don’t want to get negative feedback and I think that’s what’s intimidating, but you’re going to get more positive than negative, that’s for sure.

    Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm, that’s so true. It’s always you jump, and every time I’ve ever done something scary like that, I’ve always been relieved. I did my first Facebook live video a little over a week ago when this show airs, and I was terrified to do it.

    Juli Bauer: Yeah, I know I’m scared to too!

    Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh, I was so scared! And Snapchat is great because I think people who follow on Snapchat are like; you know, it’s the ultimate tribe. Everyone is very nice, and we have a good community. So I told Snapchat to please come over there and say nice things to me {laughing} because I was so nervous that people were going to hate. And it was such a huge relief, because it went way better than I could have possibly imagined. So I think that’s really; go ahead.

    Juli Bauer: I totally want to do that. And I got on and tried to figure out Facebook live, and I was like; I don’t even know where to go! There are learning curves, too, because you don’t know how to do new stuff, and that’s kind of what’s scary about starting your own business. But you figure it out

    Cassy Joy: You do.

    Juli Bauer: I’ll be texting you to figure it out. {laughs}

    Cassy Joy: Yeah, text away girl. I got your back. And that’s true; I want you guys, I’m glad you're hearing this from Juli, because from the outside looking in, you might look and see; gosh, this girl’s got everything. She just must wake up and automatically know how to do all this stuff. And it’s not; success doesn’t come easy. It’s no accident. You have to work really hard. You have to constantly be committed to learning new things. And I think you’re a great example of that.

    And also to your point, I don’t remember who said the quote, but it was “80% of success is showing up.” Just get it out there; just publish it.

    Juli Bauer: Totally.

    Cassy Joy: Just show up every week, stick to your calendar, and get it out. That’s more important that you get it done than you get it done perfectly.

    Juli Bauer: Exactly. I talked about that with working out the other day. I didn’t want to go to the gym; but you just show up, and you are done an hour later and that’s it. It’s fine.

    Cassy Joy: Totally. It doesn’t have to be the best workout in the world, but you were there.

    Juli Bauer: Exactly.

    Cassy Joy: That’s awesome. OK, Juli thank you so much for joining. I won’t keep you, but I want to quickly talk. If you guys follow along, we are doing a book tour for the Fed and Fit book and Practical Paleo second edition; Diane Sanfilippo and I are hitting the road together, and Juli is joining us!

    Juli Bauer: Yay!

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: I can’t wait. It’s going to be so fun; I miss book tour.

    Cassy Joy: Oh it’s going to be so much fun. She’s going to be with us in Phoenix on September 13th, Kansas City on the 15th, and then Denver on the 16th. So be sure to come out, and if you are going to be able to make it to those shows or any of the other ones we’ve got scheduled, we’re going to be from San Francisco all the way to Austin, Texas; New Jersey, Chicago, please go to Fed and Fit events; it’s at the top menu bar, and RSVP for those so we know to expect you.

    So that’s awesome. And be sure to check out Juli, she’s @PaleOMG on all social media platforms, so Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, you’ve got to go find her on Snapchat, it’s the best. And then of course PaleOMG.com to take advantage of her; I feel like, when you tip 1000 recipes on that blog, Juli you’re going to have to throw a virtual party.

    Juli Bauer: That would be so awesome.

    Cassy Joy: {laughs}

    Juli Bauer: That’s just so crazy. That’s so many recipes.

    Cassy Joy: That’s so many!

    Juli Bauer: It doesn’t feel like that. It doesn’t feel like that at all. It feels like I’ve made maybe 100.

    Cassy Joy: Yeah. Oh man, keep it up. You’re doing amazing work. Thank you so much for everything you do, thanks for being a part of the project.

    Juli Bauer: You’re the best, Cass!

    Cassy Joy: You're the best, I just love you! And you guys, go spread some positivity, love, and light. It all makes a huge difference. So thank so much for joining me, Juli. I appreciate it.

    Juli Bauer: Thanks for having me, Cass. You’re the bestest.

    Cassy Joy: {laughs} You are too. Talk to you soon.

    Juli Bauer: Bye.

    Cassy Joy: Bye.


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