Transformation Storyroom: Meet Hanna!

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    I created the Fed+Fit Project because I sensed a need. I sensed that people were looking for a way to get OFF the dogmatic diet bandwagon, get AWAY from the overload of nutrition “facts” online (because, what actually applies to YOU is probably minimal), and get pointed in a healthy living direction for the LONG HAUL.

    Side-note: apparently I use all CAPS when I'm especially passionate.

    I sensed that need and BOY am I more than grateful that I trusted my gut. I'm so grateful that I put in the enormous hours, hired people to help me make it happen, and stopped taking one-on-one clients so that I could create the time to make it happen. I'm so grateful because the testimonials that have been rolling in of Project participants who now “get it” and are making it happen for THEMSELVES has me completely and utterly humbled.

    I'm starting this series with the purpose of both offering the highest accolades to the Fed+Fit Project Members/Graduates who caused THEIR OWN transformation and with the purpose of sharing their story in the hopes that it inspires you/someone you care about.

    Today, I want to introduce you to one remarkable lady named Hanna and let her share a bit of her transformation story.

    Transformation Storyroom: Meet Hanna!


    Before I started the Fed + Fit Project (left picture is from December 2014) I was constantly feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, and frustrated with my weight. During my college years I had some weight loss success on low carb diets, but I was constantly counting calories and could never seem to reach my goal weight. When I started graduate school, I fell into a pattern of late nights with little sleep, too much caffeine, eating out/ordering in, and feelings of anxiety and stress.

    I decided to join the Fed+Fit Project to get back on track with my health. Not only did my energy levels bounce back, I no longer had the mind fog that so often left me unproductive. My body was feeling better than ever, and I was able to shed about 20 lbs. without calorie counting or feeling deprived. I also made great improvements to my sleeping habits, water intake, and workout routine that helped me feel more rested, energized, and strong.

    The biggest lesson I learned was to listen to my body. I know now what foods make me feel my best, what foods I can tolerate, and what foods to avoid because they are just going to make me feel terrible. I also learned that getting enough quality sleep was essential to my productivity and overall health. Finally, making exercise a priority and doing activities that I find fun really boosts my self-esteem, energy, and positivity. This journey has taught my so much and I am now my most confident, happy, and healthy self (right picture)!

    If you're interested in learning more about the Fed+Fit Project for yourself or for a friend/loved one, you can find it HERE! I start the 28-day food and fitness self-study on the first Monday of each month and run it via an online classroom. Our next group kicks off on Monday, July 6th. Although I recommend you get registered as soon as possible (to read some of the preparation material), I welcome new members up until 6 p.m. the Sunday before.


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