My 5-Minute (Safer) Minimal Makeup Routine

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Today’s post is about my 5-minute safer minimal makeup routine! I’m sharing my method and the exact products I use in a short video.

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Let’s talk safer skincare, my friends! As you know I’m a BIG fan of a few brands moving virtual mountains to help get safer products into the hands of everyone. Without going too far into the weeds here, remember to check out my previous Beauty Posts for more details. The two brand that I know/trust the most are Primally Pure (for a natural line) and Beautycounter (for high-performing skincare + cosmetics that are TRIPLE-tested for toxins and heavy metals, to name a few).

Today we’re chatting about my 5-minute safer minimal makeup routine! THIS is the routine I rely on 80% of the times that I actually do my makeup. It’s quick, I feel great about the products I’m putting on my skin, it lasts, and leaves a nice fresh finish. I hope you enjoy!

Here are the products used in today’s video:

YouTube video

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  1. Marah Elizabeth says

    Marah Elizabeth —  04/07/2018 At 11:32

    What a simple and effective makeup routine! I think I’m going to try the skin hydrating foundation (will also order porcelain). Thanks for sharing, Cassy!