On today’s episode, Daniele Della Valle NTP joins me to talk about her new book, Happy Weight, and the principles behind bioindividual nutrition.


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Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. Today is another fabulous interview; I have invited Daniele Della Valle. She is a certified nutrition therapy practitioner, self-love and mindfulness coach. She is an avid food and nutrition educator; you can find her teaching classes in her community creating workshops for women, and constantly debating the depths of nutrition information and food policy. She just released her new book; Happy Weight; Unlocking Body Confidence Through Bioindividual Nutrition and Mindfulness; which we’re going to talk about today. Daniele lives in Vancouver, Washington, on her homestead; which is one of my dreams, with her husband and their growing their own organic food, and they spend all their free time outdoors with friends and family. Welcome to the show, Daniele!

Daniele Della Valle: Thank you, thank you so much for having me. I’m really grateful.

Cassy Joy: Oh my; I’m very grateful, thank you so much. And listeners, of course, weren’t listening when you and I first got on the call where I explained that I have a cold. {laughs} I’m on the tail end of a cold, so if I sound a little funny, it’s not your speakers, it’s me.

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: But we should be fine. Daniele is going to do most of the talking {laughs}. But I didn’t want to reschedule because I really; I’m so excited about having you on the show, and talking specifically about some of the things that we’ve got lined up. Because there is such a need. The Fed and Fit podcast audience; all the folks listening here, primarily all ladies. Holla! {laughing}

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: I feel like I’ve been starved for human contact, because I’ve been cooped up on a couch in like a pile; just a mountain of tissues for the last couple of days. So I’m so excited to talk with somebody. But they’re mostly ladies, and we’re all in this industry; I think we flock together because we understand the importance of nutrition, but more than anything we understand the importance of getting our mindset straight before anything else. It really is priority number one, which is why in my book, Fed and Fit book, it is the first pillar of the four. Food is number 3, after mindset, sleep; and hydration as well. Anyways; I just wanted to pre-seed that you’re in great company here, Daniele, and I cannot wait to introduce you to everybody.

So can you tell us; I read a very brief introduction; but tell us a little bit more about your story, a little bit more about your book, and your mission with your work. What you’re really trying to accomplish.

Daniele Della Valle: Yeah. So, similar view point; I am the type of person who thinks that it’s 90% psychology and 10% doing it, really.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Daniele Della Valle: But I started in the food industry; worked in the food industry for about 10-plus years, and then got into nutrition after having, of course, a lot of us come to it with our own issues, you know. Had some leaky gut and some stuff kind of going on with that. And then once I healed through ancestral health, primarily; I was using the GAPS diet initially, and kind of learned and grew through that. I worked in the clinic; which was actually a medical weight loss clinic; I was a principal nutritionist for 7 centers. And really got my 10,000 hours of really understanding what the modern American woman is like, in terms of her daily life and her thought process; I was seeing like 20 women a day.

And then I decided to open my own practice, because I started to see that my ideas were changing in terms of how I was going to approach helping someone to find what worked for their body, and then specifically what worked for their lifestyle; because everybody is so different. And I learned in school about bioindividuality, but it really just kept coming back and kept coming back. So that’s when I decided to write Happy Weight, because I had seen the same scene over and over and over again. Women are trying to fit in this tiny little mold, and I realize that that’s just not possible, because we’re all so incredibly different. So obviously the book is a little bit more in-depth than that, but it really just always comes back to knowing that not every single one of us is the same.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. It’s beautiful. What drew me in; Daniele and I first connected at the Nutrition Therapy Association conference up in Portland, Oregon not too long ago, and she had a booth there, and I was drawn to her because of this book cover.

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: You guys have to; well you don’t have to Google it because I’m going to link to it in the show notes. But {laughs} you can pull up her book; it’s just this beautiful picture of these four really just happy ladies. Anyways, you can describe the book cover a little bit more, but it just drew me in. There’s something really magical about happy weight, and understanding what is right for you and your body type may not be right for other people, and vice-versa.

So I would love it if you would share a little bit more about your perspective on bioindividuality and how that fits in with nutrition. Because what we’re confronted with today is a bunch of solutions, right; and they’re presented, because there’s a lot of marketing that has to go into a business proposal in the sense of; my business product is this 30-day fix. This 30-day kind of cure all, and most people like to present their product or their program as a one-size fits all type of program, right? And they try to put it out there as; this will work for anybody and everybody, and you’ll be able to achieve your goals. And something that I like to emphasize; I call it their “perfect you” plan; in the context of the Fed and Fit Project, but finding what’s right for you, because it’s not going to look at all like what’s right for somebody else. And that is not only just the right nutritional scope for you, fitness plan, or sleep or hydration plan; or even mindset practices, or goals. Everything is going to look so different. So anyways; again, that’s just the context from where we’re coming from. But I would love it if you would describe a little bit more about bioindividuality and how you’ve been able to use that practice in coaching folks through this process of finding their happy weight, or understanding what that is.

Daniele Della Valle: Absolutely. I think that you and I have similar principles in that aspect. It’s really about trying to find what works for you as an individual. I know that people that have that one-size fits all mentality; initially their intentions are very pure.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Daniele Della Valle: Because they’re out there just like everybody else trying to really help someone find their health path. But the issue with that is that there is a lot of programming, and a lot of brainwashing that comes with these marketing tactics; where it’s just about; you’re going to look just like this one person, even though you don’t look like that person and you have nothing in common. Because my perspective of bioindividuality is that all of our genetics are completely different from one another. All of our environmental oxidative stressors are completely different from one another. I mean; even anything we’ve been exposed to, financial kind of backgrounds, that type of stuff. There’s not one single person on this planet that’s going to be exactly the same; even though there are 7 billion of us, we’re all very different.

So just really trying to approach health from that mindset; and understand that Sally over here, she doesn’t have a taste for meat because she might have a zinc deficiency, you know. But Rhonda over here, she’s perfectly fine eating meat, and a high protein diet works for her, you know. So it’s just one of those things that not everybody is going to have the same path. And wherever you get started, there’s no fault in that. That’s what Happy Weight is really about, lack of judgement, and it’s about giving everybody space and permission to kind of find their journey. But that bioindividual aspect should always be at the foundation of understand that; you know what; don’t let another person push their ideals or their fervor of what they believe in on you. They can give you tips, but it’s really good to kind of stay steadfast and what works for you as a person.

Cassy Joy: I love that! And it’s so freeing. Because you; you and I, I’m sure; well, I don’t know if you’ve actually done this {laughs}. I say you and I, I always feel like I’m talking to readers or listeners like they’re sitting right next to me; but there are so many of us who have gone through diets, and we looked at that person on the poster as; here is this diet, and here is this person who did this diet, and you go through these steps, and you will look like this person. And you’ll be this radiant, happy person that we’ve got pictured here. And I’ve been through this; and there’s this very defeating feeling when you go through those steps, and it doesn’t work for you that way. And you don’t think; at least I did not think, at that point in time, as a consumer at that stage, that there’s something wrong with the program.

Daniele Della Valle: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: I thought that there was just something wrong with me. There’s something messed up with me, and I just don’t fit in with this mold. Maybe I just didn’t do it right. Maybe I’m just not meant; so then you start pulling into these feelings of self-worth, and those start to chip away at it.

And then just to touch on the bioindividuality furthermore; I don’t know, Daniele, did you hear Robb Wolf’s talk while we were at the NTA conference?

Daniele Della Valle: I did. I did.

Cassy Joy: You did! So, you can probably fill in the details that are a little fuzzy for me at this point {laughs}. But something that I really, really enjoyed hearing him talk about, and now this story has been through a couple of dinner parties since I’ve talked about it, and shared the same story, so who knows. It’s like the game of telephone, how I’ve changed it. And I’m going to have Robb come on the show in a couple of weeks, as well, so he can share more directly for all the listeners here.

But he gave a really wonderful example of bioindividuality when it comes to cultural groups. And he gave an example of a study that was conducted studying, I believe it was cardiovascular disease, across the Inuit, right? So the kind of arctic regions of native tribes. They live on really high fat, high protein diets, very low carbohydrate. And they track the cardiovascular disease presence; or it could have just been lifestyle diseases, what so many refer to as diabetes, and things like that. Compared prevalence of those diseases to a tribe in Africa; I believe that’s where it was, and I don’t remember the name of the tribe. This is where the details are fuzzy.

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Anyways; who lived off a very high carbohydrate diet; low fat, low protein. And while consuming their own native nutritional spectrum; what was considered to be an appropriate macronutrient spectrum for where they were raised, they had very low rates of cardiovascular disease and these other lifestyle diseases. However, when they switched them over, and changed those macronutrient profiles; the Inuit started to consume more carbohydrates, less fat, less protein; and then vice versa for the other tribe, started to consume more fats and more proteins and less carbohydrates; their prevalence of diseases started to rise, and their markers started to come up.

The idea is; both of those were essentially trying to put them on what would be considered an American macronutrient profile, where we like to kind of see even; relatively even numbers across those three boards. The point is; we have to look at our genetic predisposition, right? What are we wired to do better with? And that has, to your point, of bioindividuality. What’s right for somebody has; the picture is so much larger than us just being a human being and being consumers, and being able to; yes we can put ourselves through all these different challenges and protocols that are very strict and don’t allow for a lot of room for modification, but at the end of the day, your composition is different than everybody else’s.

Anyways; I just thought that was so interesting. If you remember the name of the tribe {laughs} feel free to shout it out.

Daniele Della Valle: I wish I did; but I know exactly what you’re referring to. And it is super important; that’s why I talk a lot about making sure you get tests done, in my book, because genetic testing primarily is very important to find out exactly what is your genetic makeup. And Robb Wolf, just like several other people in the community; like Nora Gedgaudas, talk about genetics being kind of a loaded gun. What you’re going to eat is going to pull the trigger in terms of your gene expression, because a lot of people think, “Oh, I’m genetically predisposed to this disease.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the case. It really means, what are you fueling your body with that your genes are going to react to?

So that’s the thing. It’s just like what you said; people kind of go down this cycle of, “What’s wrong with me?” And there’s a lot of shame and a lot of blame if a program doesn’t work for them. And that’s the devastating aspect of it; is that some people in the community are not necessarily equipped with the idea of bioindividuality; and they think, “oh, you’re just not doing it right.” So then that shame is kind of reaffirmed, and it really turns people away from trying to find their path to health. So really just trying to support people through the process, and trying to continue to investigate. Investigation is super important, because if one thing isn’t working, that means that there could be another variable that is not being addressed.

Cassy Joy: So great. Oh, this is so wonderful! And you know; it’s interesting because if you look at the consumer market, this model of bioindividuality; go off and figure it out for yourself; not really, {laughs} those aren’t the words that I would use. But essentially empowering you to know that your solution is going to be different from everybody else’s; and there isn’t necessarily something you can just order off of a menu that’s already ready for you. I think it’s not as sexy of a proposition; right? It’s not as appealing. It’s not a one-size fits all easy fix, but this is really where I want to devote more attention to, and point people in your kind of direction. Anyways; that’s wonderful.

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Cassy Joy: Ok, so I want to talk about another topic; something that you’re very passionate about. And it’s the idea of women reclaiming power through health. I mean, A to the men. And I love what you said; these are all Daniele’s words that I jotted down earlier, just so you know.

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: In that body positivity could be the new form of feminism. And it’s so interesting; when I had my own health transformation, this was about 8 years ago now; 8 to 9 years ago. I came from the yo-yo dieting, really feeling down on myself, thinking there was something wrong with me; there wasn’t anything wrong with the diets. Anyways; going through all that stuff, when I finally put health in my hands, and I screwed my head on straight, and I was like; well, let me think critically about my health. Do my own critical analysis in thinking, and stop being a victim to these diets, these arbitrary systems that other people have set up, and let me figure this out for myself. And also take the concept that, if it didn’t work, it doesn’t mean I’m not worth something else working. Take that out of the equation, and as soon as life started to work for me, and I found a nutrition protocol that worked for me, and I started to implement a mixed fitness routine that really worked for me and made me feel very empowered; I really, it was a unique kind of power that you feel. And when I started Fed and Fit, Daniele; I named it Fed and Fit because that’s how I felt. You know?

Daniele Della Valle: I love it!

Cassy Joy: You know, that state of feeling powerful. And it’s not a, I’m in pursuit of feeling this way; it’s, I am fed and I am fit. And it has nothing to do with what my body looks like, it has nothing to do with the foods that are showing up on my plate; it has nothing to do with how much I can bench press or deadlift. It is a state of mind. I am fed and fit. And I wanted people to feel that kind of empowerment. And it was through health. So anyways; this is just all I’m trying to do, is just rah, rah cheer you on {laughs}.

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Because I just so love these talking points. So can you share more about your efforts in trying to further this message of body positivity?

Daniele Della Valle: Yeah, absolutely. And it’s true; the whole fed and fit mentality is important because it doesn’t matter what you look like; it’s about being strong and capable, and feeling confident just in yourself, you know?

So what Happy Weight really is is what I like to call an anti-diet manifesto. Because it really tries to almost deconstruct that programming, like I was talking about, and not thinking that we just need to be on a diet and lose weight. It’s so much more than that. It’s about really feeling fulfilled when you wake up in the morning. It’s about looking at yourself naked in the mirror and loving what you see. And it’s about really regaining that power, like I was saying before; that body positivity is a new form of feminism, because if we find that strength in our wellness protocols, we feel like we’ve really accomplished something.

Like I said, not every protocol is going to work the same for every person; but when you find that one that does work for you, and you’re feeling fantastic, and your energy is killing it, your sleep is awesome, digestion is a huge piece of it. When everything kind of comes full circle and we’re feeling physiologically well, then it really doesn’t matter where your body ends up, just as long as you’re feeling good about yourself. And that’s why I did put those four beautiful naked ladies on the cover of the book, because I wanted people to see the different kind of variation of what I’m trying to support here.

And the idea is, it’s not about your size, it’s not about the way that you are going to do it compared to another person. Because some people have a completely different idea where they eat, sleep, and breath their wellness protocols, and that works for them. But some people don’t have the lifestyle that can support that, either. So it’s about just really giving that freedom and finding that strength, and really just trying not to shame yourself into these ideas that you think of what you’re supposed to be.

Like Jen, she’s the Filipino gal that I have on my cover, and she is an Olympic powerlifter. And if you watched CrossFit games, they look a little bit different; but she can do just about the same thing that they can. So it’s the thing about realizing that we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to each other, we should just be lifting each other up to try and find what is going to work best for us, so that we can just feel awesome every day.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh. I love it so much! Ok, I want to talk about the next one, which I think plays really well into this next topic, and it’s the concept of community. Trying to stay present and building a community when talking about food, sharing food, and sharing with people in real life. You and I kind of prechatted about this, but can you share with folks what you really mean by that.

Daniele Della Valle: Community is something that’s super important to me, and it’s really funny because I don’t think I had ever really understood the word until I’d heard it from a friend in my early 20s. And now, a decade later, it’s something that is just foundationally really important to me, because my husband and I study a lot about centenarian cultures and people that live well into their 100s, and what really is at the foundation of their culture, and its community. We can build community anywhere; we can build it online, we can build it at home. But the physical aspect of community, it doesn’t have a comparison. Really feeling like you belong to something.

So what I like to encourage people to do is that if you do learn information online or through these online groups that people have when learning about their wellness and that type of stuff, is bringing it back home. Not necessarily home, home; because sometimes we can’t be a prophet in our own home; it’s really hard to change the protocols of our loved ones. But bringing it back to friends and people that either are at your church, or your local community center, or your work. Just really trying to influence positively, and just being a positive mirror of the things that you’re doing.

Because people will catch on, they’ll want to be a part of it, and you could teach something to someone that is absolutely life changing that you think is just common place. Because at this point in my career, I feel like everybody knows what I know, but then I realized nobody; {laughs} you know what I mean? It’s a very small percentage of people that have spent every single moment of their life learning the things that I have over the last 5-10 years. So just little bits and pieces of information can be life changing to a new person. So, really just trying to be as involved as you can in your own backyard, because it really can change everything around you.

Cassy Joy: Whoo! I love it. {laughs}

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: We’re just going to sit on this show and high five each other. I did a; oh gosh. I got all fired up the other day, Daniele, on Snapchat of all places. And I had a little rant, and it was playing to this exact point. So it is not forgetting; or trying to do our best to remember to celebrate folks who are just starting, and not criticize or hold them to the same standard that we hold ourselves.

So, for example; you and I are in the business. And my point is, I think it’s appropriate for everybody to think of themselves as in this business. You and I are in the business of opening up a wide door and trying to welcome in as many people as possible, right? So we’re trying to cater to folks who have been on this wellness journey for years; and we’re trying to cater to folks who are just now getting started. Maybe this is the first time they’ve heard of bioindividuality, or pursuing a happy weight, or just trying to be well overall because maybe they were just recently diagnosed with something and they’re trying to figure out if they can work around it with diet and lifestyle habits.

So, those folks just getting started; they need to celebrate the little wins, and those are just as important as somebody who learned something 8 years into a paleo type lifestyle; learning the fine-tune things. So on Snapchat, I had talked about, for example, Starbucks had those little sous vide egg cups; have you ever come across those?

Daniele Della Valle: No!

Cassy Joy: Oh, man. So Starbucks has these sous vide egg cups, and apparently they’re discontinued in several markets now {laughs} so I’m a little late to the party.

Daniele Della Valle: Oh jeeze.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, so what they did is they made these little egg cups. So it was a breakfast option that didn’t include a biscuit, was the idea. And some of it had cheese in it, and some of it had some kind of scary ingredients; but, I wanted to highlight it because there are folks out there who will only eat breakfast if it comes through a drive through, right?

Daniele Della Valle: Yep. Yep.

Cassy Joy: And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that; I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m pointing a finger and saying shame. I’m trying to say, “Hey, if that’s your habit, here’s another alternative.” Right?

Daniele Della Valle: Absolutely.

Cassy Joy: And maybe this a really good alternative to the taco, or the biscuit. Whatever it is that you’re used to driving through and grabbing. And I think it’s important to celebrate those wins when a company like Starbucks wants to put something like that out there. It’s important to celebrate that, and it’s important to celebrate people’s choices; not berate them for one of the ingredients that it might call for. Maybe it wasn’t made with the best oil, but it’s a better alternative than others.

And another one is on the beauty spectrum. So, I’m really involved now in a safer beauty company; several of them, promoting just being more aware of the kind of ingredients we’re putting on our skin. Right? And there was, I shared a video recently of a concerned dad who; I think you’ll love this. This concerned dad, and his daughter came home from a sleep over, or a party. Some sort of a party.

Daniele Della Valle: Oh, the lip gloss!

Cassy Joy: Did you watch that?

Daniele Della Valle: I did.

Cassy Joy: Yes. So, hear this. For everyone who didn’t see this video; and you can go to my Facebook page to watch it. It was this dad whose daughter came home with this strawberry lip gloss. She came home, and he read the ingredients on the back of it, and he was horrified by some of the ingredients that were in this lip gloss that was just handed out at a party. So he decided to go on Facebook just to help promote awareness. And he said it with a lot of love, and a lot of compassion. He was like, it’s just about us being more aware of the kind of ingredients that are in this stuff; some of these toxic ingredients that go on our skin, and are then introduced into our blood stream, and the blood stream of our children, who we’re trying to protect, and raise to be really healthy humans.

Anyways; in this video, it was wonderful. He referred people to the EWG skin deep website where you can go and test what is the toxic load of these different ingredients in these household products. But in this video, he used the word, “avoid chemicals in your personal care products.” And some people came back and said, “Well, water is a chemical, so this is ridiculous.”

Daniele Della Valle: Oh, jeeze. {laughing}

Cassy Joy: Yes. Yes. You’re right. Water is a chemical. It is. But, that doesn’t discredit his point. So to your point; I think it’s important to celebrate people who are just getting started, and not hold folks’ feet to the fire of this perfectionism that we’ve worked really, really hard to achieve in a sort of professional excellence and just celebrate folks who are getting started. Sorry, I got off on a major tangent.

Daniele Della Valle: No!

Cassy Joy: I’m going to blame the head cold. {laughs}

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs} I think though, to kind of fuel your point a little bit; he did use a word or term that a lot of people have not heard before; he said ‘endocrine disruptor’.

Cassy Joy: He did!

Daniele Della Valle: And that was what caught me, hard core, because I was like, “Hell yes!“ to that, because honestly, if people; water is not an endocrine disruptor. So if you really want to focus on the “chemicals” that are in these beauty products; ok, look up what the endocrine disruptor is, because that is what is going to ultimately affect your hormones, and change your DNA into an inflammatory state. So it is important to pay attention to the things that you are putting on your body. No shame to anyone who is just getting started into that aspect. It takes some people years. Like my best friend; we’ve been friends for a very long time, and she just recently switched to a nontoxic home. And now it’s like, nothing can come in her house that has any sort of disruptor in it. But yeah; just starting that conversation is very important. I think that video was super powerful, especially because he’s trying to teach his daughter at a very young age to be aware of those things.

Cassy Joy: I thought it was really powerful, too. And it goes back to your point of community, right? Taking what we’ve learned about our own health; and in his profession, right, I think he has something to do; he’s a chemist of some sort.

Daniele Della Valle: Oh, ok.

Cassy Joy: But sharing that with our community. His was just a personal Facebook post. But sharing it with our community, bringing it home; that’s the way that we really help; I don’t know, make these movements larger and more significant. Ok, and the last thing we wanted to talk about today. And I will let you talk; I’m sorry, I keep jumping in. Is culture and travel; getting out there and learning through other people’s food cultures. Can you share more about that?

Daniele Della Valle: Yeah, absolutely. So I was blessed at a very, very young age to experience culture. The first culture I experienced was Guatemalan because I had a caretaker just really basically after birth, and was raised by very powerful Latino women, other than my mother, I mean I love my mother, but I was definitely watched over by these women. And I spoke Spanish before I spoke English, so I had a lot of Latino culture kind of ingrained in my childhood. And then as soon as I could, I was in a bilingual program; for my whole 6th grade year, I only spoke Spanish. Eventually, I lived in Norway and China, and have traveled all over the world, and learned actually mostly about ancestral health through these cultural experiences. So I really always want to encourage people to experience as much culture and travel that can actually happen in their backyard. I’m in Beaverton, Oregon right now, and there is an Asian food center here, in Beaverton, Oregon. You know, in the parking lot I’m sitting in right now. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Daniele Della Valle: So there are ways in our own backyard we can experience food culture and understand that there are deep roots of ancestral health in every single culture. So that was something that was really important to me; especially coming back to Happy Weight and bioindividuality and genetics and differences. Really just kind of tasting the world, and understanding that there are different kind of nutrient components that come from all of these beautiful ancestral cultures that a lot of us don’t necessarily get day to day experience. Because even though we have access to the world-wide web, that doesn’t mean that we are actually investigating other things.

Because you look at Facebook; some of us can actually tailor it to see just the things that we want to see. So sometimes we can still get that kind of tunnel vision, even if we’re on the internet. So just really trying to reach out and try something new; I’m very, very, very adventurous with food. So anytime there’s something super crazy I can try, I’m going to try it. My husband and I went into this underground Japanese restaurant in New York this one time and ate lung, and heart, and all this delicious organ meat, and it was a very traditional teppanyaki style Japanese restaurant where it had the open grill, and we grilled all our organ meat. And it was fantastic. So just not really passing by these things that we think are going to be weird, and just actually embracing them, and just really learning through that process. Because we can learn a lot about our health and ourselves through that, as well.

Cassy Joy: I love it. Man, so great! So much goodness, Daniele!

Daniele Della Valle: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Thank you so much for coming on the show.

Daniele Della Valle: Thank you!

Cassy Joy: And being so patient with me and my musings. Everybody who listened to today’s show, remember that I will link to Daniele’s book, and I’ll link to your website; is that a good place to direct folks?

Daniele Della Valle: Yeah, absolutely. You can either find me on www.DanieleDellaValle.com or you can find things about the book at www.HappyWeightBook.com, or even just on Amazon, looking for Happy Weight.

Cassy Joy: Awesome. I will link to all of those things to make life easy for everybody here on www.FedandFit.com. Daniele, thank you so much for coming on today’s show; it was a true pleasure. And I am so excited that we got to share some of your story and your message with the listeners here. Everybody listening, remember you can find a complete transcript of today’s show on www.FedandFit.com. If you want to read back and learn anything. And if you like the show, we always ask to head to iTunes and leave us a review; it really helps get this show into the hands of other folks in the future. Thanks again for coming on; everybody, we’ll be back again next week.

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