Ep. 140: Breaking the Reward/Punishment Cycle in 2018

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On today's episode, I'm talking about breaking the cycle of reward and punishment in 2018!

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Episode 140 Transcription

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Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. I am your host, Cassy Joy Garcia. And today it is just me, myself, and I! {laughs} I used to do a lot of solo episodes. And then we got into; we. {laughs} Me, myself and I. {laughing} We got into a habit of welcoming really wonderful guests on the show, because I just love it when you guys to hear from other leaders in our industry. And also other listeners.

I hope you enjoy the reverse interviews that we do here on the show. They’re some of my favorite episodes to record, and they’re some of my favorite ones to share, because I think that it can really be eye opening when you hear about real life experiences and real life questions from real life people. Not that I’m not a real life person, but somebody who hasn’t made holistic nutrition and mindset coaching a part of their job.

So anyway, thank you so much. I just wanted to start off today’s show by thanking you for being here. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for all of your wonderful support. Thanks, of course, to our sponsors. This has been really a fun, wild ride working to bring you better and better content. This episode is airing on; let me see if I can make sure I have the date down. This episode is airing on Monday, January 15th. And I, although she’s still tucked away nice and cozy in my belly, there is a really good chance that between now and then, my daughter is born. Our daughter is born. And she could also still be tucked away by the time this episode airs. We’re a couple more weeks; who knows! Her due date is January 13th, this Saturday. So it’s going to be a really fun, exciting ride.

I want to tell you guys what you can expect on the podcast through my “maternity leave” coming up. It is not going to look like a leave to you all, at all. My team and I have been working very diligently for the past 6 to; really 9 months to prepare for this. We have regular, brand new recipes coming to the blog. And brand new podcast episodes coming to you here every single week. We’ve already got them recorded. Some really wonderful interviews are coming out. I’ve also recorded a couple of science-type episodes. I know how much you enjoy those.

And today’s episode is going to be a mindset episode. These are some of my favorite to put together. Because really, it’s the essence of the show; the Fed and Fit podcast was a healthy mindset for a healthy lifestyle was our original catch phrase. Because it’s one of those things that it’s our do not pass go. Right? It’s priority number one. When it comes to a healthy mindset, often times the missing puzzle piece has nothing to do with food. It has nothing to do with fitness. It has nothing to do with water, rest, stress levels, or anything like that. It has everything to do with our perspective. Right? The context from which we are making decisions about our healthy lifestyle.

And so I started the podcast because I wanted to address that as holistically as possible; throw a giant umbrella over it. Knowing that we’re not going to be able to ever cover it all, but we’re going to do our best. So today, we’re taking a chip off that giant glacier of a topic, and we’re going to talk about, specifically, how to step off the hamster wheel going from a mindset of reward and punishment towards one of just healthy living. Making good, healthy strides to just feel our best.

And I think it’s important to talk about it now. I didn’t want to publish this episode before the New Year or right at the New Year mark, or turn. Because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a New Years’ resolution. I really don’t. I think that they’re wonderful. If that’s something that empowers you, and encourages you to really step off in the New Year with some really wonderful intention, by all means go for it.

But by now, you probably have realized; because there’s a healthy way to do it and an unhealthy way to do it. By now, a couple weeks into January, you can probably self-reflect a little bit and determine; am I doing this in a really healthy, uplifting, empowering way? Or am I doing this in a way where I am just cranking harder than ever on the hamster wheel of reward and punishment?

Ok, so I wanted to bring that to light. Give you kind of a compass to figure out how to step off the hamster wheel, and what that can look like in a practical sense. So let’s get to it!

So number one thing. Let’s talk about what I mean by reward/punishment hamster wheel. What the heck does that even mean? So let’s walk through essentially an entire year of what could possibly be a person’s mindset going through a year.

Let’s say the holidays roll around. Thanksgiving, Christmas time. There are cookies. There’s hot apple cider. There’s hot cocoa. There’s all these wonderful, sweet filled, starchy, wonderful things around us. It’s a magical season. There’s twinkly lights. And fluffy socks. And candy canes. And we’re just so excited, and we think; gosh darn it. Christmas cookies only come around once a year. Thanksgiving pies only come around once a year. I’m going to indulge like I’ve never indulged before. Because this is only once a year.

And I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with indulging. But a lot of us think, “I’m just going to go ahead and jump in with reckless abandon. I’m going to enjoy all these things. Because I don’t want to moderate myself through this joyous holiday season. And so what we have done with this is we’ve taken the pendulum, and we have swung it as hard as we can. Now, of course, this is an extreme example. The majority of you listening are probably thinking, “I was not that extreme.” But just bear with me through this example.

We’ve taken this pendulum, and we’ve thrown it as hard as we can into the reward side of the scale. Right? We are going to reward ourselves in this holiday season with all of these indulgences. We’re not going to monitor or meter; we’re just going to go ahead and have whatever the heck we want in spite some of those things that we know aren’t going to make us feel great. Because, come January, we’re going to take that pendulum, and we’re going to swing it as hard as we can against the other end of the spectrum and we’re going to essentially try to counteract all of the “damage” that we did during the holidays.

So come January, don’t you worry. The diet starts. I’m going to have all the cookies now, because in January I'm going to have no cookies. {laughs} Does that sound kind of familiar? Although I’m kind of making light of it. And this is a very extreme example. It’s a relatable equation. I’ve personally been through this so many times. And what I want us to arrive at is realizing that we can indulge in the holidays, and we can also eat really healthy in January, and not feel like we’re rewarding or punishing ourselves. There’s no pendulum. There’s no shift in who we are, or how we’re treating ourselves. It’s just us. We’re just living. Right? We’re just having the piece of pie, and we’re just having the soup, and we’re just working out. And there’s no worry about whether I should or shouldn’t be moderating more. Or should or shouldn’t be eating more vegetables. Or should or shouldn’t be eating less cookies. We’re just making decisions based on what makes us feel good through all seasons.

So that’s what I mean about stepping off the hamster wheel, the cycle. Right? Because in January, when we’re punishing ourselves to the extreme, we’re over-exercising because we’re trying to make up for all of the caloric overconsumption in our minds that we think that we did. The damage that we think that we did in December. We’re trying to overcompensate for that in January. And then come February, we’re tired. We don’t feel empowered. We feel exhausted. Our bodies might feel a little bit better if we really did follow a squeaky clean protocol; but come springtime, how’s your relationship with food looking?

And I hope folks aren’t sitting here feeling attacked. But at the end of the day, if you're relationship with food, if you're not trying to heal it, you're probably hurting it. And by looking at certain foods as good or bad; like Christmas cookie, bad. So January, we’re only going to have good food. Then what are you going to do around Easter time and somebody has Easter cookies out? Are those Easter cookies now bad? Or could you have an Easter gluten free cookie and be just fine and not worry about whether it’s good or bad?

How is your relationship with food come springtime? Most people who have swung this pendulum to the extremes find themselves, around springtime, having a really ugly relationship with food. And then they yoyo all year long. Right? They go through the Spring Break diet. We’re going to indulge in February because I’m so tired of restricting. And then I’m going to go ahead and diet again in time for Spring Break. And then I’m going to indulge again right after that in April, and then I’m going to diet again in time for my summer holiday vacation on the beach with my friends and my family. And then I’m going to go ahead and indulge again, and then diet again so that I can look really good come Thanksgiving, when I see all my family. And then I’m going to indulge all through the holidays, and don’t worry, we’ll diet again in January. And we’re right back to where we started from.

And it breaks my heart. This cycle absolutely breaks my heart. So I just want to be your friend, and be your advocate, and tell you; now is the time to stop. You can stop. You can stop this cycle. There’s no dieting that you can do; no fitnessing that you can do, that is going to undo indulgences. They are a part of you, and you are who you are right now. It’s not that you are a lesser version of yourself because you had an extra three dozen cookies or not. You're just who you are. It’s just a decision that you made.

So this constant pursuit of trying to feel like ourselves needs to shift from, “I want to feel like myself” to “I just want to feel good. I want to feel like my best self.” And what does a best self usually do? Our best selves, our best versions of ourselves, do not reward or punish to these extremes.

Ok, so really quickly, let’s chat about some of these practical applications of how we can right-size. If this podcast is catching you on the hamster wheel, and you know it, and you're like mid-sprint {laughs} on this wheel, running. You're in the middle of January and you're running towards; you're thinking every time you hop on that treadmill, or every time you lift those weights, or every time you munch on a piece of raw kale; you're thinking, “Take that, Christmas cookie number 42! Take that, cookie number 44!” Right? {laughs}

This is catching you mid-stride, that’s great. Because it doesn’t mean that you're doing anything wrong. We can course correct our mindset. And that’s all that matters. Where is our motivation coming from? Are we trying to punish ourselves for the indulgences? Or are we doing this because we just want to feel good. That’s the biggest distinction.

So how do we just do things to feel good? Number one, let’s talk about fitness. Even though I would consider it our fourth priority. If you have a copy of the Fed and Fit book, I have what I call the four pillars of health listed out there. And number one pillar of health is mindset; again, do not pass go. It’s the most important piece. Number two is rest and hydration; we’ll talk about that in a second. Number three is nutrition. And then number four is fitness. So it’s dead last. So let’s talk about it first, because it’s the easy one.

So let’s find fitness that’s fun! That is how we get off this hamster wheel. Man, gosh, I remember. In college, when I was in this full-blown pendulum swing. The yoyos of dieting and indulging, dieting and indulging. And punishing or rewarding, punishing or rewarding, depending on which way you want to look at it. When I was in one of those punishment modes; one of those dieting modes, I would pick the most punishing workout possible. For me, that is a treadmill. {laughs} I can’t stand a treadmill. But I would go, I would strap myself on, and I would run on that machine that just felt like it sucked the life out of me. Because I felt like, not only the exercise was good for me, but in some way, who knows deep down maybe I thought I was teaching myself a lesson. So I would sit there and I would run.

So what is number one when it comes to fitness? Try to find something that’s fun, that you enjoy. Fitness is wonderful. It’s something to incorporate in our everyday life. But, I need to tell you in case nobody’s ever told you before; you can enjoy working out. Even if you're just getting started. Even if you feel like you’ve got a long way to go, and you haven’t even walked a mile in over a year. You can actually enjoy working out. So find something you enjoy doing.

Whether that’s Zumba. Really just go and dance and move your body. Or maybe some sort of a really light CrossFit class. A lot of CrossFit classes have some mid-day, lighter classes. Go interview coaches and say, “Hey, do you have something where I can just hang out with some really cool people. Maybe lift a couple of weights. Have a coach watch me very carefully, because I really don’t want to hurt myself. But I’m not in it to win it. I don’t really have any intention of ever going to the Games.” You can enjoy a class like that, maybe.

Maybe it’s swimming. Maybe you really loved tennis through high school and college. Dust off that racquet, go find a friend you can play with. Ok? Or maybe it’s just going on walks. Really regular walks. Popping in your headphones. Listening to an audiobook. Listening to a podcast; hey, hey! Whatever it is. Something that you truly enjoy. Make fitness fun, ok?

So you're going to see a theme in these. But the ways to step off that hamster wheel and to keep ourselves from punishing ourselves during these seasons is trying to feel good and trying to maintain a healthy mindset. Is to try to make sure that the activities we’re doing are not seen as a punishment; even though they’re good for us. Ok? So make fitness fun. If you're doing a fitness activity that you loathe right now, stop doing it. Ok. {laughs} Just stop. Find something you enjoy, even if it’s just walking until you find the next right solution. But find something you enjoy.

Ok. Next up, let’s talk about food. Eat foods that you enjoy, by golly! There is nothing wrong with that. Just like fitness. In case nobody has ever told you; healthy food does not have to be punishing. There’s me and an entire army of healthy food bloggers out there that have made this their sole mission in professional pursuits right now; is to bring you delicious recipes that are also healthy. So take advantage of those. Explore on Pinterest. Paleo-friendly foods is a really great place to start. Those are probably going to be the foods that make you feel the best. It’s not about being dogmatic. It’s not about following very stringent rules. It’s about eating things that make you feel good that you also enjoy. That is number one for me.

When I first started on my healthy lifestyle plan, and I decided I was going to step off that gosh-darned hamster wheel, I was not going to punish myself anymore. Where was I at that time? I had decided I was going to stop running on the treadmill. I also decided I was going to stop eating steamed spinach, egg whites; and what else was I eating? Raspberries for breakfast. That’s all I was eating. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I thought, “Nope. This is a healthy breakfast, so this is what I’m going to eat.” This was back when we really knew we should be eating the yolks.

So, that’s what I did. And I was feeling great because I was following, all of a sudden, this anti-inflammatory paleo-type protocol. My body was starting to respond. But I was getting no joy from my food. And I thought; “This is not sustainable.” Right? Because if I keep punishing myself with food, the next holiday season, I’m going to bury my face in that cherry pie. Right? So I needed to find a way to make breakfast delicious so that the cherry pie was just cherry pie. It didn’t, all of a sudden, become a reward for punishing myself for breakfast for several months in a row.

So I started eating breakfast that I really enjoyed. So make sure that you're eating healthy foods that you enjoy. Experiment; this is a really hard thing to chat about, specifically on the podcast, because it’s so individual. But learn; figure out what you like. If you're an eggs benedict kind of person; that’s just your dream breakfast, whip up some hollandaise sauce at home and sprinkle that over your scrambled eggs or poached eggs or whatever you have in the morning.

If pancakes are your end-all, be-all, have some gluten free pancakes every weekend. Even though you're following this squeaky clean protocol, if that helps you keep your mind in a really good, healthy, balanced state, enjoy them. Legit Bread makes a really wonderful pancake mix that you can have that’s probably not going to make your body feel crummy. So eat foods that you enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy it; if you absolutely loathe raw kale salads, then don’t eat raw kale salads. Just like I don’t encourage you to do a workout that you hate; don’t eat a healthy food that you hate. Because that is punishment.

There are certain times when I’ve told my husband; if I eat another salad, I think I might cry. And if you're at that point, then start eating really good, healthy, wholesome foods. Roasts; pot roast with roasted vegetables. That is a really healthy food choice. It’s a wonderful choice. Avoid the wheat flour-filled gravy. Just have the pot roast as it is with some balsamic vinegar and other yummy things. And feel nourished. Feel full and feel satisfied. That’s ok.

Cassy Joy: I think this is a great spot to stop and hear from one of our sponsors.

Today’s episode is brought to you by my friends at Butcher Box! Butcher Box delivers grass-fed, grass-finished, pastured beef, chicken, and heritage breed pork to your door each month. The animals are humanely raised, and are never introduced to hormones or antibiotics. I have been a loyal fan and customer of Butcher Box for over a year now, and love my monthly Butcher Box delivery, because it helps me get healthy, nutrient packed protein on my table with ease. To order your own Butcher Box, head to www.ButcherBox.com/fedandfitpodcast where you can get $15 off plus free bacon with your order. Again that’s www.ButcherBox.com/fedandfitpodcast for $15 off and free bacon with your order.

Ok, next time. Do not, under any circumstance, go hungry. Again, just like foods we enjoy and fitness that we enjoy; not going hungry is vital to maintaining a healthy mindset while trying to also feel our best. I know how tempting this is. I have a background of disordered eating. And airing this out is probably one of the most important things that we can do.

If you or somebody else maybe has a background of disordered eating, where you think; subconsciously maybe. Maybe you're not even consciously thinking these things. Subconsciously, we’re thinking; gosh. I had too many cocktails. I had too many desserts. And I really overindulged over the holidays. So I’m just going to go ahead and calorie restrict in the New Year. And that is going to be how I help, not only make up for the over consumption, but it’s essentially a form of punishment for the over rewarding that I did at the end of last year.

Does that sound familiar? It really sounds familiar to me. So if that’s the case, I just want to air it out as clearly as possible that going hungry is not an option. It’s not going to actually make you feel any better. It’s pure punishment. That’s all it is. There’s no really good reason for it.

Now, this is, of course, different from strategic, thoughtful, intentional fasting. And you can do some research on it. I don’t personally promote fasting. But if that’s something you're interested in, that’s very different. But what I’m talking about is having a really light lunch, and then a light dinner, and waking up hungry, and having a light breakfast. Right? Being hungry, and giving yourself just enough food to get by because you think you will just go ahead and work the pounds off that way. Right? That’s not actually the way that our body’s metabolisms work, or function at their best.

What our bodies really need is they need really healthy food, and enough of it. So if you find yourself truly hungry between meals, start eating more at your meals. I am an advocate for no snacking, which is very different from going hungry. I’m an advocate for 3 square meals a day because I do believe that our bodies, most bodies, do best when they’re allowed to feel hungry right before a meal. I’m not one of those 6 mini-meals a day kind of nutritionist. I am a 3-square meals a day plus, if you need it, a strategic pre or post-workout snack kind of girl.

I think I’ve seen people really go from being sugar adapted to being fat adapted the fasted by following something like that. But what’s key in that format is also making sure you're getting enough food to last you to the next day. It’s very good, and very natural to be truly hungry 30 minutes before a meal. But if you're famished an hour, an hour and a half after you just had breakfast, you didn’t eat enough. Go ahead and eat more. Have a snack for now, and then remember to eat more at breakfast the next day.

Ok, next tip. Remember, this is low-hanging fruit, you guys. Sleep and water really reign supreme. They really do. So now we’re working backwards. We’re on pillar number two of my Fed and Fit Project priority pillars. Sleep and water. How do we figure out how much sleep and water we need?

I have an episode coming up, you guys can keep your eyes peels for it. But Liz Wolfe, dear friend, of https://realfoodliz.com/. And she’s also working on a wonderful program called Baby Making and Beyond. I invited her onto the podcast, and we talked about; let’s see. We talked about preconception best practices, and we also talked about pregnancy best practices. And one of the things that she said; I asked her pretty point blank. “What is the one thing we can do to prepare our bodies for pregnancy the most?” And guess what her answer was? It’s stay hydrated and get enough rest. Especially the rest.

How easy is that? It’s not very glamorous. It’s not really fun to talk about. What are you doing to make you look so good? Oh, I’m drinking more water and I’m getting enough sleep at night. Right? {laughs} It’s not very exciting. It’s much more exciting to say, I only drink green juice and I spend 4 hours on a treadmill every day. That’s much more exciting to talk about; even though it’s much more punishing and not as nourishing. We need lots of great sleep, and lots of great hydration.

So how do you figure out how much water you need? I’ve said this a bunch, a forgive me for those of you who have heard it a bunch. But for starters, daily water need. Your DWN, as calculated in my book, I’ll give you a sneak peek. What we do is we take our body weight in pounds; this is the only time that I think that our body weight is important. Otherwise, I would say forget the scale. And we’ll talk about that in a second. But we take our body weight in pounds. Just approximate it. Don’t go find a scale to get this number. Just ballpark it. Divide it by 2, and those are the ounces of water to drink in a day.

So if you weigh 200 pounds. For example; let’s make the math really easy. If you weigh 200 pounds approximate, that’s 100 ounces of water to drink in a day. How on earth do you figure out how to drink that much water in a day? Again, this is just an approximate. You get one of those containers that tells you how much water it holds, and you say; oh, I have to drink two-and-a-half of these giant containers. It’s that simple. And do your best to get through that before dinner so that you're not up going to the bathroom all night long.

So that’s a big one we can do. And when it comes to sleep, start getting a bedtime and honor that bedtime. Try to avoid blue screens. I’m talking computer screens, your cell phone, and the TV at least an hour before bed. So what does that leave? It probably leaves a book. {laughs} whether it’s a reading book, one of those adult coloring books, or maybe you're writing thank you cards. Whatever it is, something where you're able to enjoy some yellow ambient light.

And if that’s not an option, you have to work right up until you have to go to bed, go ahead and run down to the hardware store and get some amber goggles. They’re very cheap. Not so glamorous, but they will help block that blue cortisol stimulating light so you are able to fall asleep more easily at bedtime.

And then go to sleep! Try to not watch any TV from the bedroom. Turn the temperature down if you need to. Make sure all of the light is turned off. It’s nice and cool, you have clean sheets, and try to sleep and be rested. Until you wake up in the morning. OK? So those two things will actually help you feel so good. And how fun is that? How fun is that, that that gets to be an even higher priority over the foods that show up on our plate and over what we’re doing when we tie our tennis shoes and we go out for a workout? Sleep and water have a bigger impact on our health and wellbeing than those things.

Ok. Let’s see, we’re going to finish off with a mindset piece of how to really feel our best and stepping off this hamster wheel, approaching this January reset, or all resets really from a place of self-love rather than punishment. I want to talk about three things really quickly. Number one, just keep in mind, don’t be a hero. Don’t feel like you have to outdo your indulgences. Don’t be a hero. In that regard. Do things that make you feel empowered, eat the foods that you enjoy. Do the fitness activities that you find fun. Drink water. Sleep. Feel rested. And let it be. Ok?

Don’t worry about how close you are to making up for your indulgences. Just let it be. Don’t feel like you have to be a hero. This is the same version of you. This is still you. This is not a lesser version of you than you have been before. This is just you. And all you are doing is working at making yourself feel great. So that’s tip number two, remember that this is you. This is it! There are so many people who I talk to and they say; I just want to be myself again. Or, I just want to get back to a point where I feel; gosh, I’m trying to find the right words.

It’s almost as if we have tied fitting into a smaller pair of blue jeans with being a better version of ourselves. And what I want you to understand is this, right now, sitting in this chair, walking around the trail, listening to this podcast; this is you. And it’s wonderful, and it’s perfect. And there’s nothing wrong with you. And there’s no version of you that was better, or will be better. It’s just you. So enjoy that. Take a deep breath, and know that you can keep doing things every day to help you feel great.

It’s not that you're a better version in the future, or you're working on becoming a better you. You are just you. So take a deep breath.

And the last thing I want to talk about really quickly has to do specifically with the scale. This is one of those things that tends to bring up a lot of demons and a lot of haunts in many folks. We think this is all well and good, right. You're listening, and you're thinking; ok, ok. Fine. I’m going to stop sprinting on this hamster wheel of punishing myself, making up for all of these indulgences. I’m going to follow these tips. This sounds great.

And then you step on the scale in the bathroom. Whether it’s your bathroom, or it’s at the gym. And you think; but the numbers aren’t moving. Ok, I just want to remind you; again, from a place of both science and love, that the scale can actually tell us very little about our health. Right? Because what is it measuring? In addition to body fat, it’s measuring bones, it’s measuring water, it’s measuring muscle, it’s measuring all of our connective tissues. It’s measuring that wonderful nugget in your head; your brain. Right? It is measuring so much more than what we usually pull from it.

So if you know that stepping on a scale usually spins you off into some negative self-talk and thinking, and it kind of puts you in this ooh, I’m going to go ahead and work a little harder tomorrow. I’m going to go ahead and salad a little harder. {laughs} I’m going to eat some more raw kale, because that number really freaked me out. And maybe I’ll go ahead and hop on the treadmill after. I’m going to do the workout I enjoy, then I’m going to hop on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Right?

If stepping on a scale, even though you’ve done all this wonderful work causes you to still veer back into that mindset of “I'm going to punish myself” then stop it. Do not step on the scale. And if you have to go to the doctor, step on it, turn around, and tell the nurse, “I don’t want to know.” Ok? Because what matters most is how you feel in your skin. Your energy levels are what matter. Your outlook matters. And just how you feel in general is what matters way more than the number on the scale.

When I first started this big healthy transformation journey, I was yoyo dieting, I was feeling really deprived, I was either rewarding or punishing myself; one or the other. There was no in-between. When I finally made the decision to start working on a true wellness path that has lead me to be even-keel. I can holiday, and I can go into January without feeling like I’m rewarding or punishing myself. It’s a magical state of mind. A lot of you listening may be there. A lot of you may be working to get there. You can do it.

One of the things I had to do was I had to stop stepping on the scale. Because you know what I found, after about 9 months to a year? My weight didn’t really change. It really didn’t change a whole lot. I built a bunch of muscle, which weighs more than fat. So if I had been stepping on a scale every day and marking my progress based on the number that showed up, I would have been so discouraged. Because my number it was probably going up for a while, and then it probably stabilized back to where I started. But you know what? I had more energy. I was sleeping better at night. I had a better outlook. And my clothes were actually fitting really great. I went down several dress sizes, but I gained weight for all practical purposes.

So the scale can tell you very little. Please remember that. Please avoid it. Especially if it puts you into a negative mindset.

Ok, everybody! That’s enough for today. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you found today’s show helpful. Remember, just to recap. Stop what you're doing. Get off that hamster wheel. You're worth it. You can do this. Remember that you can do fitness that you find fun. These are things you can course correct right now. Do something fun for fitness. Enjoy healthy foods, or eat healthy foods that you actually enjoy. Don’t go hungry. Remember that sleep and water reign supreme. So even if you have a day where you didn’t get to work out, you didn’t get to eat healthy; at least drink that water and at least try to get to bed early. Don’t be a hero. Remember that this actually is you. There’s no good version of you, no bad version of you. This is who you are. And toss out the scale.

Thank you so much for being here. Happy 2018. I’m excited for these next podcasts coming up for you while I’m essentially away on maternity leave. I will still be very active on social media. And I will be helpful. I’ll also be writing a lot of what you see on the blog, so you can catch me over there. Thank you again, guys. It’s such a pleasure to be able to talk with you every week. As always, you can find a transcript for todays’ show over at www.FedandFit.com. If you get a chance, head over to iTunes and leave us a review. That would really mean a lot. The more reviews we get actually helps the show show up in front of other folks, so that’s how that works. As always, we’ll be back again next week.


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