On today’s episode we’re chatting with a dear friend and baby making and beyond expert, Liz Wolfe!  She is the co-creator of a brand new (and highly anticipated) online resource for all things pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy, and beyond, that you will not want to miss!

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Episode 195 transcription

Cassy Joy: Today’s show is brought to you by the Nutritional Therapy Association! The NTA trains and certifies nutritional therapy practitioners and consultants with a nutritional foundation that emphasizes the body’s innate intelligence and bioindividuality. Because they know that a one-size fits all approach to nutrition does not exist.

The NTA curriculum focuses on the importance of properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods, paired with a well balanced lifestyle. Sound familiar? I love this program so much. Throughout their program, students learn a wide range of educational tools and techniques to identify and correct nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. And students graduate with the education and skills needed to launch a successful career in holistic nutrition.

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Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. I am your host, Cassy Joy Garcia. And today I’m joined by a dear friend; one of my favorite humans on this green earth. Liz Wolfe is here. And the crowd goes wild! {laughing}

Liz Wolfe: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: That’s what I imagine in my head.

Liz Wolfe: Me too, me too.

Cassy Joy: We need some canned applause. Liz Wolfe is a health and wellness writer and a nutritional therapy practitioner; also known as an NTP. With a passion for real food, safe skincare, and healthy babies and families. Her work includes the Wallstreet Journal bestseller, Eat the Yolks, and the Purely Primal Skincare Guide. And she co-created the online pregnancy and parenthood community, Baby Making and Beyond. Which is set to launch; now. {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: She blogs at www.RealFoodLiz.com and cohosts the Balanced Bites podcast. In her spare time, she chases her rambunctious toddler in their new lakefront community. Welcome to the show, Liz!

Liz Wolfe: Well thank you for having me on. I always love when we get to connect.

Cassy Joy: I do too. It’s the best. You’ve been on here; this may be your fifth or sixth time.

Liz Wolfe: You think? Oh my gosh. I was trying to remember the different times I’ve been on. Because I think maybe something way back before I even began this whole Baby Making and Beyond journey, I think I was on about something or other.

Cassy Joy: I’m sure. I’m sure I was picking your brain. Don’t you love that phrase? About skincare or something. {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: Anything with the word picking with reference to skincare, that’s tough for me. Not going to lie.

Cassy Joy: {laughing} The opposite of a buzzword. So today we’re going to chat about her brand-new program, Baby Making and Beyond. I mean, we have been on the edge of our seats {laughs}.

Liz Wolfe: For four years? I’m sorry to have done that to you.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} No. I’m not sorry. I am so dang excited to get into this material. We’re going to deep dive what it’s all about. Who is it for. How it can be a game changer for those helping to conceive or on a postpartum journey. I think this is something for everybody. So I’m really excited to chat about it.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, for the folks who may be new, and then your quest for this program and how it came about?

Liz Wolfe: Yeah. So I’ve been lurking around the real food, whole person health community for like a decade. I don’t know, maybe I’m inflating that. Maybe like 8 to 10 years or something like that. I’ve had the Balanced Bites podcast with Diane for just about 8 years now. So I’ve been around. And for the most part what I have built my career and my business around is whatever it is I’m thinking about or dealing with in the moment for myself.

The way I look at it, that kind of makes it more powerful and more personal. And I care a heck of a lot more when I’m talking about the things that I’m personally going through, versus just picking a topic because it’s going to sell. Which I don’t think I could maintain focus on that. So that’s always been how I structure my business. By trying to provide value for people based on what I’m going through. Because if I’m going through it, then somebody else is undoubtedly going through it as well.

So back in the day, I started transitioning myself to a paleo/whole food/real food diet. And started researching, and writing about it. I became a nutritional therapy practitioner. And then wrote my book, Eat the Yolks. And that was all about; basically I was getting many, many questions about food. And often times, it was the same questions over and over.

And what I wanted to do was maximize the use of my time and my ability to spend time researching and learning. And also craft a resource that I could just refer people to for the answers to all of their questions, plus hundreds of pages of context. Because I can never give an answer without providing 12 rings of context. So, the book was great in the way, because I said everything I wanted to say about food. And I learned a lot in the process.

And then around that time, I was also working to heal my skin. I was dealing with pretty severe jawline acne, and actually all the way down my neck. Which was very; really tough and disheartening. I had kind of run the gamut; all the dermatological interventions. And things just kind of kept popping up. And as I worked to heal that with diet and supplemental support and lifestyle changes, I also put everything that I was learning and everything that I was doing into that guide. The Purely Primal Skincare Guide.

Which was kind of my next step towards taking things more online. I love a brick and mortar book. I was an English major in college. My favorite thing is writing and reading. I absolutely adore it. But I felt like I could serve people better by putting everything online. It was something people could download instantly, that I could update if I needed to; within reason. So that served me really well for a while.

And then, I started thinking about starting a family. And I always think it’s funny; you’ll probably smirk at this as well. What an amazing parent I was, and how much I knew about being a parent; before I was one.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Liz Wolfe: I definitely thought I knew a lot. And I definitely got my comeuppance. For sure.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: I had a relatively easy pregnancy. The birth was not what I expected. And I had been working on Baby Making and Beyond since around the time I got pregnant, in coordination with Meg the Midwife; who is amazing. She is a registered midwife in Canada, and I love talking about this. Because in Canada, midwives work in both the hospital and the home setting. So Meg has all of the experience across that entire spectrum. Which is such a huge asset to the program.

Cassy Joy: I did not know that.

Liz Wolfe: I’ve been working on this program with her for forever. She came to see me, from Canada, when I was like 16 weeks pregnant. And we thought we were pretty close to releasing the thing. Well, you go through. You actually go through the experience, and you learn so much. And sometimes the rug gets pulled out from under you. And all of a sudden, you’re like; ok. The universe is telling me that this program needs to take a different direction. I need to support women in a different way.

And that’s really how it’s evolved over the course of several years now. Now I have an almost 4-year-old, which almost doesn’t qualify as a toddler anymore. But at this point, I’m kind of fully in the internet world. We’re doing this program exclusively online so that we can update at the drop of a hat. The biggest challenge, particularly with my book, is that I desperately want to go back and change a few things and fix a few things based on new research, and I can’t do it. That book is in tens of thousands of people’s hands, and I can’t go back and say; hey, I would have said this differently. Or hey, new research suggests this. And that drives me crazy.

So with this program, I have a whole research team. And we’re going to be able to go in, update things on an ongoing basis as new research comes out. And I think that is just so critical when you’re hoping to support women and their partners who are hoping to conceive, who are pregnant, or who are postpartum.

Cassy Joy: Oh! That’s so great. And you know what? If I think about it myself. I’m a new mom, right? Of a 1-year-old at least. And having gone through it; Liz is somebody who I turn to for advice. And part of that is because you’ve got 3 years on me.

Liz Wolfe: {laughs} It helps to know people, right?

Cassy Joy: It does. But it’s like; you’ve got, not only have you walked through it. Let’s say if I had somebody who was at my same stage, or maybe a few months ahead of me. I want to call you. I want to call somebody for perspective. Pull up your program, learn from you, I should say. From somebody who has not only gone through it, but has the perspective of maybe a year plus grace period over that season. And I think it’s just so wise to write or maybe adjust or intention the program from that perspective. It makes it that much more valuable.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah. That’s why; we don’t actually, I’m a terrible marketer. Full disclosure. Just horrible. But we’ve toyed around with what to call this. Because we’re calling it a program, because I know that’s the word that people use. But I like to call it a community. I don’t know what to call it, because I want it to be exactly what you said. Your mom friend that you call; this whole ocean of Google, and all of the different things people are talking about, and the worthless message boards on the internet that do nothing but freak you out. I want people to be like; I’ll check Baby Making and Beyond. Maybe Liz has had somebody look into this.

I don’t know everything, but my dream, when I was right postpartum and while I was pregnant. Pretty much everyday thereafter. Has been to be able to just dial up a trusted resource without having to jump into that cesspool of craziness that is the internet.

Cassy Joy: Yes! That’s a great way to put it. And that’s how I see this incredible resource that you’ve developed, and this community. I think it’s going to be just that.

So the basis of your program is four modules; can you explain what those modules are and why did you choose them?

Liz Wolfe: Yes. So our four modules are our core four, which I love. Because I love rhymes, and alliteration, and assonance, and all of the literary devices that I get to play with so seldom anymore. So our core four is nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep, and stress. These are the four just kind of basic lifestyle factors that really inform overall wellness.

And I know; I wish I could market this as us having some kind of magic button or magic supplement to enhance fertility and have a healthy pregnancy and a wonderful postpartum and all of that. But I think the real truth is that we kind of need to be making basic adjustments to these lifestyle factors that will bring us to fuller health.

So nutrition, we dive into exactly what you need and what forms you need it in. And the cool thing is, we kind of come back to a basic flexible whole food plan. And that made me really excited. Because I went into this program thinking we were going to have to be very overly stringent and super detailed about people’s nutrition.

And what I’m finding is that; and I will get to this when I talk about the stress section. Empowering people to be flexible and not judge themselves for what they perceive as backsliding, or making a choice that’s not optimal. Not judging themselves for that, and not adding stress to these dietary choices. And that internal narrative; taking that away. Is probably the healthiest thing we can possibly do for people.

So we give a framework. We talk about supplements. We talk about forms of nutrients to look for, and rules of thumb. We give lots of resources for that. We give recipes. But in the end, it’s really just about getting nutrients in where you can, and not stressing too much. So I’m really excited about that.

Cassy Joy: I love that.

Liz Wolfe: It’s going to be great. The exercise and movement section, I’m really in love with. We brought in a gal named Vanessa Gangler. Who is absolutely incredible. She is a restorative exercise trained practitioner. She is a restore your core teacher, I think they call them teachers versus practitioners. And she knows so much about core and pelvic floor health, as it relates to the health of the entire structure of the body. It’s not just like; core health. Do crunches. Pelvic floor health; do Kegels. It’s not that at all. She has a wonderful broad view of how these things function in the real world in your real body.

What she has done is put together this amazing suite of videos for us. We’re not giving people a pregnancy workout. You can get that anywhere. And it’s very dependent on the person. So we’re not going to prescriptive about how to get your blood pumping. Or whether you should and shouldn’t do CrossFit. That’s way too individual.

But what we have done is brought tips and ideas for alignment during pregnancy and after pregnancy. And really at any point in your life, no matter who you are. That are going to really benefit how you move through the world, which will help you, hopefully, have a more comfortable pregnancy. Be prepared for a more comfortable; I don’t want to say comfortable birth. I don’t really know what the word would be. {laughs} More optimal positioning; fetal positioning for childbirth. And then a more comfortable recovery postpartum. I haven’t seen this stuff anywhere, and we’re really grateful to have Vanessa on board for that.

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to see that.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah. We’ve gotten really good feedback. And actually, originally, with our beta testers, we had kind of released a little bit less of the information, feeling like we don’t know if this is going to overwhelming or of it’s too new or if it’s too out there for people. But unanimously our betas were saying we need more of this. So we’re releasing a ton more content from Vanessa. So that’s going to be great.

She actually recorded the videos 8 months pregnant. Which is so great, because you can actually see a pregnant person going through these movements. Which is just; the stars aligned for that one.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh, that’s incredible! What depth you have here. That’s really what I feel like I’m the most impressed by, whenever I’ve heard you talk about Baby Making and Beyond. My impression that I always walk away from this, Liz, is there is a tremendous amount of care and thought and depth in this. I’m just thrilled.

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Cassy Joy: OK, can you tell me a little bit more about stress, and how are you tackling it in Baby Making and Beyond? It seems to be one of those things that’s difficult to coach. In your research, why did this become a major foundation of your work? What are you seeing as the impact of prolonged stress? How are you walking folks through how to navigate this?

Liz Wolfe: Well, it’s hard. Because I think, as practitioners and I guess activists in this holistic health community, I feel like you can give people all the nutrition information, and all the supplement information in the world. All the exercise information in the world. But the thing you want them most to buy into is the stress management stuff. And yet it’s the hardest stuff to really convince people to integrate into their lives.

And I’m total proof of that, by the way. It’s so much easier to decide what’s going into my mouth and what’s not than it is to actually sit down and practice mindfulness. Or try to reframe things that really bother me, or cause fear, or cause dread or anxiety for me.

I can’t even tell you how difficult it has been in my own life to handle some of the anxieties that came up before I had a baby, but also were kind of triggered by the birth of my daughter. It is an ongoing, never-ending process. And that can feel really discouraging. So I feel like the best that we can do is start out by giving people some really simple action items.

Our bodies exist in either a parasympathetic or sympathetic state. So sympathetic is fight or flight, rapid; go, go, go type of stuff. It’s where you are when you’re really stressed out. Parasympathetic is so much more rare in the modern world. Its’ that rest and digest. It’s that sitting back, and relaxing, and recovering mode. So many of us, including myself, have trouble accessing that. I certainly do.

But, there are ways to do it that don’t require you to fix your head. {laughs} And I don’t know if that makes sense. But for me, it’s like; I have a lot of trouble dealing with looping thoughts and stress in general. When it’s just that mental approach that you’re supposed to fix. So some of the things that we encourage people to do is really simple stuff. Like deep breathing.

There’s a method called the Wim Hof method, that we’re going to add a tip to the stress section, that’s really helpful. These are things that you can actually physically do that will kind of kick your body into the mode you want it to be in. Because for a lot of us, we can’t go to the therapist. We can’t meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day. It just feels insurmountable. So if we could do a couple of things just to kickstart our body into that parasympathetic mode, that’s really kind of the best start, and the most feasible for most people. We talk about the rest of it, but that’s where the tires start moving.

Cassy Joy: That’s great. Your actionable things folks can do. Because I think that’s the hardest part. Because it’s stressful to thing; get on top of your stress.

Liz Wolfe: Yes! It’s like, ok. Sometimes, really and truly. And this is something I grapple with on the daily. Knowledge is power, but sometimes knowledge is stress. We all know people who walk around eating fast food, and watching TV until 3 a.m., and they’re doing find. And when you start to learn about; oh, you really should be eating this. And these supplements are beneficial to that issue. And then you start thinking about it, and then you’re stressed about that. Because it feels so impossible in the modern world.

And then you’re like; oh gosh, now I’m supposed to be reducing my stress. It just becomes this mountain that feels impossible to climb. And we don’t want that for people.

Cassy Joy: Yes. Oh my gosh. That’s wonderful. Ok, next question for you about sleep. In a nutshell, can you just give us an overview of Baby Making and Beyond’s approach? And by the way, if you’re listening, remember you can pull up Baby Making and Beyond. We’ll have it linked in the show notes. Head over there and learn all about it. But can you give us a nutshell about your approach on sleep, and how that can have an impact on overall health and fertility?

Liz Wolfe: OK. I’m excited about this part. And really, sleep and stress are two separate sections because there’s so much. When we think about stress, we kind of think about cortisol, and adrenaline, and stress hormones, and work stress, and life stress, and job stress. And then sleep, we kind of think about circadian rhythms, and melatonin, and rest, and all of that. But really the two are hand in hand.

And the cool thing about sleep is it’s one of those actionable items that you can actually improve your sleep hygiene, the environment that you sleep in, and how you achieve sleep, and things like that. And that can kind of serve as one of those action items in the stress category. So the two really interact.

But, what I loved so much about the research that we did into sleep, and what my research team lead, Amanda Torres from the Curious Coconut; she’s awesome. She published Latin American Paleo Cooking, which is my favorite cookbook, other than yours and Diane’s.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: She’s just awesome. She’s a neuroscientist. She’s actually brilliant at research.

Cassy Joy: She’s incredible.

Liz Wolfe: She’s so great. Some of the stuff that she dug up for us was about; and I’m going to butcher this. And this is why I have a research team, because I’m happy being the ambassador for the program, but in the end, I feel like I’m trying to take a step back and just be like the mom who is trying to figure out what other moms like me need, and orchestrating that so it can live inside the program.

But Amanda found some really cool stuff on the concentration of melatonin in the reproductive system as compared to the rest of the body. And it turns out that melatonin is highly concentrated in the reproductive system; and I’m forgetting exactly where. But what it is does is it serves as a really potent antioxidant for that part of our bodies. So because of that, it is very intimately tied to fertility.

And I just thought that concrete information; knowing that. Because melatonin is a sleepy hormone. It’s what your body produces when you go to sleep in full darkness. Just to know that and have that concrete connection between sleeping and reproductive health was huge.

Because a lot of times, you’re like; yeah, sleep is important. You need to get rest. You need to recover. But it’s still kind of abstract. But to bring that hope was really powerful for me.

Cassy Joy: My goodness, that is powerful!

Liz Wolfe: I was excited.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh.

Liz Wolfe: I’m a nerd, though. I love this stuff.

Cassy Joy: Well you’re in good company. Because I am, obviously. But all the listeners here are as well. {laughs} This is so cool. Ok, who would you say this program, Baby Making and Beyond, community; who would you say Baby Making and Beyond is really for? And I would love to know your hope for those that are going to utilize it. What’s your suggestion on how to move through it?

Liz Wolfe: Oh wow. So a lot of this is informing how we structure the program for sale. Because we know that not everybody is going to come to us at the beginning of their fertility journey. We’re not going to catch everybody before they get pregnant. And the program itself has a fertility module, in addition to the core four. Which are our four core modules. Ta-da. You see how we did that? {laughs}

We also have fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Right now, the fertility module is the only module that we have loaded. And this is what; we’re mid-February. The only module we have loaded in to the program is the fertility module.

So when you go to BabyMakingandBeyond.com, in the February 2019 time-span, you will probably find the fertility package and the core four package available. We are pricing these at a level that once the other modules are released, we can email you. You can add those ala cart, and you will not be paying anymore than you would pay if you bought everything all at once. Which, that should be available hopefully March/April. We’re just; it takes a while to load stuff up. You think research takes a while, but actually dealing with online internet programs takes a while as well.

Cassy Joy: The tech. Yeah.

Liz Wolfe: So folks can go, they can load that up, and we’ll keep in touch as different things become available. So you could, I guess, just get the core four. And I think what’s cool about that is that even though we’ve positioned it for reproductive health for fertility all the way through postpartum, it’s really just overall health. Right? Just in general, your body reaches optimum fertility. You have the healthiest pregnancy possible. And your postpartum experience goes as well as it can go when you’re optimally nourished, when you’re supplementing properly, when you’re able to manage your stress, and when you’re getting enough sleep.

And if we can support you in that, and bring you to the optimal level of health you can achieve using those tools, as well as give you some information to empower you when you go to your practitioner and discuss these things. If we can do that, we can make anybody more empowered with this information. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on having kids or not.

Actually, Amanda Torres is not planning on having children, and she still says to me very frequently how glad she is to be involved, because this is teaching her so much about her body and her health. So, that I would say this is for anyone and everyone. But we’re also really making it easy for people in different phases to buy into the information that they need going forward.

Cassy Joy: That’s wonderful. And you know what, you hit the nail on the head. And I hadn’t thought of it in so many words, of why I think I’m the most excited, personally and selfishly, for Baby Making and Beyond. Because when I personally am navigating, let’s say, getting pregnant. Having another baby. Going through that child rearing. My resources available to me are very traditional. The folks at my beck and call. They’re going to be my doctors. And if you have a midwife or a doula, those kinds of folks.

We have a limited subset of people that you can consider trusted resources. And even then, you’re exposure to these folks. It’s very limited. You haven’t’ tested. It’s not like you’ve interviewed 100 different folks, and chosen this person I trust implicitly with all of their perspectives and wisdom.

And what you’re offering is just a funnel through which you’ve filtered the best of the best. Because you care so much about; I don’t know. it’s just your take on; I’ve worked with you in many different capacities, but you always take so much care through filtering information. Seeing what’s reasonable, practical, and reliable. And trustworthy when it comes to the science. And I think it’s just having that third party.

You get to walk into that doctor’s appointment with some knowledge. Ready at your hip that you get to kind of lean on, not feel so lost and alone.

Liz Wolfe: Yeah. And that was really; in a nutshell, that was really the whole point. It’s been; I forgot what I was going to say. But the whole process has been humbling, it’s been enlightening. But I’ve also realized that my talent in life right now; I feel like is finding information that nobody else is talking about and bringing it to light. And I’ve done that with a few things related to the early months postpartum, with regards to crying and sleep and cortisol and all of that stuff for babies. And found some really surprising stuff. Because what I’ve found is the polarity, right?

Conventional practitioners, you kind of know what they’re going to say about certain things. And it’s not wrong; some things might be outdated. You just don’t know. But there’s that side. And oftentimes there’s that’s holistic, crunchy, hippie side. And they’re saying the polar opposite.

And what I’ve found is often times the best evidence we have brings us somewhere to the middle. So we are in no way being dogmatic about anything. We have questioned everything. And we’ve actually found quite a few things that we feel need to be corrected in both the “alternative” realm as well as the more conventional realm. And that’s probably one of the most rewarding things that we’ve done so far.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh. I’ve said it a million times. I sound like a broken record. But I really can’t wait to dive in!

Liz Wolfe: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: And soak it all up. You’re going to be ruing the day that I have your email address. {laughing}

Liz Wolfe: Oh. Seriously.

Cassy Joy: OH my gosh.

Liz Wolfe: And you know what another cool thing is that we’ve done; we’re trying to be really responsive to people. Our betas have submitted really great questions that have guided some of our research, which is really, really neat. Someone sent to us recently some studies about B vitamins and autism, and was asking; hey, is there a connection here? What do you see in this study? And I get to pass that along to Amanda or someone on the research team and they get to look into it and say; hey, the methodology was flawed. Or hey, there might be a connection here or there. Or, this was actually done on mice, and whatever it is.

So we can, not only guide our research based on what people are asking us. But we can actually provide answers in semi-real time for this pool of really educated people we have that are buying into the program. But who just need access to a scientist. You know? Its’ a beautiful thing.

Cassy Joy: Wow! Liz, I can’t wait to see where this goes!

Liz Wolfe: I’m kind of; I’m so excited, but also the more I talk about it, I’m like; wow. This might be my life’s work. It’s kind of scary to think about.

Cassy Joy: It is. It is. I mean, this is huge. What a service you have done. Thank you, as a consumer, from the bottom of my heart. I have been hoping, and wanting, and praying for something like this for a very long time. As well as for readers, because I definitely get peppered with questions a lot. And I just say; go ask Liz! {laughing}

Liz Wolfe: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Well Liz, thank you so much. Do you mind reminding folks one more time where they can find out more about Baby Making and Beyond and the rest of your work?

Liz Wolfe: Not at all. Head over to BabyMakingandBeyond.com and you can find a little bit of a rundown and information there. Like I said, I’m not a marketer. I’m not really great with the sales stuff. But we did put; I wrote it. So we didn’t hire anybody to make our sales page or anything like that. I wrote it. I gave a summary of the important information and what I think is really vital and why we created this program; myself, and Meg, and our research team.

You can go there. You can purchase the program, or the parts of the program that you want. Or if we find, for example, this is launch time. February 2019. If we need to take the sales page down for a few days, and do some kind of unexpected updates, you can always scroll down and plop your email address into the box. And we will email you as soon as we’re back online.

We’re obviously ironing out some kinks. We have a great tech team, and a great program. But these types of things happen. I just didn’t want anybody to wait until it was perfect to be able to access the information. Because {laughs} we’ve made people wait long enough at this point.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Go ugly early.

Liz Wolfe: Yes!

Cassy Joy: I like it. That’s what I’ve done, all the time. {laughs}

Liz Wolfe: And I can’t remember if it was you, or who told me. B-minus work can change the world, and A-plus work that nobody ever sees can’t help anybody.

Cassy Joy: Yep. That’s a very powerful one. Absolutely. Well, Liz, I really do believe; I’m not saying this because you’re my friend and I love you a lot. I really do believe that this is going to change the world. And I’m very grateful for you and your teams’ work, and everything that y’all have done to bring this to the public. Thank you so much.

Liz Wolfe: Thank you, my friend.

Cassy Joy: Ok. Well, everybody, thanks so much for listening. You can find a full transcript over at www.FedandFit.com along with direct links to everything we talked about, as well as, of course, Baby Making and Beyond. Go get signed up. I know that I am immediately, so that I can start diving into this wonderful research. And as always, we’ll be back again next week.

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Cassy Joy Garcia, a New York Times best-selling author, of Cook Once Dinner Fix, Cook Once Eat All Week, and Fed and Fit as well as the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed & Fit.

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