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    Hello, dear friends! You know, about 95% of the time in grade school, I’d misspell “hello” by adding an extra “w” at the end. “Hellow!” …it just sounds so much more heartfelt that way. I still struggle with leaving the “w” off.

    Back to the point of this post.

    Have you noticed that I haven’t been around as much lately? I’m sorry. I just want to clear the air and make sure you know that this blog, + you all, are always on my mind. I’m working on a couple projects off-line right now. It’s too early to share, but I’m just beaming with excitement.  You’re the people I want to share it with the MOST but I must be patient.

    Working in so many different directions is an inspiring juggling act. Or rather, balancing plate act. Yes. I like that analogy better. Spinning plates preciously balanced on tiny wooden dowels. I’m balancing plates on my hands, on my nose, on my head, and on my toes. It’s a nice problem to have.

    What have I been up to? Glad you asked.

    Samantha, my youngest sister, and I drover her, her giant arm chair, and 3,000 plastic hangers from TX to WA so that she can start her graduate school in the Northwest in comfort and with wrinkle-free clothes.

    Our landscape changed a lot over the 5 day drive.

    We endured a stormy Texas {and half the drive to the West coast}. Sunny and beautiful New Mexico/Arizona. Sandy and hot Southern California.  And oh-my-goodness gorgeousness in Northern California and Oregon.

    Then the place in Oregon where I almost pulled over. For good. Under the Tuscan Sun style. I was ready to buy an old house and live there forever. I’d start a new blog: The Girl Who Quickly Forgot Her Roots.


    We had dinner at the BEST restaurant in Portland, St. Jack. I enjoyed a thyme-infused champagne cocktail, the Chambéry Qimère. Sound familiar? That’s because I myself have made a thyme-infused champagne cocktail. You can find it here. My sister ordered a Cherry Ginger Smash. Don’t you worry one little bit. I’m working on a remake. They had homemade pork rinds on the menu. That you dip in warm maple syrup. How could I not?!


    The next morning we continued our string of quality food choices and pulled over at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. The bacon maple was to.die.for. Really, though.


    A site for sore eyes. Our first sign of Washington. Llamas in Seattle! It's a good sign. I can’t really tell you why (because I don’t know myself) but I really, really love llamas. I get SO excited when I see one. They’re adorable. Have you seen their eyelashes? They’re so long! Have you seen Emperor’s New Groove? It’s probably one of the best Disney movies ever. We made it to Sam’s new apartment and I gave the whole place a through scrubbing. That crummy fridge didn’t stand a chance. We baked cookies then spent her first night dancing around her 1920’s apartment to City and Colour, sipping on Oregon Pinot, and enjoying the cool, fresh night air.


    Well, since my trip, Austin and I have been hot on our “restaurant research and development” …meaning, we (I) wanted an excuse to go out {not wash dishes} and explore fun foods. Marveled at the mixology mastermind of our good friend, Keith. Featured here is his fresh strawberry jalapeno margarita. I learned how to smoke an entire hog’s hind quarter. And by learn, I mean I watched Austin & my Dad smoke the pig while I sipped on strawberry jalapeno margaritas.


    I ate leftovers of this.

    IMG_1038Found a way to support an incredible company doing incredible things.


    Made 30 lbs of fresh Citrus & Hatch Chile Paleo Coleslaw for the lululemon folks in San Antonio.


    And decided that Paleo Peach Cobbler makes a totally acceptable breakfast.

    IMG_1237What am I up to now?

    WELL. Aside from what you see above, I’m cooking my little bunz off. That’s one of the things I’m up to. I’m also working to finalize a new area of my business that totally consumes my whole heart. Developing healthy recipes, eating, photographing, and writing are a huge joy for me – don’t get me wrong. But there’s more. There’s more I can be doing. I’m working on the more.

    What can you expect on Fed & Fit in the future?

    Great question! I will always post at least one new delicious Paleo-friendly recipe a week. My recipes are getting better and better. Have you noticed? It’s all for you. I will also start to highlight other Paleo/healthy-living bloggers by way of their recipes. There are some incredible people doing some incredible things {with food & fitness} on this World Wide Web. It’s about time I share with you the people I look up to.

    Where can you find me in the meantime?

    I post daily pictures on Instagram, so that’s a great place to start. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If social media isn’t your thing, please email me! I want to hear from you. I love getting your emails and I promise to respond as soon as I can put coherent words together.

    Instagram @fedandfit -or- #fedandfit


    Twitter @fedandfit


    Email: fedandfit@gmail.com

    That’s all for now, folks. Oh, that and I’m thinking about shaving Gus. His hair is ev.er.y.where. I’m amazed by it, really. I think he’ll still look adorable shaved. I’ll post pictures if I actually work up the courage to lop off his summer locks.

    Stay tuned.

    With love,


    PS. New recipe up this weekend. It’s a tasty one. Get excited.



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    1. Love the dog. And the donuts!!! 🙂

    2. Michelle says:

      Beautiful scenery from your road trip!

      1. fedandfit says:

        Thank you! 🙂