Green Protein Smoothie

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I usually prefer a hot breakfast. However, some mornings, I get a hankering for a large healthful protein smoothie. It’s like dessert for breakfast! This smoothie is extremely easy to make – only 3 ingredients!

This recipe contains approximately 25g of protein and is only about 250 calories. So you should definitely either double the recipe or eat something in addition to make up the rest of the calories you’ll need. I drink this smoothie ideally within 30 minutes after a workout. This timing is crucial for replenishing the nutrients in your muscles.

Some people may be turned off by the idea of a green smoothie. Green? As in vegetables? For Breakfast?! Yes. Absolutely yes. I use spinach in this one. It gives a great earthy flavor. I balance it with some frozen strawberries for a little sweetness. The vanilla protein powder I use gives it a nice creamy texture.

ingredients for a green protein smoothie

Using frozen fruits and vegetables for your smoothies allows you to keep your beverage cold without having to add and then blend ice.

green protein smoothie in a blender

You can use whatever protein powder you enjoy most. OR, if you don’t like using protein powder, feel free to use a little fat free greek yogurt.

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