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On today's episode, I'm joined by Kristen Boehmer, of Living Loving Paleo, who shares about her journey in overcoming Crohn's Disease with diet and mindset.


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On today’s episode; Kristen Boehmer of Living Loving Paleo joins me to talk about her journey with Crohn’s disease; and how she took back her life with diet and mindset.

Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. Today I’m joined by one of the most lovely young women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing professionally; we got to hang out a little bit this past summer. She really is incredibly genuine. She’s this light, bubbly, positive person, and I’m so excited to introduce Kristen Boehmer to you guys today. She’s the founder and creator of Living Loving Paleo; and from her own experience, is a true believer that food can be a powerful medicine. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 12, and then after spending far too many years in and out of the hospitals, and ultimately having her entire large intestine removed in 2011, she took back control of her own life by completely changing her diet and mindset. Her biggest mission is to share her story and knowledge with the world, as so many are needlessly suffering just like she once was. Kristen is here to show you how she believes that creating a positive mindset in eating real food has the ability to change your entire life. Welcome to the show, Kristen!

Kristen Boehmer: That was the sweetest introduction ever; thank you Cassy!

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Kristen Boehmer: I feel the same about you.

Cassy Joy: Oh, you’re too kind.

Kristen Boehmer: I mean it.

Cassy Joy: I mean, really, I guess; we’ve kind of just touched back and forth online and social media for years. And I’ve admired the content you’ve put out there, and you really are truly positive and your genuine spirit comes across in all of your posts, so I’ve always been a fan.

Kristen Boehmer: Thank you.

Cassy Joy: And then I got to meet you, and your awesome husband.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs} That was so fun.

Cassy Joy: It was so fun! This past summer we were in San Francisco for a book tour stop, and we got to spend some time together. I really did walk away knowing that I’d found a real friend, and a real; I don’t know, connection with another person from the internet. I’m just so excited. And I’m excited to introduce you to the Fed and Fit people. {laughs}

Kristen Boehmer: Aww, thank you! I feel the exact same about you. When I came across you years ago, it was your positivity that just shined through your posts, and I was just instantly drawn to you. So thanks for being you.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh; let’s just high five! {laughs}

Kristen Boehmer: I know! {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Across a couple of time zones. Well, you really do have a truly incredible blog. All of your work; I’ve always been impressed by it. What’s the one piece of your job now that you enjoy most? What’s the one thing you really enjoy most about Living Loving Paleo?

Kristen Boehmer: Ooh. Man. There’s so much.

Cassy Joy: I really love blindsiding you.

Kristen Boehmer: What was that?

Cassy Joy: I’m blindsiding you with questions.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs} I know, huh? I love it though. I love fly by the seat of your pants.

Cassy Joy: Good.

Kristen Boehmer: So I really love being creative. I actually used to be a fashion designer professionally, and I love now recipe creation. That’s one of my favorites. But honestly, what I love the absolutely most; and it’s my biggest passion, is showing people that they can take back control over their own lives. And they don’t have to rely on outside sources, and that there is another way to healing, because I found it myself after so many years of being a total conventional mindset; my world was kind of flipped upside down. So I love, love, love sharing that with people. That’s my absolute favorite.

Cassy Joy: Awesome. And your recipes are gorgeous.

Kristen Boehmer: Aww, thank you!

Cassy Joy: I remember when you posted your s'mores pie.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: I was like; stop everything, we must make this right now! And then, you know, life got away from me. But I’m going to do it. I’m going to make it. While everybody is chasing their squeaky clean lifestyle habits in January, I’m over here eating s’mores pie! {laughs}

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Oh goodness. That’s great; that’s really wonderful. Where do you find; can you, there are a lot of folks who listen to this podcast who are also bloggers, or aspiring bloggers, and I like to ask anybody who comes on the show that has really built something substantial. If you have any pieces of advice, or at least want to give some folks the insight of your journey of taking this idea to a larger platform.

Kristen Boehmer: So, basically bringing my kind of blog platform online was; it kind of started with sharing my story. It was February 2011 when I had my entire large intestine removed; and this was a huge, huge turning point in my life. Because it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. And it was something that I thought was going to heal me, and I was told was going to heal me, and it didn’t. So through my own trial and error and insane struggles, and crazy wild life, I decided that it would really be honestly selfish of me not to share my story, because I know there are so many people out there that are suffering, so many people that are struggling. And they need hope. They need to hear something.

So I kind of wanted to be that source of hope; so that was my main goal in sharing my story online. And I think everyone should share their story, because everyone has been through different struggles, and we all learn and grow and expand from each other. So that was really my main goal with it. It’s just crazy how organically it happened. It kind of; now that I look back, I can see all the pieces fall into place, but at the time I was just going with my intuition and what felt right.

Cassy Joy: That’s great.

Kristen Boehmer: And that’s how I got started.

Cassy Joy: That’s great. And I would love to talk more about just your health journey in general. I gave a brief overview in your introduction, but what led up to that decision in 2011? You were diagnosed at 12, but that’s a long period of time in between.

Kristen Boehmer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: I'm sure a lot of unknowns and just trying to seek answers. And I’m sure there are folks listening now that have been diagnosed or maybe suspect they have some sort of an autoimmune disease. But what was that process like for you?

Kristen Boehmer: Oh my goodness. Alright, I’ll try to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Kristen Boehmer: You know what’s crazy is it was May 1997 that was I was diagnosed and that was almost 20 years ago.

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness.

Kristen Boehmer: Yeah, I was 12 years old, and I was very suddenly diagnosed. I went from being a totally normal kid to very, very sick, and I lost 30 pounds within a month, which was like a third of my body weight at the time, so I was basically skin and bones. So thankfully I was quickly diagnosed, and I was instantly put on lots of medications. I was taking 96 pills a week, at 12 years old. Which is kind of mind blowing. And that just kind of became my new normal. Throughout the years, I was on medications, one stopped working I would move to the next; no big thing. So it always was just this endless cycle of; you know, I’d go out of remission, end up in the hospital, start a new medication, go back in remission. I was always on medications.

When I was 21 years old, is kind of when everything really began to change. And that’s when I woke up. I actually just started fashion design school. And I had just woken up one morning with a sinus infection, and I had lost my voice. And I didn’t really think much of it at the time; you know, not a huge deal. So kind of throughout the weeks, it started getting worse and worse and worse. So I eventually went to my doctor, and they gave me antibiotics. The sinus infection went away, voice came back, no big thing. But I stopped the antibiotics, and within a week everything came right back. Lost my voice again, sinus infection came back even worse.

So it became this endless cycle of sinus infection, losing my voice, antibiotics; and what’s crazy I actually lost my voice for a total of a year and a half.

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness!

Kristen Boehmer: Isn’t that crazy?

Cassy Joy: That is. You couldn’t speak at all?

Kristen Boehmer: No. only when I was on antibiotics would I have a voice.

Cassy Joy: Wow.

Kristen Boehmer: So, I was in fashion design school, so I was doing presentations in whispers {laughs} just kind of rolling with it, making it work. So I finished fashion design school. I was working as a fashion designer, still having tons of sinus infections. And it was; it was May 2010 when things started to really change. I ended up in the ER, and my doctors thought I had pneumonia, and it ended up being fungal growth spots in my lungs, which are very, very dangerous. And it was a side effect of one of the medications I was on.

Cassy Joy: Mmm.

Kristen Boehmer: So I was immediately taken off that medication while I was in the hospital, and something happened that I had never, ever, ever even thought about. Where I ran out of new medications. There was nothing new to take. I had taken them all.

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness.

Kristen Boehmer: So, yeah. It’s like; I just kind of thought my whole life would be; take one medication, stops working, start a new one, no big deal. So, I was put on a medication that I had taken back when I was 14 years old, hoping it would work, and it didn’t. So from then on out, my Crohn’s became really, really difficult to manage. I was kind of in and out of work as a fashion designer, and it was September 2010 when I was so sick at work one day, I called my doctor, and my doctor said, “You cannot work anymore. You need to be home, you’re too sick.” That’s kind of when my world I felt like at the time came crashing down. Because all I had known was that I wanted to be a fashion designer, and that was my career, and that’s what I was supposed to do. It was like; what am I supposed to do now?

So that whole fall of 2010 I spent very sick, and I ended up in the hospital with obstructions in my large intestine. Which, basically when your intestines are so inflamed that the foods you eat cannot pass, and it’s the most severe pain I’ve ever experienced. And it’s very dangerous, because your intestines can burst, your body can go septic. All things that I really did not think was going to happen to me; but now I realize were a very real threat. And it was over Christmas 2010 was one of my lowest points. I ended up in the hospital over Christmas, and I’ll never forget the moment that I realized that my body was failing me. And I didn’t recognize my own body anymore. And I realized that I couldn’t go on much longer like this.

So I decided. My doctor had been talking to me about it for years, and I was just like; no way, no way. But he had been talking to me about having my large intestine removed. And since that’s where all my obstructions were, that was the moment I decided I have to do this, because that that is better than what I’m living right now. And it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. But it was February 4, 2011 when I had my entire large intestine removed. And as I mentioned before, you know, that was supposed to be rainbows and butterflies and make me all better; and that didn’t work, that didn’t happen. I spent two more years very, very sick.

It was exactly 2 years to the day, which I didn’t realize at the time, but I think it’s pretty magical, that one of my doctors called me. I was still having major sinus infections, and he wanted to do sinus surgery. And that was kind of my; absolutely not. I already had this major surgery; I’m not doing any more. So I asked him to give me 60 days, and if I couldn’t figure it out on my own then I would go in and have a CT scan and sinus surgery and all that.

So that very day; I had tried diets before, you know, different diets, nothing ever really seemed to work. But I had heard about this whole paleo thing, and I wasn’t really sure about what I was doing, but I just jumped in full force. Because I felt like I had no other options. And it was kind of my last ditch effort; like, this has to work because I don’t know what else to do {laughs}. And it did. And within; it was actually day 21, I remember. I’ll never forget. I woke up; just bounced out of bed in the morning. And I’d never had that kind of energy. And that’s when I knew I was totally onto something. And from then on out, my life got better and better and better; and my body, even now, it continues to heal over time. I just stick with it. And it’s been absolutely incredible. So that’s kind of my story in a little nutshell.

Cassy Joy: That’s amazing! And I’m sure every person is going to be different, but was there a particular time when you were able to, I guess transition. I don’t know; did you ever full go off any of my medications, at that point.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm. I no longer take any medications at all. I actually stopped my medication shortly before surgery. Just because of standard protocol, and then it was after my surgery where my doctor wanted to put me right back on them. And I knew; even though I didn’t understand that you could heal through diet at the time, or you could heal naturally, I knew better at that point, that my body could not handle those medications anymore.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Kristen Boehmer: And my immune system was so weak. So I told him, no, I’m going to figure this out on my own. It was rough; I mean, I was definitely not in my best place. And even starting paleo, that’s when I was still dealing with lots of obstructions; and that’s when the obstructions started to clear up and I haven’t had one since starting paleo.

Cassy Joy: Amazing!

Kristen Boehmer: Yeah. I did have; I should have a little star asterisk in here; that this past September I actually ended up in the hospital over 3 days with a twisted intestine, which no one knows really what causes that. It was super out of the blue; I literally went from the gym to the ER {laughs}.

Cassy Joy: Oh my.

Kristen Boehmer: But thankfully I have not had any Crohn’s symptoms or anything like that. I haven’t had any surgeries thankfully. And it is different from everyone. I do hear from a lot of people who are very eager to get off their medications; and I’m a true believer that medications have a time and a place, and that’s totally different for everyone.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, absolutely. That’s really great advice. That’s interesting. Now, out of curiosity; when did you go paleo after; how long after your surgery?

Kristen Boehmer: It was exactly 2 years to the day. It was February 2013.

Cassy Joy: Got it. Ok, so you’ve been following this lifestyle for going on 3 years? 4 years?

Kristen Boehmer: Going on 4 years. Yeah.

Cassy Joy: 4 years {laughs}. #Math. {laughing}

Kristen Boehmer: Whatever it is.

Cassy Joy: What would you say; obviously, most folks listening here are very intimately familiar with the paleo template, so they have a good sense of it. But what would you say were some of the biggest changes in your personal; because when some folks make the switch to a paleo type template, they may have already been doing some of those things. They may have already cut out some gluten containing grains, or they stopped drinking soda, or whatever it was. What would you say were some of the biggest changes as far as the diet template goes that you faced when you took the paleo plunge, so to speak.

Kristen Boehmer: OH man. I was someone who literally lived on bread, pasta, and more bread and cereal {laughs}. So it was really taking the grains out of my diet was a huge transition for me. And as I mentioned, I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time. But it became; when I started to feel better, easy. Because I had more energy, and I knew; I know what it’s like to be sick and I didn’t ever want to go there again.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Kristen Boehmer: So it became worth it to me to do whatever it took. So I became this new lifestyle of swapping out grains for, you know, cauliflower rice, and all sorts of things like that. So that was probably the biggest; definitely grains.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, yeah. Definitely. That’s great. And it’s interesting; and this will probably tie in nicely with another question I have for you. But I found; and it’s one of those things, you just really have to walk it in order to truly understand it. But when someone jumps into; let’s say a traditional diet. They pick up a book, and they’re going to go ahead and diet because they want to lose weight, right?

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: They want the number on the scale to go down, and they want to be able to fit into their jeans from 10 years ago. So that being the mindset of a diet. When you get, say, 2-3 weeks into a diet, which is usually some form of calorie restriction.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: You start; you don’t necessarily feel any better, because your calorie restriction might still be a little tired; a little groggy. You haven’t changed the quality of foods, so none of those. The cloud hasn’t lifted or anything. And the only thing that’s motivating you to continue with it is the fact that maybe the number on the scale is going down. Which of course, you and I could argue could be contributed to things other than you losing body fat.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: So that becomes the motivation, which is why so many; that’s just not enough. That’s not enough motivation.

Kristen Boehmer: Absolutely. Yeah.

Cassy Joy: And that’s why so many diets fail. That’s why so many people give up because it’s not enough progress for them to want to continue with it. Whereas; I totally identify with what you’re saying. When I “went paleo”, also took the paleo plunge, and I baby stepped into it as well. I had no idea what I was doing; there was nobody really talking about it at the time. My motivation; I never felt a drive or a motivation to stick to something like I did to this grain free, real foods lifestyle because I felt like a new version of myself. And I never wanted that feeling to go away. And that motivation is enough. That’s enough to make you want to continue. And that’s when you realize; that’s why so many people balk. Paleo is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. You can diet on paleo; but it becomes a lifestyle when you harness that feeling; that feeling good, that success, you get to kind of upgrade it and up sell it into your forever. So I think that’s so cool; you’re a living, breathing example of that, and you’re just so gracious to share your story with everybody. And I know it’s going to be encouraging to some.

So food aside; eventually, this is something I talk about a lot with folks like you; other content creators. Eventually you get to a point where you realize the answers are not on a plate.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: And although that can be a really great starting point; it can be a really great point of entry for somebody looking to feel better, and maybe harness new health; especially in the new year. That’s such a huge topic right now. But eventually you get to the point where if you’re just obsessed; if you’re taking that diet mindset and you’re applying it to a paleo template, it’s not that big of a difference. So I would love to know; I know mindset coaching is a huge passion of yours, and you really do credit a lot of your success to mindset and staying positive. It’s a tough topic to articulate.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm; it really is.

Cassy Joy: It is. I mean, that’s essentially the basis of this show; we wind up talking about mindset, because I was like; I don’t know how I could ever write it down, so we’ll just spend 30 minutes a week talking around it. What would you say is one of the distinguishing factors as far as mindset goes and how you behave now and maybe how your mindset was geared before. Was there was a distinguishing difference? Or a shift?

Kristen Boehmer: Oh, absolutely. It was; I would say, learning to really trust my own judgment. Throughout my life, ever since I was diagnosed, I have constantly been told of what I can and cannot do by other people. And it’s not like these people mean ill will or anything; it’s just their beliefs are kind of cast onto me.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm.

Kristen Boehmer: And learning to create my own life, and trust my own judgment. And when someone tells me, “That’s not possible, you can’t do that” know that that’s not true. Because I’ve done that so many times. You know; my doctors have told me that healing through diet is not possible; or that diet has nothing to do with my disease. Which I know full well that it absolutely does. But I am a huge believer that you could eat the best food in the world; the cleanest, strictest paleo diet. But if you are not careful of your mindset, watching your thoughts, watching your stress, then none of that matters. If you’re stressed about the things that you eat, then I don’t believe that the food is going to have as big of an impact on you, if that makes sense.

Cassy Joy: It’ makes perfect sense; yeah!

Kristen Boehmer: And sometimes it’s hard to articulate. But it’s such a huge passion of mine. But it was very; I used to, for so long, I used to believe what my doctors told me. I used to believe what other people told me; what I was capable of. And it became when I decided that no; I’m going to create my own life, and I’m going to go after what I want, and I was able to accomplish those things that it gave me more and more and more motivation that; ok, I’m on the right track. This mindset thing is really, really something; really important. And it’s just; it’s such a huge passion of mine, absolutely.

Cassy Joy: That’s fabulous. That’s really, really great. You and I are definitely birds of a feather in that regard. In my book; mindset is chapter 1.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm, I love that. That’s my favorite part.

Cassy Joy: Yeah! And it really was; it was because I wanted to; if someone is actually going to sit down and read it, and I was shocked by how many people said they did read all of that front part. But I wanted that to be the first introduction because it is crucial. That’s priority one.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: And I completely agree with you. I’ve worked with clients one on one who have really struggled with healing themselves, and healing their bodies; and like you said, to your point; they’re eating squeaky clean.

Kristen Boehmer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: They couldn’t be eating any better. We write meal plans together, and they execute them flawlessly, and they’re drinking enough water, and they’re working out; and they’re doing all the right things. But there’s something mindset related that’s holding them back.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: I often find that that becomes my biggest job, as a coach. So something that I don’t always address. We’ve done a show; we did a show way back when, and if you scroll back I think it was tips for overcoming stress. But, stress is something that I find personally difficult to coach. Because I think it’s a difficult issue to address to pull directly up from the roots. It’s almost like you have to cut the bush down first.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: Cut the limbs off; take off the leaves, hack it down.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs} One piece at a time.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, and then you can pull up the roots, you know. But do you have any advice for somebody who may be struggling with chronic stress? Because that could be a huge road block to achieving that comfortable state of feeling well.

Kristen Boehmer: Ohh, stress is such a tough one, I totally understand that. I actually just put out a post yesterday that was all about how I healed my adrenals. I’ll keep this super short; but I developed adrenal insufficiency from taking prednisone many years ago after my surgery. And that’s basically; a lot of people are familiar with adrenal fatigue, and adrenal insufficiency is when you're absolutely producing no cortisol whatsoever. So I was on prednisone and hydrocortisone. I ended up switching; they’re very similar. But I was on that for approximately 5.5 years; and adrenals are ruled by stress. I had to learn with stress so differently; better than I ever had before. So it’s something that I have very much personally dealt with, because I completely understand that stress is always going to come up. We’re all going to deal with some sort of stress. And it’s really just learning to handle it differently.

And it takes time, and it takes practice. But from what I understand, and what has happened in my own life, is the more I practice it, the more I practice in dealing with my stress, to letting it go, to realizing in the grand scheme of things that something I may be worried about right now really isn’t a big deal in the long run. The more I worked on that, the easier and easier it became. And I am far from perfect. I still deal with stress all the time. But I find that the more I practice is, the easier it is to let it go. So I think that’s my biggest thing, is just start slow. Realize when you’re stressed, the first step is to recognize it. Recognize that you’re stressed, and understand why you're stressed. And you know, I always come down to thinking, “What’s the worst that could happen?” And sometimes that helps to put things in perspective as well. So I think those are my big tips for stress.

Cassy Joy: Those are really, really good.

Kristen Boehmer: Practice, practice, practice. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Those are great tips; those are really, really great tips. And I think that a lot of stress comes from this fear of the unknown.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: Because it feels like a limitless fear; it’s boundless, there are no walls to the unknown {laughs}.

Kristen Boehmer: Absolutely.

Cassy Joy: And if you articulate potential walls, the worst that could happen, I love that point. I love that tip. Because if you could imagine the absolute worst, and then imagining yourself handling it, it really does relieve stress. It really does.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: That’s wonderful. Really, really great advice. I just have a couple more questions for you before I let you go today.

Kristen Boehmer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: You are wonderfully active, and you inspire me to go and have really a whole lot of fun with my workouts. And I know there are a lot of folks who are trying to revamp their workout routine right now. And maybe it’s hard when you’re starting off to stay motivated and to keep going to the gym with that same kind of enthusiasm, which you radiate enthusiasm.

Kristen Boehmer: Thank you.

Cassy Joy: What would you say; do you have any tips for somebody who wants to be that excited about a workout routine? What keeps you going back?

Kristen Boehmer: OH man. It is all about finding something that you absolutely love. You know for so long, I was in the mindset of, “You’ve got to do your treadmill, and your elliptical, and lift weights,” I still love lifting weights once in a while. But it’s not something that I could look forward to 5 days a week. {laughs} You know, eventually to me that would get boring. Some people may absolutely love it. But it is about really; my entire life has been about thinking outside the box. So finding a workout that I love was; I kind of do a mix of different things.

I do some weight lifting, and I also train; it’s called America Ninja warrior. Not particularly the show, but it’s just the type of training that I do. And it’s really outside the box. It’s not something that you would typically think of as a workout. But, for some people, that might be hiking outside. For some people it might be going to dance class. It’s all really finding your true passion. What calls to you? What is something that you’re working out but it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out. Because that’s what this kind of training does for me. It’s just so much fun, and I found a gym where everyone is so motivating and encouraging. It pushes you to keep getting better, and better, and better. I have a ton of fun with it; it’s such awesome. I wish that everyone would enjoy their workout; that’s a huge wish of mine.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm. Amen sister.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: I totally hear you. And if people listening listened to the first episode in the New Year, that was one of my tips, was ditch the workout you hate for one that you love.

Kristen Boehmer: Yes!

Cassy Joy: You do have a workout soul mate out there you’ve just got to go find it. You might have to kiss a couple of frogs, but you will find something you love to do.

Kristen Boehmer: Yep. I’ve kissed lots of frogs. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs} I have too. One of my frogs is definitely swimming laps. {laughs}

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: I’m not exactly a natural, and I don’t enjoy it. So cross that one off the list; narrowing it down.

Kristen Boehmer: Same here with you on that one. And you know; some people may, that may be their true passion. They absolutely love it. We’re all different.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. We are. And isn’t that cool? There are folks I know who love it.

Kristen Boehmer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: That’s why I tried it; because they loved it so much.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Well that’s wonderful.

Kristen Boehmer: It’s definitely worth a try.

Cassy Joy: Exactly; definitely worth a try. Well, thank you so much. I know that you have some really fabulous resources available on your blog for folks who; maybe, I’m sure that you’ve spoken to some people here and they want to know how they can access all of your good works more. So do you want to tell folks what’s available to them and where they can find it? Remember we’ll include links to all of this stuff in the show notes that Kristen is going to tell you about, in case you’re driving and you don’t have a chance to jot this down.

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs} Which is usually when I listen to podcasts, too. Or doing dishes. So, you can find me on my website www.livinglovingpaleo.com. And I recently launched a brand new program; which is, I’m still providing tons of free content on my website, and I launched this brand new program called Invincible Inspiration which is totally bonus material, and it’s a membership website that people can sign up for a very small fee, and they get bonus videos and recipes and all sorts of awesome content, and I’m really, really delving into mindset on that site. So it’s a lot of fun.

Cassy Joy: Awesome. I’m so excited. I saw that, and I was like; that is cool!

Kristen Boehmer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: You go girl.

Kristen Boehmer: It’s been a lot of fun.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} I can imagine. Well that’s wonderful. You definitely need to check that out. Check out Kristen over at www.livinglovingpaleo.com. You can find her on all the social medias as Living Loving Paleo. If you want more of her positivity, realistic approach to actual long-term living healthy and vibrantly; definitely I couldn’t recommend a better person. So thank you so much for coming on the show today; it’s been so much fun.

Kristen Boehmer: Thank you so much! This was amazing. Thanks for having me.

Cassy Joy: It has been my honor. Well thank you guys so much for tuning in. remember we will be back again next week.


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