Paleo off the Menu: BBQ

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Boy Howdy and I excited about this post.

New here? If so, hi! Welcome to my corner of the web where I share my tried & true Paleo recipes, Paleo challenge advice, nutrition nuggets, and glimpses of my insane{ly fun} life.

This is the third post in my new series, “Paleo off the Menu!” I want to shout it from the rooftops! Why? Because it’s so darn relevant!

People who take on a Paleo lifestyle really commit to 3 major things:

  1. True health.
  2. Eating seriously delicious, real food.
  3. Cooking and eating at home.

The first two points get people jazzed. They think, “yeah! I can do that. Count me in!”

When most people get to the third point, they shrug with a, “well, it was a good idea” or, “maybe when I get a personal chef” or, “cook? Will I need special tools?”

I get it. Really. Not everyone likes to cook. Or, not everyone has time to cook. I get it!

I’m here to say that even those of you committed to life on the road, living off delivery, or avoiding your kitchen at all costs can enjoy a healthy, Paleo lifestyle.

You can!

As much as I love to cook, I also love to eat out. I love the restaurant dining experience. I daydream about innovative cocktails, crafty desserts, making my way to every farm-to-table concept within reach, and that marinara sauce from our favorite Italian restaurant that I’ve never been able to mimic. I probably eat out 5-6 times a week. Eeek! That probably makes some of my strict Paleo-centric colleagues cringe. Oh well. I’m being honest!

I’ve got quite a few tips & tricks for Paleo-friendly restaurant menu ordering up my sleeves that I’ve amassed over the last 3-4 years of my Paleo lifestyle.

As much as I share my advice for IN the kitchen, it’s high time I share my advice for OUT of the kitchen too. You CAN be successful in your Paleo lifestyle while on the road and enjoy some of the tasty, fabulous, culture-rich food our awesome world has to offer.

Today’s episode takes me to one of my most favorite restaurant genres, BBQ.

Click on the picture for my 1-minute video on Paleo at a BBQ restaurant.

Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit-3

It is really, ridiculously easy to stay Paleo in a BBQ restaurant. My advice is simple:

  1. Order your favorite cuts of smoked meat.

{Note: avoid pulled pork and chopped beef b/c they are usually pre-slathered in a sugary BBQ sauce.}

  1. Ask for a side of green beans and steamed vegetables {if available} instead of the usual potato salad, coleslaw, and ranch-style beans sides.
  2. Hold the bread.
  3. Hold the sauce. {BBQ sauce is typically loaded with refined sugar}
  4. Enjoy an unsweetened ice tea or water.
  5. Load up on pickles, pickled jalapenos, and spicy pickled carrots.

Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit-4

My order: 1/4 lb turkey, 1/4 lb lean brisket, green beans, steamed broccoli, water, side of jalapenos, pickles, and spicy carrots. Although tasty, that was too much meat for me. I was FULL and then shared with friends.

Wasn’t that easy?

Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit-5

This episode was set at the new, fabulous, and incredibly delicious Blanco BBQ in San Antonio, TX. Blanco BBQ is new on the scene in SA but is already generating some serious buzz.

Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit-6

Keep an eye out for this new kid in town and be sure to make your way over for some of the tastiest breakfast, lunch and dinner smoked meats available. Better yet? They’re one of the few BBQ restaurants I’ve ever been to that offers steamed broccoli as a side! Apparently it was by request of the owner’s wife. Hat tip to Mrs. Owner. The Paleo community thanks you.

Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit

Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit-2

Find Blanco BBQ on their website and on Facebook.


Paleo off the Menu BBQ | Fed and Fit-8

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Remember that if you want to get in on the Tastemade restaurant video fun or if you want sneak peeks at other episodes I’ve recorded, download the Tastemade mobile app and find me @fedandfit!

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  1. Jonna says

    Jonna —  01/25/2015 At 23:58

    BBQ restaurants typically do not serve pastured meats. I can’t support non pastured meats, and I thought Paleo eaters felt the same. Am I missing something?

  2. Jenny says

    Jenny —  02/10/2015 At 16:15

    Jonna- I think most Paleo eaters do the best they can with what’s available and what they can afford. Depending on your area “most” restaurants in general may not use pastured meats, but there are some out there. If you can’t support non pastured meats, don’t eat them!