Paleo off the Menu: Tex-Mex

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We’re back with another episode of Paleo off the Menu!

Tex-Mex gets a pretty bad rap for unhealthy fair. Even though most dishes are composed of non-Paleo foods (beans, tortillas, & rice), I’m here to say that it IS possible to find something healthy to eat.

To highlight the delicious Paleo-friendly grub possible on a Tex-Mex menu, I visited the historic Casa Rio Restaurant on the San Antonio Riverwalk. For those of you who have visited San Antonio, you may recognize Casa Rio by their colorful waterside umbrellas. They were the first restaurant on the Riverwalk and continue to uphold a great standard for friendly service and delicious food.

Before we jump into specifics, watch the video!


Paleo off the Menu: Tex-Mex @ Casa Rio

To start off my meal, I ordered a bowl of tortilla soup. Despite the name, tortilla soup can be ordered Paleo-friendly. Ask that they hold the tortilla strips (which are usually added just prior to serving), cheese, and sour cream. It’s especially delicious with an extra squeeze of lime juice. Nom.


For my main course, I ordered taco salad with beef fajita meat. Taco salads are typically served in a big taco shell. If you want to avoid temptation, ask that they serve yours on a plate instead. Opt for no cheese, no sour cream, and no beans or corn (sometimes those are included).


Because salad dressings can be tricky with added sugar and non-Paleo oils, I ask for an extra bowl of salsa instead. It’s delish. Trust me on this one.


Lastly, if you’re out at a Tex-Mex restaurant for happy hour, a birthday celebration, or maybe just a Wednesday afternoon, don’t fret about missing out on the margarita fun. While frozen and pre-mixed margaritas are typically made with an ungodly amount of excess sugar and other scary mystery ingredients, you can custom order your own healthier version.

Repeat after me: “I’ll would like a shot of silver tequila, mixed with two shots of freshly squeezed lime juice (insist on this), over ice, in a salted glass.”

BOOM. Instant, Paleo-friendly margarita. You’re welcome. Make your own at home by following my recipe here.


Next time you find yourself on the San Antonio Riverwalk, stop by Casa Rio. Tell the ducks I say hi.


Thanks to The Paddle for all your help with this video. If you live in San Antonio, I recommend you follow The Paddle for all the fun, delicious, and interesting downtown happenings.

Twitter: @thePaddleSA


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  1. GoMavs86 says

    GoMavs86 —  10/04/2013 At 17:45

    Oh thank goodness – options. I grew up in S.A. so I am all about the Tex-Mex. Can’t find any decent places here on the east coast. Thank you for providing some options the next time I go home to visit!

    • fedandfit says

      fedandfit —  10/05/2013 At 07:24

      I’m happy to! Here’s hoping good Tex-Mex finds its way to you 🙂

  2. shaneatkinson82 says

    shaneatkinson82 —  10/05/2013 At 00:41

    I love San Antonio. I miss that place so much. Can’t wait to get back to the States! Oh, and thanks for pointing out the much better options that this fine establishment has to offer. I love their food!

    • fedandfit says

      fedandfit —  10/05/2013 At 07:25

      My pleasure! Wishing you safe and happy travels 🙂

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