My Week with Real Plans

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In today’s post, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes peek of my typical week with my favorite online meal planning service, Real Plans! I’m also offering up a short-time special (good through the end of the weekend), so don’t wait to take advantage.

My Week with Real Plans

I recently documented my real-life week with Real Plans over on Instagram. It was off-the-cusp, but you asked if I’d save the video to share with you in a more permanent place …so that’s what I did! I compiled my “behind the scenes with Real Plans” tutorial into one YouTube video that you can reference whenever you need. This comes at a GREAT time because Real Plans is offering a limited time special: get your 1st month of Real Plans + the Fed & Fit recipe package for just $7 (vs. the usual $15)!

YouTube video

If you’re NEW to Real Plans, I’d love to fill you in!

Real Plans is the online meal planning service that I have been RAVING about. Not only can you find hundreds of my Fed & Fit recipes in their database, but you can also find other wonderful bloggers in addition to the hundreds of base Real Plans recipes. Real Plans is fantastic because it helps to make meal planning from possibly complicated to extremely simple. It will help you fine-tune recipes by the foods your family will/will not eat (no tomatoes? no problem) and it will calculate exactly how much food you need to buy if you want to make more or less servings than the recipe’s instructions. BEST of all, it makes grocery shopping a breeze by seamlessly funneling your ingredients into an organized list. I really like to grocery shop twice a week, which Real Plans accommodates for as well! It will give me the groceries I need for Sunday – Wednesday and then for Thursday – Saturday. It will ALSO give me a timed “what to do when” guide so that I know when to defrost a protein and when to start a marinade. I didn’t mean to gush so much, but GOSH I love this service.

The special: get your 1st month of Real Plans + the Fed & Fit recipe package for just $7 (vs. the usual $15)!! This offer is only good through this weekend, so don’t wait. If meal planning doesn’t rock your world, simply cancel after 30 days. Otherwise, we’ll lock in your annual price and charge the remaining $77 the next month.  *30 day money back guarantee does not apply to this offer.

Click HERE to take advantage of this more-than-half-off deal!

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