In today’s post, I’m sharing 4 different ways you can break a sweat with Aaptiv AND offering up a fun, unique opportunity to score a new fitness outfit and 6-month Aaptiv membership.

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Summer is winding down, which (in my opinion) is the best time to sneak up on a new healthy habit! It’s unexpected, isn’t it? The Dog Days of Summer are notorious for poolside lounging (nothing wrong with that), organizing new school supplies, and enjoying the heck out of Summer produce before we transition to the Fall (think berries and stone fruit – YUM). This is typically NOT the time of the year that we dedicate ourselves to a refreshed or renewed workout routine …which is exactly why this is the best time to do just that.

You know by now that I’m deeply fascinated by actionable healthy mindset tips and tricks. The first chapter in my book is even dedicated to the topic! I’m constantly on the lookout for ways we can make healthy lifestyles more fun, more approachable, and more likely to STICK. Trying on a new workout routine (or mixing up our current routine) during a time of the year that isn’t known for resolutions (think New Year’s Day) or impending beach-side parties (think spring break) means that we’re free from those pressures. We can just PLAY, find what we truly enjoy, and pursue our routine without the pressure of a specific season looming overhead. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Today I’m partnering with my friends at Aaptiv to share 4 different ways to sweat! Our hope is that you find a way to sweat, or maybe even a particular class, that inspires you.

Taking our excitement for a late-Summer workout revival to the next step, we’re even teaming up on (what I would call) an epically FUN giveaway. Here’s how it is going to work:

  • Win: a lululemon athletica gift card + a 6-month Aaptiv membership
  • By: posting a post-workout selfie to Instagram …and tagging us (@fedandfit, @aaptiv, & #ffaaptivgiveaway) so that we can make sure to count you for the giveaway

SO FUN, right?! Let’s show off our fabulous sweaty post-workout selves and celebrate the late-Summer healthy life hustle. By posting YOUR post-workout selfie, you might just inspire someone else to renew or revive their own workout routine. You just might inspire someone to jump into a new healthy habit during a time of year that has low expectations. You just might inspire someone to finally workout in a way that looks fun, approachable, and sustainable.

Speaking of fun, approachable, and sustainable, let’s now talk about Aaptiv.

If you’re a listener of the Fed & Fit Podcast, you’re likely familiar with my love affair with the class-act of a fitness app that is Aaptiv! Aaptiv isn’t your typical fitness app. The program is set up so that you can choose an actual class, lead by an actual all-star coach, all to the tune of awesome music. It’s unbelievably motivating and FUN. Aaptiv (just like us over here at Fed & Fit) believes that there are a BUNCH of different ways to workout …you just need to find what you enjoy most. They offer workouts that range from restorative stretching (think yoga), high intensity cardio, strength training, running programs (want to finally tackle that 5k?), and even a TON of great workouts that you can squeeze in with 10 minutes or less (my personal favorite). In my book, I talk about finding your IFF (Ideal Fitness Fit) and what Aaptiv offers is a true avenue for this discovery. Download the app; try a workout in the comfort of your home, neighborhood, or local gym; and keep playing until you find a routine that keeps you exited and inspired. Your IFF (aka. way to sweat soulmate) is out there!

a woman with long dark pigtails sits on a concrete pillar in black activewear while wearing black sunglasses and looking down at her phone with her headphones in her ears with a green trees in the background

To give us a place to start, I’m highlighting 4 different ways to sweat with Aaptiv. Go with what interests you and try on a new class for size! For each category, I’m including some recommendations for actual classes within Aaptiv. We’ve included their name, name of the coach, duration of the full class, and details on what you can expect. These are some of their most popular classes, so you know you’re showing up for something crowd-pleasing.

#1: Strength Training

  • 5×5 Pace – Mike – 23 minutes – Beginner Full Body: The goal in this class is to master five extremely effective exercises over the course of five rounds. As you become more comfortable with proper form, begin to push your base and log as many reps as possible.
  • Feeling Good – Candice – 22 minutes – Intermediate Core + Lower Body: First up is a mini core burner with planks and mountain climbers. Then you’ll move into compound exercises that help you get more out of each move.
  • Tabata Bod Work – Erin – 31 minutes – Advanced Full Body + Weights: You’ll want a set of medium to heavy dumbbells for this class. You’ll perform each circuit four times doing 20 seconds of work then 10 seconds of recovery. Get ready to work hard and work fast!

#2: Running

  • Treadmill: Take It From A Walk To A Run – Meghan – 16 minutes – Beginner Endurance Builder: The goal of this routine is to become a more efficient walker/runner and discover your comfort zone on the treadmill. You’ll start with a slow walk and gradually increase the speed until you start jogging. There’s a two-minute run interval, then you’ll slow it back down to a walk.
  • Treadmill: Amp It Up For 30 – Jamie – 31 minutes – Intermediate Intervals: In this treadmill routine, you’ll tackle alternating intervals of sprints and hills.
  • Beginner Walk/Jog: This class is all about learning proper foot strike and form so you help prevent injury, all while working up a sweat. You’ll alternate between 1-minute walking and 2-minute jogging intervals. Be sure to pay attention to coach Meghan’s cues.
  • Oudoor Run: In The Name Of The Run – Candice – 27 minutes – Intermediate speed Intervals: This pop-heavy soundtrack will help take your pace up a notch. Push yourself to run faster for shorter intervals now, so that you can run faster for longer in the future.

#3: 10 Minutes or Less (Quick Hits)

  • Push, Plank, And Dip – Jamie – 6 minutes – Beginner Core + Arms: Show your abs and upper body some love with this fast body weight routine set to a pop and dance playlist.
  • Metabolic Sprints – Ed – 7 minutes – Intermediate Sprints: You’ll start with two minutes of sprint intervals (15-second sprints/15-seconds recovery). Then it’s time for a quick incline walk before a final round of sprints all set to a high-energy playlist.
  • Abs3 – Erin – 8 minutes – Advanced core: This all-abs routine features 3 extremely effective moves. The class is short and simple — just get it done!

#4: Stretch

  • Get Yourself in Motion – Jamie – 10 minutes – Dynamic Warm-Up: Prep your muscles for a workout with this short, full-body dynamic warm-up. It’ll have you moving better so you can get more from each class.
  • Hips, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Oh My! – Marianna – 11 minutes – Full-Body Stretch: This 10-minute class is good anytime, anywhere. Think of it as your total-body recovery plan. You’ll start standing with feel-good stretches for your upper body, including tight shoulders, before moving down to moves for your lower body.
  • Pre-Run Vibes – Jessica – 9 minutes – Running Warm-Up: A series of high knees, butt kicks, and hip flexor stretches will leave you ready to tackle your run.

That list makes you want to move the coffee table over and strap on your tennis shoes RIGHT NOW, doesn’t it? The beauty of these workouts is that they show you don’t need much time, much space, much equipment, or (heck) much planning to get in a good sweat. You just need the app, the kids to go down for 10 minutes, and to commit yourself to finding fun in your workouts again. YOU GOT THIS!

To learn more about Aaptiv, click HERE. Don’t forget to use the code “FEDANDFIT” (one word, all caps) at checkout, and your first 30 days are on the house!


  • Win: a lululemon athletica gift card + a 6-month Aaptiv membership

  • By: posting a post-workout selfie to Instagram …and tagging us (@fedandfit, @aaptiv, & #ffaaptivgiveaway) so that we can make sure to count you for the giveaway

Giveaway closes on Tuesday, August 29th at 11:59 p.m. CT.

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