I am BEYOND thrilled today to officially announce the Cook Once, Eat All Week book! Cook Once, Eat All Week is a meal prep method designed to save your time, money, and sanity, and is truly different from other meal prep methods out there.

If you’ve been around here long enough, then you may remember the Cook Once, Eat All Week meal prep series that we ran on the blog last January. We started that series while preparing for my maternity leave, because we really wanted to give you all something to help make your January easier. We had heard so many times that you wanted to eat healthy, but struggled with finding the time to cook dinner every night. That you’d tried meal prep plans but didn’t like giving up your Sunday to prep and then eat leftovers all week. That eating healthy food was too expensive. So, I got to thinking on this puzzle – how could we make healthy eating easy AND affordable? Then, the Cook Once, Eat All Week method was born! We ran the series all January long and were positively BLOWN AWAY by how much y’all loved it – so much so that we wrote a book with 26 weeks (6 months!) worth of meal prep-friendly plans.

How the Cook Once, Eat All Week Meal Prep Method Works

If you’ve tried meal prep before, and you’re skeptical that this one will be any different, let me tell you I FEEL YOU. I’ve also been burned by “easy” meal prep plans in the past. As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, I like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible on weeknights, but, as a food-lover, I also don’t want to sacrifice flavor and have to reheat bland, boring leftovers all week. This method solves both of those problems and saves you time while giving you fresh, delicious, and healthy meals each night.

Instead of prepping a bunch of separate recipes on Sunday, then portioning them out and storing them in the refrigerator to eat throughout the week, we make a protein, a veggie, and a starch (or another veggie) in bulk, and turn them into three totally different dinners that you assemble throughout the week. This cuts down on your time in the kitchen and saves you money because you’re cooking fewer things, and we’ve strategically designed it so that you are using as few ingredients as possible. This method also keeps your meals fresh and diverse, because instead of making the full meals on prep day, you’ll have all of your main ingredients cooked and ready to assemble to make your meal in less than 20 minutes each night.

You’ll take three simple ingredients like shredded pork, potatoes, and cabbage and turn them into these three easy-to-assemble meals:

  • Honey Mustard Pork Sheet Pan Dinner
  • Enchiladas Verde Casserole with Avocado Slaw
  • Sloppy Joe Stuffed Potatoes

What’s Included in the Book

6 Months worth of Dinners

The book contains 26 weeks-worth of gluten free meals that can all easily be modified to multiple dietary needs. In total there are:

  • 8 weeks of low carb-friendly meals
  • 23 weeks of grain-free and Paleo-friendly meals
  • 25 weeks of dairy-free meals
  • 24 weeks of egg-free meals
  • 25 weeks of nut-free meals

Supplemental Recipes

We’ve also included a chapter of supplemental recipes with 45 quick and easy recipes for proteins, starches, and veggies that you can use for extra meals throughout the week. These are perfect for times when you haven’t prepped and just need dinner in a pinch!

Storage and Reheating Tips

In addition to the recipes, we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about storing, freezing, and reheating your meals so you’re never left guessing.

Pre-Order Bonuses

When you pre-order Cook Once, Eat All Week through Amazon, IndieBound, or Barnes and Noble, you can lock in the lowest pre-order price, be one of the first to receive the book, and we’ll send you the following bonuses:

  • 2 weeks of recipes from the Cook Once, Eat All Week book so you can start cooking today!
  • 2 exclusive weeks of Cook Once, Eat All Week recipes that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Our meal prep-friendly breakfast eBook with 15 recipes like Paleo Protein Pancakes, Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches, and Balanced Breakfast Jars you can take on the go.
  • Printable meal prep labels so you never have to guess what the mystery meal in the back of your freezer is again.
  • A printable weekly meal planner to keep you on track.

Once you pre-order, just head here to claim your bonuses!

cook once eat all week week 8

Cook Once, Eat All Week FAQ

  • How many people do the meals serve? What if I have more/less people in my family?
    • Each meal serves between 4-6 people. We’ve included instructions in the book for the best ways to modify the plan for your family size, but in a gist you can easily halve or double the recipes depending on your needs. We’ve also had some folks with smaller families modify to make just 2 meals per week instead of 3!
  • How do you get a week’s worth of meals from 3 recipes?
    • When we wrote Cook Once, Eat All Week, we decided to stick with 3 dinners per week because we found that the majority of people only planned to cook 3 weeknights per week, and we have leftovers built into the plan. For those who want to cook more, use leftovers for lunches, or have larger families, we’ve included 2 bonus dinners with each week. These are quick weeknight meals from our supplemental recipes chapter that you can throw together in 30 minutes without having to prep earlier in the week.
  • Is nutrition information included?
    • Yes! We’ve included a full index at the back of the book with each recipe’s nutrition information, and even have info for the nutrition information for recipe modifications.
  • Are the meals kid-friendly?
    • Yes! We’ve actually called out our favorite kid-friendly weeks in the book with an icon to make them easy to find.
  • Can you freeze the meals?
    • Yes, almost all of the meals are freezer-friendly and we provide full instructions for freezing and reheating your food.
  • Is this plan expensive?
    • Not at all! One of the bonuses of buying your proteins, starches, and veggies in bulk is that they are often cheaper, and we’ve made sure to reduce ingredient waste as much as possible by reusing any leftover ingredients throughout the week. On average, you can expect to spend around $70 for your dinners for the week!
  • Will you be going on a book tour?
    • YES! You can find a list of events and RSVP here. I cannot wait to meet you!

Printable Shopping Lists

Looking for the printable shopping lists to go along with the book? You can download them here!

Cook Once, Eat All Week Book Trailer

I truly am so proud of this book and believe it is finally a REAL solution to getting healthy dinners on the table for your family every night. I hope you love it!

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  1. PLEASE HELP! I am loving the cookbook and food. The only thing missing is a colorie count/serving size for the recipes. I am trying to count my calories and macros. This is really important to me. I have no idea how many calories I am intaking and I am a busy working mother of very busy kids. I don;t have the time to calculate each recipe on a fitness app. Are the calorie counts configured anywhere??

    1. Hi Beth, the nutrition facts (per serving) are in the back of the book. I hope that helps!

  2. I love your cookbook! Every recipe we’ve had has been delicious! Do you have a version of this book that’s vegetarian? It doesn’t have to be vegan.

    1. So glad you love it, Melissa! We don’t have a vegetarian version of the book, but we’ve got some great vegetarian recipes on the site (and more in the works, so stay tuned!)

  3. HI! We have your cookbook and love it!! It is easy to use and makes meal prep a breeze. Do you have any plans to a vegetarian version of this cookbook? If so, we’d love to know about it and any plans for its arrival.

    1. We’ve got some vegetarian recipes in the works…we’ll keep you posted!

  4. I am loving the simplicity and deliciousness of this book. I’ve struggled with meal prep my whole adult life and this book is the first time I’ve been able to succeed! 🙂 Unfortunately all of the proteins in this book are meat, so I’m curious if you have (or plan to have) something with more meatless options. I usually prefer eating meat only once per week, so would love to see more vegetarian weeks.

    1. So glad you’re loving the book! We are working on some meatless options – stay tuned!

  5. I am looking for spiral bound copy of book- preferably new and not having any luck. Help?

  6. I am absolutely obsessed with this book, it has completely changed my meal prep game. Are there any plans to have a “Cook Once Eat All Week 2”?

  7. We are huge fans of your book! I shop and do the meal prep, only takes about an hour, then each night my hubby and our teenage daughters take turns putting it all together. It’s so simple and super delicious. There are always leftovers so we’ve got delish lunches all week long too. I’m into Crossfit, my kids are into sports, and this helps us keep our nutrition in balance. I’ve suggested this book to friends who’ve picked it up and love it as much as we do. Kudos!

  8. This book is a life saver! I was afraid to get ANOTHER cookbook, but this book is so much more that that. The recipes are great, grocery list is helpful and it’s easy to see what weeks to skip because the ingredients are not allowed on my specialized diet. Thank you so much for making it!!

  9. Hi, we are loving your meals! I am wondering about the nutritional information in the back. Is the info for per serving or for the entire dish? Thank you!

  10. Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to see a glance at once of the nutritional information pages before I purchase the “Cook Once, Eat All Week” book. I track my nutrition very closely, so it would be helpful to see this information beforehand. Thanks!

  11. According to the book you provide a weekly ingredient list. Where can I locate the Weekly Ingredient List on the website?