Ep. 08: How-to Paleo with Grace

By: Cassy Joy

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The Fed+Fit Podcast | Nurturing a Healthy Mindset for a Healthy Lifestyle

We're back with our 8th episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast and it's all about how to paleo with grace! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!

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Episode 08 Topics:

  • Gratitude and a plea for a Paleo Bed & Breakfast
  • The first Fed+Fit Podcast Giveaway (sponsored by Picnik Austin!)
  • How-to: Paleo with Grace
  • Fed: easy healthy food swaps your family won't even notice.
  • Fit: pushups! (check out the fun modifications HERE)

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  1. Mary says:

    Thank you Charissa, for the pushup modifications for those of us who can’t do a regular pushup! I actually tried doing them on my knees a couple days ago, but I couldn’t get all the way to the ground and back up. Now I can try them against the wall first and build up from there! I felt so helpless and pathetic for not being able to do one regular pushup, but now you’ve given me an option for a new place to begin. 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Kelly says:

      Push-ups are hard! Don’t feel helpless if you can’t do one. Everyone starts at square one and has to build up their strength. Work your way up in the modifications and you will see improvements. Thanks for listening Mary!