I’ve partnered with Nima today to share my experience using the extremely cleaver, sleek, and reliable Nima Gluten Sensor!

Nima Gluten Sensor

This little gadget is, without a doubt, the neatest piece of technology I’ve come across in recent memory. You see, I avoid gluten-containing foods (along with a LOT of other modern not-great-for-you foods) in an effort to feel my best.

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Of the foods that I avoid (like artificial sweeteners, conventional dairy, soy, etc.), I’m the *most sensitive* to wheat gluten. I also eat out quite a bit, which means that my chances of accidentally consuming it are pretty high. Even if I research gluten-free friendly restaurants, there’s always still a chance that the food has been inadvertently contaminated with the problematic protein. To navigate the dining out waters, I’d arm myself with research on restaurants and then ask a few strategic questions when I get there; such as, do you have a gluten-free menu available? While waiters are usually more than happy to help you find something to eat, there’s too much room for human error to trust the foods implicitly.

Despite my best efforts, accidental gluten exposure has been a pretty regular occurrence in the past. Exposures leave me with a pretty immediate belly ache and a swollen abdomen + mental fog that last for at least 5 full days. It’s a feeling I don’t wish on anyone.

All this to say, when I heard of the Nima Gluten Sensor, I was VERY intrigued! It’s a (highly reliable) pocket-sized portable sensor that can detect the presence of wheat gluten in your food. PRETTY DANG NEAT, huh??

Here’s how it works…


You grab your own Nima Gluten Sensor and be sure to pack at least one Gluten Capsule. The Nima Gluten Sensor pairs to a really handy smart phone app, so be sure you’ve got it downloaded and synced to your sensor. Before you jump into your meal, grab a pea-sized piece of the suspected food. Open the Gluten Capsule and place the piece of food in the pronged compartment. Twist the cap on top of the food until it clicks …and this is where stuff gets really neat.

Nima Gluten Sensor
Nima Gluten Sensor
Nima Gluten Sensor
Nima Gluten Sensor

The clicking tight of the Gluten Capsule (happens when the green line disappears) causes two things to happen:

  1. The prongs help to smash the food, therefore increasing the surface area of the food available to react with the solution.
  2. When the cap is fully closed, an “extraction buffer solution” floods the little compartment.
Nima Gluten Sensor

Once closed, make sure your triangle-shaped Nima Gluten Sensor is turned on (small button on the bottom). Fit your Capsule into the Sensor and click it into place. At this point, the motor in the Nima will start to mix the solution with the food. After the solution is adequately mixed, it will transfer to a different part of the Capsule where a test strip loaded with finely-tuned gluten antibodies are waiting. The full test takes about 3 minutes to complete (marked by a flashing sun), and when it’s done, you’ll either get a wheat symbol (gluten detected) or a happy face (officially gluten-free!).

At this time, you’ll also get a notification on your smart phone app that a new test result is available. From the app, you can log those results into your own catalog of gluten-free friendly restaurant finds. PRETTY SLICK!

Nima Gluten Sensor
Nima Gluten Sensor
Nima Gluten Sensor

Curious about the efficacy of these tests? Let’s chat!

Apparently the Nima Gluten Sensor will provide a gluten-positive result in 99% of tests where gluten is present at or above 20 ppm. It will also offer a positive in gluten-containing foods 7.8% of the time in foods where the concentration is below 2 ppm.

I foresee several of these slick little pieces of technology showing up on restaurant tables across the country soon!

To learn more or order your own Nima Gluten Sensor, click HERE.

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Nima Gluten Sensor

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