Spring Vegetable Salad

Spring Vegetable Salad features seasonal vegetables and a light ranch dressing that is perfect for Easter brunch or a light side dish!

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-1

Spring has sprung and my goodness is she beautiful! From the wild flower-painted Texas highways to the adorable twitterpated birds who sing me awake each morning, I’m totally in love with this season.

Sure Spring also brought us pollen {lots of pollen} and taxes, but the new fresh produce and excuse to dress like an Easter egg more than make up for it.

I want to update you so much on what’s twirling in my world! In short, it’s been more fun than you can shake a stick at. In long, well …I’ve got a whole ‘nother post dedicated to just that. #comingsoon

In the meantime, let’s focus. Let’s focus on what’s most important …food! With each new season, we might get excited about nail polish trends and flip flop appropriateness, but I know new food is what we’re really jazzed about. Seasonal food is why we dream of times to come. We swoon over pumpkin spiced lattes in the fall, find comfort with hearty stews and Christmas cookies in the winter, laugh and giggle over BBQ in the summer, and turn a delightful curiosity to delicious lighter fair in the spring.

While the spring vegetable patch may not be the most broad, it is still worth chatting about. We can now find asparagus {in abundance}, rhubarb, celery, radishes, watercress, mustard greens, and scallions! You know how we rotate our spring-colored clothes into our wardrobe? Well, we can do the same with our produce! Lets take advantage of these new veggies.

That’s exactly what I aimed at accomplishing with this salad. I envision you marching your way through the produce section of your grocery store {or farmer’s market}, snagging the boldest and most beautiful vegetables with ease, and then whipping up a magically delicious and refreshing spring vegetable salad. I then imagine you either woofing down most of it by your lonesome sitting on the couch while you catch up on Scandal {like me} OR taking it to an Easter brunch where you share the seasonal plate of goodness with all your fabulous friends.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-2

Speaking of which, I can’t wait for Easter brunch! I live for Easter brunch. Probably because it’s a brunch. Yes, that’s likely it. I live for brunch! I have a feeling that when babies enter our family circle, Easter will become more about hiding eggs than the mimosas, smoked meats, and biscuits. Life is just too much fun, isn’t it?

Back to the salad!

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-28

Let’s get to cooking, shall we?

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-3

Our salad starts with the wonderfully abundant asparagus! Grab two whole bunches of the freaky little vegetable.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-4

Set a large pot of water to boil {with a dash of salt} and toss your asparagus in.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-5

Let them simmer/boil for 3-5 minutes. I let mine boil a leetle too long and they got mushy, but I'm okay with it if you're okay with it.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-6

While our asparagus is cooking a bit, clean and chop up a bundle of celery!

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-7

Note that in my mother’s kitchen, she would never allow this large of a celery piece. As a kid, I would cut each stick {stalk?} down the middle {sometimes twice}, and then chop into tiny cubes. But to this salad, we’re saying no! We’re using a large casual chop on our celery and we’re going to have champagne on Easter. Are you with me??

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-8

Add your large pieces of chopped celery to an even larger mixing bowl.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-9

Time for radishes! Radishes are so, so good for you. Highlight reel: loads of vitamin C, support liver & gallbladder health, and can help treat gastric unease.

Carry on …

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-10

This is how I like to wash my radishes. Toss ‘em in a bowl, cover with water, swish around, and then drain. Easy peasy.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-11

I’ve trialed-and-errored it, and this is what I’ve come up with to easily chop radishes. Cut off both tips.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-12

Cut in half.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-13

Then slice! Don’t get too carried away and slice too thinly. There are lots of crunchies in this salad and we’ve already decided against being fancy.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-14

Toss about 2 bundles worth of chopped radishes into the bowl!

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-15

Now introducing watercress! Watercress is a small, delicate, peppery, cancer-fighting leafy green that is full of iron, calcium, and folic acid. It’s also delicious.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-16

Continuing our informality, just give the leaves of one bunch of watercress a rough chop.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-17

Add those to the bowl.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-18

Right about now your asparagus should be finished simmering! Throw some ice and water in a bowl {this is our ice bath}.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-19

Pull your {possible slightly overcooked} asparagus from the hot water and dip them in.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-20

Once the asparagus has cooled, drain them, and give a rough fork-able chop.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-21

Add those to the other veggies!

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-22

The last vegetable in our salad isn’t necessarily a spring veggie – but they’re delicious. Green peas for me, please!

Feel free to leave these little cuties out if you are sensitive to peas or if you’re trying to reduce your starchy carbohydrate intake. You can supplement with more asparagus, if you like.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-23

Add about 2 cups {or one bag frozen} to the bowl. They’ll thaw quickly, I promise.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-24

Our dressing! We’re just going to whip ourselves up a batch of my 5-Ingredient Paleo Ranch Dressing, folks. It’s delicious and screams, “Easter brunch!” Just sayin’.

Add about 1 cup of the dressing to the salad …which I clearly measured very carefully. I say, pour yourself another mimosa and eyeball it.

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-25

Give your salad a big ol’ stir!

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-26

Spring Vegetable Salad | Fed and Fit-27

Eat right out of the bowl with the spatula {like me} or untuck those adorable plates you never use from your china cabinet and plate up with a garnish of fresh dill.

Enjoy, my friend. Happy Easter!


Spring Vegetable Salad

  • Author: Cassy



  1. Blanch the asparagus by submerging in simmering/boiling water for 3-5 minutes then plunge into an ice bath to stop cooking. Drain and pat dry.
  2. Chop asparagus, celery, radishes, and watercress then add to large mixing bowl. Add frozen peas and ranch dressing.
  3. Stir, plate, and garnish with fresh dill.



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    Meg @ A Dash of Megposted April 19, 2014 at 12:12 am

    I AM DROOLING!!!!! I will absolutely love this, girl xoxoxoxo

    • #
      Cassyposted April 19, 2014 at 6:39 pm

      Yay!! Thanks, Meg 🙂

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    Juliaposted December 4, 2014 at 1:20 am

    This looks delicious! I always try to sneak radicchio into our salads since it is a great superfood with amazing health benefits. These are some delicious and fun “Adults Only” Salad recipes: http://radicchio.com/for-chefs/salads-for-adults/
    I hope you enjoy and thank you again for the recipe!

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