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Today’s What We’re Loving is brought to you by Lindsay, Fed & Fit’s Chief of Staff:

Here’s the deal, on this team we’re always talking about and researching fringe health topics, playing with recipes, trying new food (hello raw milk), and finding cool stuff but, most of it doesn’t make it to you all, the readers. It takes planning, preparation, photo shoots, recipe testing, and editing sessions to make it down the polished funnel. Here, we’re sharing our rough and not-so-ready list of things we love, listen to, oogle at, lust after, and giggle about. Our only hope is to share a little unpolished levity. This week, it’s written from my rose-colored lens, Lindsay, recovering work/workout-aholic, lifetime foodie, and the one most likely to eat a raw egg. Happy reading, friends.

  • With babies, a previous jet-setting (read exhausting) career, too many high cardio workouts for my lifetime, a baby, eating low carb and life stress, my hormones have absolutely tanked and I’m doing everything I can to replenish my system. Enter the Adrenal Cocktail made with raw unflavored LMNT (for mineral support), Needed Collagen (I trust this brand implicitly and my skin says heck yes),  2 tablespoons of coconut milk, ½ cup of coconut water, and ½ cup of orange juice. The fat and protein are optional and also excellent additions to help your body blunt any blood sugar spikes. It’s delicious, summery, and o so perfect for avoiding those afternoon crashes.
  • We’ve heard from the people! No one wants to turn their oven on right now….understandably. Cassy cracked the code with a full dinner and dessert in the Air Fryer. We’re obsessed with this Cosori and the ooey gooey gluten-free Immaculate cookies that take no time to bake up. Last week, on stories we even made it into ice cream cookies leaning on some really creative flavor combos from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Butterscotch popcorn anyone?!
  • The truth is….and you may not like this…we’re all about animal-based products around here. I’ve started drinking raw milk recently and my belly loves it (after 2 decades of not drinking ANY cow’s milk) and so does my skin. Part of this was spawned by the wild, always yelling Paul Saladino. His account (warning: choice language) has tons of fascinating information that he delivers at an extra loud decibel and although his views may be a little extreme for us, there are some golden health nuggets.
  • I like to show up with some sort of sense of style and I also want to pull on shorts and run out the door. Hello cutest cotton set ever! I see you and all of those precious children’s clothes you’re stocking. Come to mama!
  • Prepare to giggle. This American Life is a true classic in the podcast world and this episode had us howling. Caveat – this might be more relatable to the females amongst us.
  • Remember that thing I told you about my adrenals and hormones above? Well turns out actual cocktails aren’t quite so restorative (fineeeee…goodbye poolside margs), but you know I’m not missing out on a good time. Luckily, zero proof spirits have improved. Cassy made this strawberry jalapeno mocktail recently for Juli Roth’s baby shower, and I am here for it! Remember that rough and sort-of-ready promise? Here you go: 1 cup zero proof spirit, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup fresh strawberry jam, 1 jalapeno, cut into rounds, seeds remain intact, top with sparkling water!
  • I love a little deception, love, revenge, and history rolled into one bingeable novel. Cassy & I just read, Woman on Fire, and I highly recommend it for a fun and intriguing story that takes place against the backdrop of a Nazi art looting scandal.
  • We’re watching Not So Pretty on HBO, 4 episodes that explore the secrets of the cosmetic and personal care industry. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of hidden chemicals and it’s a largely unregulated industry. I know shock me, shock me, shock me, with that deviant behavior. (Empire records anyone?). That’s why we’re big fans of brands that have tons of transparency like Primally Pure and Beautycounter. If you want samples of BeautyCounter we’re always here to share. The great news about this docuseries is it gives you actionable items. 
  • When in doubt, watch duck video’s or scroll our Amazon shop page (I’ve spent a silly amount of time scouring for the cutest in home goods and cookware.)

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  1. I am a big fan of Casey. I have been following her and her team for several years now.
    I am really disappointed, she would allow one of her team members to degrade and put down another religion. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints (correct name) and I was completely offended by the article you posted. First, it has false information and is not accurate, second as Christians shouldn’t we be building each other up and supporting one another- not tearing each other down. Our world needs kindness and uplifting articles not ones that point fun or spread misinformation.
    Still a fan of fed and fit but just disappointed and hoping this will not be a future trend.

    1. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your heart. I in no way meant to be offensive to the LDS church. I sincerely thought it was an interesting read, as there are many fringe modalities of healing that are coming into the mainstream and large institutions are beginning to participate. It was shared as food for thought. My apologies if intention and impact were different, we will remove the reference to minimize any unintentional harm. -Lindsay