Ep. 15: Follow Your Bliss with The Merrymaker Sisters

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Ep. 15: Follow Your Bliss with The Merrymaker Sisters

This is the Fed and Fit podcast starting your week off with motivational thoughts on real food and fun fitness activities with Cassy Joy Garcia and co-host, Charissa Talbot. Cassy is a nutritional consultant, and the paleo food blogger behind FedandFit.com. Cassy has also authored two recipe eBooks; Cassy Joy’s Fed and Fit Game Day Feast, and Cassy Joy’s Fed and Fit Holiday Feast. Each week, she’ll be joined by co-host, Charissa Talbot. Charissa is the lady behind the wildly popular Instagram and hashtag No Cook Paleo. Charissa is also the chief operating officer for the Paleo Mom. If you enjoy the podcast, you can show your support by supporting another great small business… Place an order with the Granilla Bar, and use the code Fed+Fit at checkout so they’ll know who sent you. That’s TheGranillaBar.com. Remember our disclaimer; the information and opinions shared in this podcast are solely those of any given individual, and not a substitute for medical advice. Here are the ladies.

1. Cassy’s Girl Talk [2:06]
2. Charissa’s Girl Talk [5:25]
3. Kasandrinos olive oil giveaway winner announced [6:49]
4. Introducing the Merry Maker Sisters [7:40]
5. How to inspire Merry Making [13:33]
6. How to work on the transition [15:54]
7. How do you live in the now [19:26]
8. What’s in the future for the Merry Maker Sisters [23:53]

Cassy Joy: On the episode of the Fed and Fit podcast, today is a very special episode because we have doubled the giggle power {laughs} on this podcast.

Charissa Talbot: There’s a lot of estrogen going on over Skype right now, let me tell you. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: There’s a lot of goodness going on right now. We are joined today by Emma and Carla of the Merry Maker Sisters, which I’m sure a lot of you already know these amazing girls, and if you don’t you definitely need to check them out. We’ll jump more into talk about them in a little bit, so hang with us, but we’re going to rapid fire through some Girl Talk so we can get to talking to these other ladies. Before I get to that, hello Charissa!

Charissa Talbot: Good afternoon; or good morning if you’re in Australia.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} That’s true. It is, that whole time difference, it’s a big one.

Charissa Talbot: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: So I appreciate the girls for joining us so early.

Charissa Talbot: Very early in the morning. So they’re troopers.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

1. Cassy’s Girl Talk [2:06]

Charissa Talbot: So Cassy, tell me what’s up with you?

Cassy Joy: Yeah, so I actually just got back from Dallas, Texas. I went up to celebrate Jenni Hulet just published her My Paleo Patisserie. We went to her book release party, and it was a huge success. I’m so excited for them. I love connecting with people. You know, when it’s in the same state, it doesn’t feel like that far of a drive.

Charissa Talbot: Right.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} But it was a lot of fun, I’m really proud of them. And I’ve mentioned it before, and on other platforms, but if you get a chance I definitely recommend you check out that book. Especially if you’re into baking; she did a phenomenal job. It’s beautiful to boot, so even if you’re not into baking, it might make a good addition to your coffee table.

Charissa Talbot: Yeah, it’s gorgeous. And the one thing I will just say that I really liked about the book is, there’s no, if you look through it, there’s no gray area ingredients. And even though she called it grain free, I would venture to call it paleo, because it’s so clean.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm.

Charissa Talbot: her ingredients are super clean, so I really like it. It’s a good one for sure.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, she did a great job. I’ve made her nut free chocolate cake that’s got a coconut flour base; it was the fluffiest, most cakey cake. {laughs}

Charissa Talbot: Don’t talk to me about chocolate, I’m still on my Whole 30. Shhhh!

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness. I am so, how insensitive of me!

Charissa Talbot: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Anyway, pretend I didn’t say that.

Charissa Talbot: It’s ok, I’ll be dreaming about it.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} But it’s great. So we did that, that was a lot of fun. And I got to connect with other friends and family and stuff like that when I was up there, too. But, on the 5 hour drive there and back, I cracked open a brand new audio book, and I would like to propose it as our first official Fed and Fit book club book.

Charissa Talbot: I’m down. Let’s do it, April.

Cassy Joy: So exciting! So our Fed and Fit book club April read, drum roll.

Charissa Talbot: {drum rolling} That’s an awful drum roll.

Cassy Joy: On Instagram, I jumped the gun and already talked about it. But I propose we all read/listen to, highly recommend you listen to it, Yes Please by Amy Poehler. It is so stinking good. It’s about an 8 hour audio book, if you like audio books, and Amy reads it herself. She also pulls in a pretty all star cast of people to talk about other fun stuff, so you get extra goodies in the audio file. But it’s so great. I read Bossy Pants, loved it, by Tina Fey, and I’ve read a bunch of these other memoirs and inspirational women that are doing these amazing things and have worked really hard for where they’re at. I went into reading Yes Please, not, to be completely honest, I didn’t think that it would come close to Bossy Pants, because I loved it so much.

Charissa Talbot: Right.

Cassy Joy: I was blown away. I am now an Amy Poehler fan girl, and she makes me want to take on the world. So that’s our next April read; read it, talk about it, and we’ll talk about it some more too here.

Charissa Talbot: Yeah, we’re going to give our little take on it at the beginning of April, and then announce our next book. So if you guys have book suggestions, email Cassy.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, do that! That’d be great.

Charissa Talbot: Let’s see what we can get. So that’d be cool.

2. Charissa’s Girl Talk [5:25]

Cassy Joy: So what’s going on over there, Charissa?

Charissa Talbot: Well, you know I’m over here in Austin, and I’m getting so excited for PaleoFx. I’m just counting the days. Went and bought a bunch of dresses.

Cassy Joy: Oohh!

Charissa Talbot: And got my hair cut, and just doing all the fun girl stuff getting ready. Because it’s a fun event, and you want to look nice. I don’t know, I’m just excited to work that vendor floor and schmooze and chat and meet new people. I’m super excited.

Cassy Joy: That’s definitely your, like you thrive in that environment.

Charissa Talbot: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: One of Charissa and I; one of her first experiences and exposures with me, I’m kind of, in large groups of people I don’t know, I’m a little bit shy sometimes, I just kind of stick to myself. And I remember Mark Sisson walked by, and I was standing with Charissa, and Charissa is, like she already knows you and you haven’t even met her, she just talks to everybody.

Charissa Talbot: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: He walks by, and I go, oh there’s Mark! And she goes, yeah, he’s a great guy. I was like, oh really, I’ve never met him. She’s like, well go introduce yourself! I’m like, no that’s ok. She drags me by my arm over to Mark, and goes, this is my friend Cassy! {laughs}

Charissa Talbot: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: Anyways, I’m excited for you for that environment. That’s going to be a lot of fun.

Charissa Talbot: Yeah, you know I like it. It’s just a fun time.

3. Kasandrinos olive oil giveaway winner announced [6:49]

Cassy Joy: Ok, awesome. Jumping really quickly. We have a winner for the Kasandrinos olive oil giveaway.

Charissa Talbot: Woot, woot!

Cassy Joy: That was graciously donated by Tony Kasandrinos. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and the winner is Ms. Erika Chilton. I think I said your name right.

Charissa Talbot: Nice.

Cassy Joy: I have your email address, so I will email you and get you connected with Tony. And if you did not win, there are no worries, because Tony is swooping in with a very generous discount code just for you listeners. So you’ll get 10% off your entire order with the coupon code FEDANDFIT. So that’s spelled out Fed and Fit, of your order with Kasandrinos. So thank you Tony for doing that.

Charissa Talbot: Awesome. Thank you Tony!

Cassy Joy: Yep.

Cassy Joy: That’s awesome.

4. Introducing the Merry Maker Sisters [7:40]

Cassy Joy: Ok, great. Let’s get to the goods!

Charissa Talbot: Yes.

Cassy Joy: I really want to introduce Emma and Carla. They are just so lovely; like I said before, they’re the Merry Maker Sisters. You can find them at the MerryMakerSisters.com, and they are also on all the social media platforms, and I totally stalked them before this call, and I watched their YouTube videos. {laughs}

Charissa Talbot: {laughs}

MMS: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: And I thought they were so lovely, and I’m going to go home and I’m going to make some paleo cheese, because it looks so delicious.

MMS: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Anyways, these girls are up to some really, really great stuff. I think they’re a great stand for joy and happiness and finding your own balance in life through healthy food and fitness activities, and I’m just so honored to have you two on the podcast today. So thank you for coming on!

Carla Papas: Yay! We are so excited to be here, and we really enjoyed that Girl talk, can we just say.

Emma Papas: We love you!

Carla Papas: It was so much fun!

Emma Papas: You guys are the best, and now I want chocolate cake.

Charissa Talbot: {laughs} See, I’m not the only one.

Everybody: {Laughing}

Charissa Talbot: Well, welcome Emma and Carla, so nice to have you guys on. I’m so glad that you took time out of your early morning to jump on with us.

Emma Papas: Well thank you so much for having us, it’s our pleasure.

Charissa Talbot: Nice. Well one thing I think for our listeners, because some of them may know you and some of them don’t, so we would love it if you would share a little bit about your journey, and what merry making means to you, which is another question I have, but we can get to that in a little bit. But how you formed your business, and how you guys came to this whole real foods lifestyle.

Emma Papas: Yeah, well it started back in 2012, and this is Emma speaking, by the way, and I just was feeling like absolute crap really. I wasn’t healthy, I was tired all the time, and I just thought, you know, I’m 24, shouldn’t I be feeling good? Shouldn’t I be jumping out of bed feeling amazing? So I just started investigating a few things, and figured out that I had a gluten intolerance. And then I think 2 weeks later someone mentioned to me this paleo lifestyle, this real food way of living, and then another person mentioned it like 2 days later, and I think I got an email, it was a Mark Sisson email, someone forwarded it me, and then Carla and I both started eating that way. It was literally 4 weeks later, we felt so good.

Carla Papas: Mm-hmm.

Emma Papas: And then it was like, I don’t know, we just didn’t look back.

Carla Papas: Yeah.

Emma Papas: And Carla started sharing her photos of food on Instagram, and everybody just started asking for the recipe, and they were so shocked that this has no grains and no gluten and no dairy and no refined sugars, and they just wanted the recipe. We kind of got tired of retyping it out again and again, so we started thinking of ways of like, where can we put these? And not just for these people that wanted it, but for ourselves as well, in general, so we could keep note of all these recipes we’re making. So we literally Googled how to start a blog, because we had no idea about anything. We didn’t know the difference between blogging and websites, and all this social media stuff that was happening at that time.

Charissa Talbot: Mm-hmm.

Emma Papas: We literally, we pressed publish on our first blog post in the end of 2012, was it?

Carla Papas: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Emma Papas: Yeah, and we were like, cool we’re done! Everybody, good night!

Everybody: {laughing}

Emma Papas: We thought that was it, we thought that was all we had to do. But then it was February 2013 that we realized we had this other passion, not just for real food and the lifestyle sort of thing, we had this passion for blogging. Because we both had communication and events backgrounds, so it kind of fit in really nicely, in that we had this real food stuff that was showing on the blog, and we were communicating it out and creating this really fun community online.

Carla Papas: Yeah, and I guess our passion just grew for that online platform. Social media, blogging, we attended all the blogging events, read everything about SEO; I used to call it CEO, it was very embarrassing at a blogging conference! {laughs}

Emma Papas: {laughs}

Carla Papas: But we just did all we could because we realized this is what we want to do. We want to quit our jobs that we really don’t like and create these lives that we love, because we just truly believe that everyone should find a passion, find their bliss, and live amazing lives.

Emma Papas: Yeah, so we set the goal to quit our corporate jobs at the end of 2014, and we ended up quitting our jobs July 2014, as we’re able to Merry Make full time and be able to put our whole hearts and souls and every single minute that we have into our business, which is just so amazingly exciting for us. It’s our mission to inspire that healthy, happy life in other people, but also to follow your bliss. We want other people to find what their passionate about, find their dream, and inspire them to follow it.

Cassy Joy: That’s so lovely.

Charissa Talbot: That’s amazing.

Everybody: {laughing}

Charissa Talbot: Amazing. I love that you guys Googled how to start a blog.

Everybody: {laughing}

Carla Papas: We did! We literally did. We’re like, what’s a blog, how do we do that?

Cassy Joy: You’re not alone, I did the same thing. {laughs}

Carla Papas: Yay!

Charissa Talbot: That happens for a lot of us. And I love; you know me, I’m an Instagram fiend, I love that it all started on Instagram, it makes me very happy.

Carla Papas: Yeah. We love Instagram.

Cassy Joy: That’s great. And I know that you guys have a couple of eBooks that you’ve published in the past, but what are some other ways, I’m kind of going off what Charissa and I talked about {laughs}, forgive me but I’m curious.

Charissa Talbot: No, let’s get into it.

5. How to inspire Merry Making [13:33]

Cassy Joy: I would love to know, what are some of these ways that you do inspire to Merry Make? Makeover their own lives, and what are some of those tools that you have made available in the last couple of years.

Everybody: Yeah.

Emma Papas: I guess most of all of the information is available on the blog. We write; not only do we share our recipes, but we write articles about relationships, getting older, jobs, following your bliss.

Carla Papas: Spirituality and things like that.

Emma Papas: Yeah.

Carla Papas: So I think in our own journey, it all started with food and movement. But then we started to realize that if you get your food and movement right, there’s actually a lot of factors that contribute to overall health and happiness, and it was when we started with IIN that we realized, they helped us realize there were all these other factors, and that’s what we call our circle of life. It’s available on the blog, and it just, it cuts up your life into 12 different segments, and it’s just a great little tool to help you kind of realize where your life is balanced, where it might need a little bit more work, and where you can put your focus. So there’s other segments, like spirituality, creativity, finances, career, education, home cooking, relationships, social life, and joy. It’s just a matter of looking at each segment and being like, ok, how satisfied am I in that segment, putting a little pointer there, and then joining it all up together. It’s a really great tool to help you realize where you need to focus.

Emma Papas: Yeah.

Charissa Talbot: Yeah, I love your guys’; I’m just absolutely in love with the whole circle of life. I just really like it. It’s just amazing; oh! It’s just good. Because like you said, it’s easy to break it up and then take it in parts and work on what you want, you know, individually.

Everybody: Yeah.

Carla Papas: And you may not even realize that that’s what you need to work on. Like for us, when we were doing our circle of life before we quit our jobs, we thoughts like, our jobs are good, we have this steady income, this is what we should be doing, right? That’s the mentality we had. But when we did our circle of life, we had this huge crash at the career point, and we were like, oh. We need to do something about that! And that really inspired us to quit and focus all our energy on Merry Making.
6. How to work on the transition [15:54]

Charissa Talbot: So one question I do have for you guys; let’s say one of our listeners is looking at this, and they’re looking at the circle of life and they’re feeling very overwhelmed, because they realize that they want to make a lot of big shifts, like you guys do, but they’re feeling really overwhelmed with the whole thing. What kind of suggestions or tips would you give them? How did you guys really start to take this from being a desire, something you wanted, and actually translate that into the life that you have now?

Emma Papas: I think early on we personally, we both took on the idea that it’s all about a transition, so we never added too much pressure on ourselves. Every day that we went to that job, we would say, this is a stepping stone, this is a stepping stone, to get to our goal. I think it’s so important to not add any more negativity to something you don’t really like or you’re not happy with, because that’s not going to help. That’s just going to make it worse. So instead flip it, add heaps of positivity, be excited about this journey, and just realize that it doesn’t have to happen overnight, it doesn’t have to happen next year even, if it’s not feasible, if it’s not realistic. But, as long as you're making tiny steps forward, it’s still going to happen.

And really being aware of those small steps and those small wins. If you made a small change; it might be, oh, I’m going to try and cut out sugar for 2 weeks, and if you do that for 2 weeks, celebrate that win. Make sure you’re congratulating yourself and being really happy about that, because that is amazing. Any small step towards a positive, more happy, more healthy life is so amazing, and it’s just really important to find that within and just be really happy within. Kind of accept what is at the moment, but know that you’re making positive changes to a better future.

Cassy Joy: I love that. I love that a lot. I think it’s important to; it’s all about your context, right, what you’re surrounding yourself in and how you talk to yourself. And that’s really what we like to talk about here on this podcast a lot. Both Charissa and I have food and fitness backgrounds, just like you girls mentioned, that’s kind of where you started, but you start to realize that that’s such a small piece of the pie, and there’s so much more to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. By sustainable I mean just one that lasts and truly is resilient and makes you feel amazing and like you’re in the skin you’re supposed to be in and living the life you’re supposed to life, there’s so much more to it than just eating well and exercising, and that’s what we like to talk about here, is really that mindset.

And I love the wheel and really all that you’re up to, because it’s exactly it. You surround yourself in the context of, I’m going to do things that are great for me that make me feel great, and even these, you know, the wheel almost gives you those bullet points, those 12 areas that if you wanted to dig in a little bit deeper, those are some really fun ways that you could possibly instill some more positivity and joy, and when you look at it like a stepping stone, I really think that that makes it really feasible. So that’s wonderful; I didn’t actually say anything new there {laughs} I just reiterated what you said.

Carla Papas: No, you sound so good though.

Emma Papas: Yeah!

Carla Papas: It’s so nice to chat to you guys and hear this, as well.

7. How do you live in the now [19:26]

Cassy Joy: Yeah. I think that’s wonderful. A question that we do have for you; can you dive in a little bit more into explaining what you mean by living in the now?

Carla Papas: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: And how adapting that mindset has really helped you both.

Carla Papas: Yeah. Something that I’m especially passionate about; this is Carla. Just because it really did change my life. I used to lead a very stressful life. I’m a very big perfectionist, and I’ve looked to the future, and I had a lot of lists and what I need to do and what I need to get done in order to complete certain project, so I used to live a lot in the future, of looking forward. And it wasn’t until I read the book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, my mind got completely flipped and started questioning, what the hell am I doing? My mind was completely blown. Oh, all we have is now? This is how I was talking to myself in my head.

So again, it was small steps. I told myself that I wanted to start living more present. I wanted to enjoy every single moment. I wanted to enjoy the journey to the destination. So I just started to implement small reminders. We have now watches which we wear every day, which is just a little reminder to come back to the present moment. I also have, like my mantra I just say, I am here and it is now, and I come back to that quite often every day if I’m finding myself delving into the future. And it’s just these small little changes that help me become present and help me enjoy my life journey.

Because the idea is; why are we spending all this time feeling guilty, or feeling sad, or feeling depressed about the past when we cannot do a thing to change that? We can only learn from that. Why are we feeling so anxious and so stressed about the future, when the future hasn’t come yet? We’re still in the now, and when the future does come, it becomes the now. So the future and the past are these nonexistent places that we spend a lot of time in. So just knowing that all we have is right here, right now, it helps you become a happy and more grounded person because you realize; wow, this is it, and I’ve got to make the most of it.

Cassy Joy: Yeah! I think that’s the secret. You know? That’s the secret to happiness.

Charissa Talbot: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: Living in the now and living for the present. It’s the only moment that actually exists, is the one we’re in. Being on this call with you 3, you know!

Everybody: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: This is such an awesome time, and I think that really is a turning point for most people. I am a recovering perfectionist. {laughs}

Carla Papas: Me too!

Everybody: laughing}

Cassy Joy: Yes, so I totally get that, and I know a lot of listeners can identify with that. So that’s just really, really lovely. I love the idea of the watch.

Charissa Talbot: Yeah, that’s awesome. Is that something that you guys just had made for yourselves, or is that something people could buy? I would love to have one.

Carla Papas: Yeah, now it’s something, the business is called Steal Time Back. And they’re based in LA, and he makes.

Charissa Talbot: Genius.

Carla Papas: Yeah, all different kinds of watches. There’s like a yin-yang, there’s a watch with a little cartoon present on it. They’re really cute, and half the profits go to charity, as well. We’re just very passionate about his business.

Emma Papas: {laughs}

Charissa Talbot: No, that’s awesome. {laughs} I will have to check that out. And I’m just going to say, because we’re right here right now, I will just say you two have so much joy, it’s so infectious, it’s coming through my ear buds right now, and just talking to you, is the hugest smile on my face. You guys have so much positive energy and man, people that get to be around you every day are so lucky. You girls are just amazing. I’m a fan.

Emma Papas: Well thank you so much! We think you girls are amazing.

Carla Papas: Yeah, we love you!

Everybody: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Well we could keep talking like this forever. {laughs}

Everybody: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: No, tell me more!

Everybody: {laughing}

Charissa Talbot: You don’t say.

Cassy Joy: I’m just joking.

Charissa Talbot: It’s hilarious.

8. What’s in the future for the Merry Maker Sisters [23:53]

b>Cassy Joy: Oh man. Well I think we have one more question for you girls, Charissa I don’t want to hijack it, I’ll let you have it.

Charissa Talbot: Oh, no, I’m totally fine. Go Cassy, go.

Cassy Joy: Well we just, we really want to know what’s next for you guys? You’ve done all this amazing stuff. You’ve got a YouTube channel, you’re really active on Instagram, you’ve got a beautiful blog; what’s next?

Carla Papas: Yes, we’re super excited because we’re self publishing our first, hard copy book at the end of May! We’re like, our first ever! So we’re really excited about that. We’re also in the middle of developing a mobile application with all of our recipes, and also a Merry Maker moment, which will be like your daily inspiration hit of Merry Maker Joy.

Emma Papas: And then we’re also working on an online program, which is actually all about following your bliss, so it’s going to be more the business side, the bliss side. It’s a 6-week program designed to inspire people to follow their passion.

Carla Papas: Yeah, so that’s our 3 key projects for this year, and then it will be like lots of blogging, we’ll obviously be keeping that up to date, and a little bit of travel here and there.

Emma Papas: Yeah!

Charissa Talbot: So are you guys planning on coming to the states any time soon?

Carla Papas: Yes, I’m actually coming next week!

Everybody: {laughing}

Charissa Talbot: What!?

Carla Papas: Yeah, I’m visiting my San Diegan boyfriend. {laughing}

Charissa Talbot: {laughs} Very nice, very nice.

Emma Papas: It’s hilarious, but we’re also coming together in July?

Carla Papas: Yeah, I think July.

Emma Papas: We should visit you guys!

Cassy Joy: You should.

Charissa Talbot: You guys should come to Texas!

MMS: Yeah!

Carla Papas: We would love to.

Charissa Talbot: {laughs} That would be a lot of fun.

Cassy Joy: That would be fun.

Charissa Talbot: Our poor listeners. We’re just like; oh, we’re just all chatting.

Cassy Joy: We’re scheduling brunch. {laughing}

Charissa Talbot: Right. Let’s just hang out.

Everybody: {laughs}

Charissa Talbot: So much fun. Oh goodness, hilarious. I am so excited about your book; congratulations, that’s amazing. And that mobile application sounds, having a little, I love how you said a little hit of joy every day. That’s just, that’s right up you guys’ alley. I’m so excited for you guys. Congrats.

Emma Papas: Well thank you.

Cassy Joy: Thank you girls so much for coming on the podcast today! I think that you are a light and I am just so excited that you’re out there. If there’s anything I can do to support you, you just let me know. Again, I’m honored to have you on the podcast today.

Remember that you can find the Merry Maker Sisters, Emma and Carla, at the MerryMakerSisters.com. Definitely check them out. And I think that’s all, that’s all I’ve got for the girls today. Are you good, Charissa?

Charissa Talbot: I am good. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, do it! The inspirational quotes, every day. I love them.

Emma Papas: Yay! Thank you so much for having us!

Carla Papas: Thank you! Thank you so much.

Cassy Joy: Oh, it’s our pleasure. Thank you girls, and we wish you the best of luck on what is sure to be more and more success as you bring these amazing ideas and just a much needed concept to the rest of the world, so congratulations ahead of time. {laughs}

Charissa Talbot: {laughs}

MMS: Thank you.

Cassy Joy: Thanks everybody for listening, and we will be back again next week.


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