Hi, I’m Becca! I found Epigenetics and the study of genes when I was truly at the breaking point in my healing journey. I had spent years, thousands of dollars, and so much time on protocol after protocol to get to the bottom of my health issues. It felt like going in circles or throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick. Can you relate?

Once I started applying the epigenetic principles I learned about in my own blueprint and experienced true healing, I knew I had to share this with others. Being the true Enneagram 3 and lifelong student of wellness that I am, the life-changing results I experienced led me to enroll in a program and become a Certified Epigenetics Coach. This kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight, of course. And even though the decision was an easy one, I spent months studying and pouring my heart and soul into not only the genes but creating a business that would be worthy of the women that I am meant to help. And hence, Mind Body Genes was created. 

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of how your body responds to its environment & the impact that has on your genes. So truly, what we eat, what we put on our skin, our thoughts, our interactions, and our lifestyle are more important than we could have ever imagined. Because we have the power to change what our DNA does and how it acts, we aren’t tied to a particular outcome. That, my friend, is freedom! 

Why does understanding your genetic blueprint matter?

Understanding your genetic blueprint is like having your body’s cheat codes. Since your genes respond to your daily choices of food, sleep, movement, supplements, and so much more, having your Genetic Blueprint decoded gives you custom wellness solutions for your unique optimization. All of this is tailored to you and your unique genetic foundations.

What’s included in your Genetic Blueprint and Epigenetics Coaching Session? 

Your Genetic Blueprint includes your DNA test kit, shipped straight to you for saliva collection, secure lab processing, Epigenetic Interpretation of your Genes based on the panels selected, a 1:1 Live Video Coaching Call to review results (recording sent afterward), and your own Custom Wellness Report based on your genes.

You will learn exactly what each panel of your blueprint means. I am here to educate you in a way that is approachable and personalized to YOU. This is NOT a one size fits all approach or solution. 

a genetic test kit

What are the areas of the genetic blueprint that you focus on? 

There are 6 areas in total that correlate with your lifestyle. Nutrition, Supplementation, Environmental Detox, Sleep, Athletic Performance, and Hormones. I recommend that most people start with the three beginning panels (nutrition, supplementation, & detox) because it provides a great foundational overview.

Nutrition is a big one, not only because food is life, but also because we truly have so much control over this area of our life, but it is often an area where we feel the most lost. Especially when it comes to all the information out there on different modalities and plans. Having your Genetic Blueprint cuts through the noise of it all and lets you focus on what’s best for you, instead of what is trending.

Sleep, Athletic Performance, and Hormones are the other three areas of the Genetic Blueprint that allow you to go deeper into the full picture of what your body needs to optimize and feel your best.

What does this correspond to in real life? (i.e., nutrition, sleep, supplements, etc.) 

Let’s take the Nutrition Panel, for example, first. In the Nutrition Panel, you learn which foods work for your body. Potential food triggers, hunger & satiety, digestion, preferences of fats, ideal macro ratios, sugar craving insights, and more. If you’ve ever stood in front of all of the options at the grocery store and thought “well, what is the best option for ME?” then you are not alone, friend. In real life, having this information takes the guesswork out of your daily activities and routines.

The sleep section of the panels gives you your specific circadian propensity, sleep onset, sleep duration, sleep disruption, and more. You even learn about your own melatonin breakdown and production.

Seeing the Supplement Panel, allows me to extract information on what micronutrients your body needs at a foundational level, making it really easy to streamline what supplements are right for you and which ones you don’t need to waste time or money on. 

What kind of testing does this involve?

The genetic test is a simple cheek swab (saliva) that is done in the comfort of your own home. The test is simple and comes with a prepaid and secure envelope to be sent to the lab.

The BEST thing about this kind of testing? No need to retest every few months like other tests out there. Your data never changes. That’s the beauty of our genes. This is a one-time test for life. You always have the option to add on advanced panels later without having to re-run your kit.

Coming from someone who has been through the gamut of functional testing (it’s me), I really love how this provides you with foundational information to last a lifetime. Age doesn’t matter here either because your genetic makeup remains the same, what changes is how we use our lifestyle and environment to optimize.

Epigenetics! Cool right? 

a screenshot of a genetic test kit next to resources you get when working with Becca Roses of Mind Body Genes.

What are some of the common Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) or genetic variants that you see and how do those SNPs in the genetic code affect someone’s health in your experience? 

A common and popular set of genes to talk about is the GAD Genes. This refers to our individual grain sensitivity, but it covers so much more than just that. What we are really talking about here are the SNPs on the set of GAD genes that correspond to the body’s ability to convert Glutamate into GABA. Glutamate is involved in virtually every major excitatory brain function, and in excess, can cause anxiety, agitation, and difficulty sleeping.

On the other side, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) produces an inhibitory and calming effect which can lessen feelings of anxiety & stress and promote better sleep. Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) is responsible for the conversion of glutamate into GABA, so a person with decreased GAD function contributes to a genetic grain sensitivity propensity.  

Another really common set of SNPs/Genetic Variants is the APOe genes and an individual’s APOe status which correlates with how someone is impacted by saturated fat in the diet over time which directly affects potential health impacts.

MTHFR is another gene that you have most likely heard of before, but it might surprise you to learn that there is more than one MTHFR gene with several different SNPs/variants. These genes are very high-impact and responsible for dopamine production and methylation activity.

What are some practical examples of changes you’ve seen in yourself and your clients once they started implementing and supporting their bodies based on their Genetic Blueprints?

Changes I have seen in my clients after implementing and supporting their bodies based on their Genetic Blueprints are improved energy, balanced blood sugar, brain fog/anxiety improved, feeling balanced, and sleeping better. Also, the ability to support themselves with tools that they know will help them instead of having to listen to all of the well-meaning wellness noise.

I have seen big changes myself, not only in the way I approach my nutrition but also in my energy levels, my anxiety, and my sleep. A great practical example is I no longer give myself high doses of glutamate, knowing my GAD gene panel, through many of the foods I was eating before. The biggest lightbulb moment was that many of these foods were common wellness trends I was following at the time just because I thought they would work for me. But instead, like many of my clients, knowing my genes gave me the freedom to only tune into what I now know will best support me and my unique genetic makeup. 

*The information contained within this article is not meant to treat or diagnose and should not be seen as medical advice. The information is educational. Please consult with a doctor or medical professional for any medical needs and/or questions.*

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  1. After learning about her health from a friend, my aunt became interested in epigenetic testing. I made the decision to study more about it because I don’t really know what it is. It’s fortunate that I stumbled on your site because you mentioned that the study of epigenetics examines how your body reacts to its surroundings and the influence that has on your DNA. This includes our eating habits and lifestyle, as you indicated. I’ll make sure to look for experts who can assist my aunt in testing it.


  2. Decent sales pitch. But I can see why the cost was left out of this article.

    $799…no thanks.