Four participants put Equilibria CBD products to the test + shared their honest experience in this review!

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While Equilibria is team Fed + Fit’s go-to CBD brand, we wanted to gather 4 FF community members for a completely honest 30-day review of the products. Here’s how the process worked:

  1. Tons of YOU applied to participate in this review + and we randomly chose four reviewers from the long list of applicants.
  2. Each participant set up a free meeting with an Equilibria dosage specialist (by the way, these consultations are free and encouraged for EVERYONE who tries Equilibria). During this consultation, a daily CBD routine was established.
  3. Each participant was sent product (as established by their daily routine) in exchange for an honest review.
  4. After 30 days (or as close to that as possible) of consistent use, each review answered the 8 questions below.

The Participants 

Before we dive into specific Equilibria review questions and responses, let’s take a second to get to know our four participants and WHY they wanted to incorporate CBD into their day-to-day life.

  • Casey B. – “I am a married woman with a young son (3 YO) and work full time.  Hoping to get a little bit more calm in my mind/body to handle daily stressors.”
  • Colleen M. – “I am 44 years old, I work from home and have 3 kids.  My youngest is doing school from home and it’s been pretty stressful on my everyday routine. Trying to balance work, gym, errands and his school has had my anxiety pretty high. So basically, my main hope was to help me feel more balanced throughout the day. Less like I can’t possibly do all of it!”
  • Kelsey V. – “I just had surgery to remove a bone tumor in my tibia and the whole process of finding out about this + the surgery & recovery was causing a lot of stress and anxiety.  I also run my own business and the stress of taking the time off I needed to recover was overwhelming.  I was hoping that a consistent CBD routine could help calm my nervous system and allow me to relax and recover, combatting some of that overwhelm and anxiety!”
  • Valerie L. – “Stress, poor sleep and inflammation and stiffness associated with my psoriatic arthritis.”

Participant Routines

Each participant met with Equilibria’s dosage specialist to establish an individualized daily routine. Below, you’ll find each routine.

  • Casey B.
    • Morning: 1 full dropper of Daily Drops
    • Early Afternoon: 1 full dropper of Daily Drops
    • As-Needed: 1 Rapid Calming Melt in moments of peak stress or overwhelm; Relief Balm applied to areas of physical discomfort like temples and neck
  • Colleen M.
    • Morning: 1 Daily Gummy
    • Early Evening: 1 full dropper of Daily Drops
    • As-Needed: Relief Balm applied to areas of physical discomfort once daily after workout and as-needed
  • Kelsey V.
    • Morning: 1 Daily Gummy
    • After Lunch: 1 Daily Softgel
    • Relief Balm applied once daily to areas of discomfort and as-needed
    • As-Needed: 1/2 dropper of Daily Drops in moments of peak overwhelm or physical discomfort + another ½ dropper if no relief after 20-30 minutes
  • Valerie L.
    • Morning: 1 Daily Gummy and ½ dropper of Daily Drops
    • Mid-Afternoon: 1 full dropper of Daily Drops
    • At Bedtime: 1 Daily Softgel
    • As-Needed: Relief Balm
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Participant Reviews

Okay, now that you know a little bit about each reviewer + their daily CBD routines (as established by a professional), let’s dive into what they THINK about the products after 30 days of consistent use.

Question #1: Have you noticed any impact to your sleep? If so, please explain.

  • Casey B. – “Not a huge impact, but I have been sleeping more solid and longer the past week.”
  • Colleen M. – “​​I have, thank god! I feel less like my mind is spinning when I am trying to wind down. I definitely think that helps me fall asleep faster and I feel like my sleep is better (I don’t wake up a ton in the middle of the night like I used to and I feel better rested overall).  This is one positive impact that it’s had that totally surprised me!”
  • Kelsey V. – “YES!  I had a really hard time sleeping right after surgery and I started the CBD routine about a week and a half into recovery.  About 3 weeks after surgery, I was finally able to sleep through the night again, which is pretty fast considering the intensity of the surgery.  I have continued to see an improvement in my sleep and am sleeping much more soundly.  I’m also waking up more refreshed than I had in the past, even prior to surgery.”
  • Valerie L. – “I have! I get to sleep faster but more importantly, I am not so restless and do not wake up three or four times per night.”

Question #2: Have you noticed any impact to your anxiety throughout the day? If so, please explain.

  • Casey B. – “No huge impacts, but have noticed a bit more calm in how I handle things.”
  • Colleen M. – “I have!  I feel like I have a better handle on the day and the tasks that need to be done throughout the day. I don’t feel like I’m better at anything, just that the anxiety is curbed which allows me to be way more productive and less stressed out. And if I am feeling especially overwhelmed, I will take a half dose of the drops and a lot of times that helps too. Even my son said I seem more “chill” lately ;).” 
  • Kelsey V. – “Yes definitely, I feel more of an overall sense of calm throughout the day, less tense.”
  • Valerie L. – “My stress reaction has decreased significantly and even when I am stressed, I am not as anxious. Before Equilibria, I had started to get these moments of feeling a tight chest, with something like a hot flash and it was almost always when I was feeling super stressed.  Those have nearly disappeared.”

Question #3: Have you noticed any impact to your focus throughout the day? If so, please explain.

  • Casey B. – “Again no huge impacts, but here and there.”
  • Colleen M. – “I honestly am not sure about this one.  I will keep a closer eye on that while working. I will say that my quality control rate for work has been on a pretty good positive trend so  maybe it is helping with focus too!”
  • Kelsey V. – “I haven’t noticed any significant impact on focus specifically, but it’s possible it has helped a bit.”
  • Valerie L. – “Yes! My mid afternoon slump is gone.  I have more energy and my focus is more sharp. I’m a 42 year old, homeschooling mom of two teens and I’m in college.  So exhaustion and lack of focus by mid afternoon was real but it has improved greatly. I no longer feel the urge to nap every afternoon, and when I’m studying, I’m not questioning what I read every two paragraphs. It’s great!”

Question #4: Have you noticed any impact to your general feeling of well being? If so, please explain.

  • Casey B. – “No.”
  • Colleen M. – “I have!  I’m not hating the hours between 8 & 3 anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that still get me, but overall I am feeling better about how I approach each day now. I’m much more optimistic that I won’t be at my wits end by the end of the day. And I think that better sleep has helped too!”
  • Kelsey V. – “I feel a sense of calm that I did not have before, like my nervous system is getting to rest.”
  • Valerie L. – “Generally, I feel better. I had a horrible case of Covid earlier this year and I just think it threw all my systems off. But I have noticed a significant turnaround.  In some ways, I am feeling like my old self and in other ways, better than my old self.”

Question #5: If you did notice an impact in any of the above categories, how long did it take for you to notice it?

  • Casey B. – “I am only about 3 weeks in and starting to notice a few things. I started these after I came off of a vacation, so I started out more relaxed than I normally am :).”
  • Colleen M. – “I would say I started to notice about a week in.”
  • Kelsey V. – “Within 2-3 days I felt better, although I feel like it took my body about a week or two to fully adjust to my new routine – it continued to improve over time.”
  • Valerie L. – “The sleep I noticed in the first week. Everything else, it was more like a month before I began to really notice a significant difference.”

Question #6: What has been your biggest win from following your CBD routine?

  • Casey B. – “Calm in how I respond to things.”
  • Colleen M. – “It’s amazing how such a simple protocol that I can easily fit into my daily routine has helped so much. It’s also amazing that I don’t feel different, which I was afraid of. I still feel like me…just a better me!”
  • Kelsey V. – “Less heart racing anxiety & more overall feeling of calm.”
  • Valerie L. – “Definitely the sleep and the mid afternoon slump reversal. And I attribute those two things to a better stress reaction.”

Question #7: Will you continue the routine once this study is over?

  • Casey B. – “Possibly. Currently modifying the routine to work for me. Only 3 weeks in.”
  • Colleen M. – “Yes.”
  • Kelsey V. – “I will definitely continue a modified version of the routine that includes the daily gummies & daily drops! I don’t feel like I need the soft gels as much going forward.”
  • Valerie L. – “I will try. Finances are so tight right now but I will most definitely try.”

Question #8: What was your favorite product of those included in your CBD routine?

  • Casey B. – “Calming Melts.”
  • Colleen M. – “I think I would have to say the drops are my favorite.”
  • Kelsey V. – “#1 daily gummies, #2 daily drops (specifically before bed)”
  • Valerie L. – “The Softgels – good sleep is essential to overall well-being. However, I LOVE the Relief Balm. It has really helped my sore body – especially my hands and shoulders.”

There you have it, folks! Four honest Equilibria reviews based on highly individualized daily routines. We hope you found this helpful!
If you’re interested in trying Equilibria, be sure to use code FEDANDFIT for 15% off of your first purchase!

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