Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated – here you’ll find our best recommendations for fitness at home (and how to keep it simple + effective), plus our favorite exercise equipment!

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If you’re anything like me, being cooped up at home for so long has been difficult! I’m used to socializing, and I miss my favorite workout class (I’m a sucker for group classes!) We can’t change the current circumstances, but we can change our response to them. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that we have to sit on the couch all day (though I do love a good movie day) – we can still move our bodies so that we feel our very best. 

Below, you’ll find our favorite home-based workouts (from programs to gym equipment options) and a few tips for gym/fitness center-based workouts (if they’re open and available near you). 

Home-Based Workouts

These workouts can be done in the comfort of your home! Choose a program to follow (most require very little equipment) OR choose home gym equipment and get set up in the garage or a spare room! Either way, you’ll move your body, which does wonders for all aspects of health!


Our favorite easy-to-follow programs – click play, and your instructor will tell you exactly what to do! This route is for the person who wants an easy (though the workouts are anything but!) solution to at-home fitness and doesn’t necessarily have hours to give up each day in order to get a good sweat in.

Each program varies a bit as far as equipment goes, so check the specific program you’re interested in to find exactly what you’ll need. In most cases, a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle are recommended.

  • Fitness Blender – Fitness Blender offers all kinds of workouts (think: HIIT, strength training, pilates, toning, etc.) at every fitness level, and they’ve got a large library of free workouts to choose from. You also have the option to sign up for a 2 ($7.99), 4 ($14.99), or 8 ($19.99) week program.
  • Power Program – our friend, Julie (of PaleOMG), created this 12-week program for those who want to work out hard + well either at a gym or at home. There are 60 different workouts for beginner and advanced fitness levels, and the workout types and lengths vary each day! This program is $69.99, and you can complete it as many times as you’d like!
  • POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube – completely free and SO MANY options! The dance cardio videos are so fun!
  • BBG – Kayla Itsines created this at-home workout program in both eBook and app form, so you can choose which works best for you. The BBG program starts with beginner weeks to help you become familiar with the moves you’ll be doing and then moves on to more advanced work as your fitness increases!
  • barre3 – I took a barre3 class (at the studio) in Denver one time and fell in love! These classes are all about targeting small muscles and will really make you sweat! barre3 is offering a free 15-day trial so there’s nothing to lose!
  • Nourish Move Love – Lindsey, the face behind Nourish Move Love, has tons of free workouts to choose from and has some really great pre and postnatal options for all of you mamas and mamas-to-be!
  • Glo – with over 4,000 yoga classes (of all levels) available on-demand, this is a perfect option for any yoga level! Plus, Glo is offering a free 15-day trial right now!
  • YogiApproved – YogiApproved is offering a free trial also, and has tons of classes to choose from. They add new classes each week to keep things fresh! 
  • Yoga with Adriene – Adriene is the sweetest gal from Austin, TX, and offers free class options and a paid monthly subscription. I personally love these classes!

two dumbbells on a blue workout mat

Basic Home Gym Equipment 

If you’re less interested in a program and more interested in setting up a (basic) home gym, this is for you. We’re giving you 6 pieces of gym equipment that’ll help you get a good sweat in!

  1. Medicine Ball – medicine balls (option 1 + option 2) are so versatile and can really help develop your body strength. Check out this visual for some really great medicine ball moves! The general medicine ball weight recommendation (though this will vary based on your level of fitness, age, body size, etc.) is 6lbs. If you’re a beginner, you may start with 4lbs, and if you’re advanced 8lbs may be a good weight for you!
  2. Kettlebell – kettlebells (we like this one) are great for strength training, specifically weighted explosive moves, because their shape makes them easier to swing around than dumbbells. Here’s a great resource for strength-building kettlebell exercises. The general weight recommendation for beginners is 10-15lbs.
  3. Jump Rope – jump ropes are an incredible way to get your heart pumping fast! They are a super accessible way to get a cardio session in without leaving the house! We like this one + this one. 
  4. Yoga Mat – yoga mats aren’t just for yoga! Since you’ll be working up a sweat, any exercises you do laying down (think: crunches, pushups, glute bridges, etc.) are bound to get the floor that you’re working out on pretty sweaty. Yoga mats also provide cushion for your back + knees! Here’s a standard yoga mat, and here’s the one I have and LOVE.
  5. Pedometer – pedometers are a great way to keep track of your steps (if you’re into walking or running) and heart rate during exercise!  Here’s a basic option, and here’s an option with a few more capabilities (like sleep + exercise tracking and 24/7 heart rate monitoring).
  6. Resistance Bands – If you don’t want to purchase weights, resistance bands are a great alternative! We love these cloth ones because don’t slip while working out.

Advanced Home Gym Equipment 

If you’re in the market for a larger piece of equipment for your home gym, these are our top picks! 

  • Peloton Bike – these bikes are expensive, but with good reason! With a Peloton bike (and the paid monthly membership), you can not only access TONS of on-demand classes (not just cycling!), but also weekly live classes! So neat! The instructors are incredibly motivating so you’ll want to push through no matter how tired you are!
  • Assault Fitness Air Runner – this is not your average treadmill – it actually runs on your power rather than an electric motor and was specially designed for HIIT workouts. It’s super durable and super effective!
  • Mirror – you guys, this thing makes me feel like I’m living with the Jetsons! Lean or hang the Mirror on the wall, and watch it transform into a cardio class, boxing ring, yoga studio, and more! It’s super interactive, and your virtual instructor even has the capability to correct your form! 
  • Hydrow – this rower brings the water to you! With hundreds of live and on-demand rowing workouts at your fingertips, you’re sure to get in a good sweat with this machine!

bottom half of woman running on a greenery filled trail


Running and walking can be done in your neighborhood or on the trails! With very little necessary equipment, this is a sport that anyone can get into! Read Fed+Fit team member, Lauren’s, guide on how to train for a half marathon for all of the best running tips!

Running Apps

  • Strava (iOS + Andriod) – this one is super popular in the running world! Strava allows you to track your runs and stats, and compare your performance to others who have run the same route. This one’s great for the competitive runner!
  • Map My Run (iOS + Andriod) – Map My Run has mapped out routes for you to choose from but also allows you to track all of your metrics (distance, pace, elevation, etc.) if you choose your own route! This one’s great for the curious runner!
  • Nike+ Run Club (iOS + Andriod) – Nike+ Run Club has all of the tracking features mentioned above, but also adds some motivation with coaching features, and end-of-run celebrations from top athletes! This one is great for the runner who needs a little bit of extra guidance + motivation!

Basic Equipment Needed

  • Running Shoes – a good pair of shoes is essential in preventing injury and keeping you comfortable on your run. The best pair varies widely from person to person and largely depends on your running stride, arch, and foot shape. A few of our favorites are these Adidas and these Nikes!
  • Running Shorts – investing in a couple of quality shorts can also make a big difference during your run. The last thing you want is to be constantly pulling up your shorts, or trying to keep them from riding up (two very different problems, but equally as annoying on a run!) Bike shorts are great for running, plus, they’re back in style!  These Athleta pair are great, as are these Lululemon pair, and these Outdoor Voices pair!
  • Running Belt – this belt is a great addition to your running gear. With space for two water bottles (included), a see-through pouch for your phone, and a pocket for keys, a small wallet, or headphones, you will be able to run completely hands-free without having to leave your belongings at home or locked in your car!
  • Headphones – these wireless earbuds are a fraction of the price of many similar earbuds, but work every bit as well. Having a good pair of wireless earbuds allows you to listen to your favorite playlist or audiobook on your run without having to deal with annoying wires!

Gym or Fitness Center-Based

As soon as they’re open (and you feel comfortable), we encourage you to get back to your group fitness classes! As you’re looking for classes to try, keep an eye out for outdoor classes (so that you can keep a good distance from others) and the mask requirements (those will likely vary from class to class). We recommend referring to your state/county’s guidelines on the specifics of gym/fitness-center based workouts! 

We hope this guide to fitness at home is super helpful as you get your body moving and your heart pumping! Remember to have fun – this should be something that boosts your mental health too!


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  1. I always love you thoughtful recommendation. Can’t wait to give the Nourish Move Love site a try! Also, I love Yoga with Adriene! So easy to find her stuff on youtube, but I still need prenatal classes right now!

    1. Thank you! Totally agree – Yoga with Adriene is so good!!

  2. I would love to learn more about the air runner. I have had my treadmill for coming up on 20 years. Would like to understand more about how it works. I like how my treadmill has pre-programmed walks/runs and forces me to run a certain speed. How does the air runner compare?

    1. Hi Tracey! The AirRunner doesn’t have a motor and instead runs on your own power – because of this, you decide the speed (walk or run faster or slower depending on how you want to adjust speed). The AirRunner mimics running or walking on real ground more than a treadmill does, and is also more ergonomic than a flat treadmill! I hope this helps!