“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
– Lao-Tze

In 2011, almost 5 full years ago, I started my healthy food blog. It was mostly Paleo and I published about 3 new recipes each week. With zero knowledge of how to run a website, write professional recipes, or take food photos, I started my blog because my friends and family asked me to. They’d witnessed my transformation and wanted to know more. They wanted to know HOW. So, I figured it out! It was incredibly scary, but their support gave me strength.

For those of you who don’t know, my journey to lasting health started about 8 years ago. Diets weren’t working, my joint pain seemed never-ending, and my waistline kept growing. I couldn’t stay awake in my college classes or on the road. It was time for a change – a BIG change. So, I took myself on as an experiment in Paleo and a mixed fitness program.

“Successful” doesn’t even begin to describe the journey. Yes, I lost 10 dress sizes. Yes, I became a happier, healthier, more vibrant version of myself. Yes, my joint pain was resolved and my energy levels renewed.

But … (and this is where I get mushy – bear with me)

The part of this story that means the most, is the opportunity to know and work for you. I share my work for you and for your family. I share it so that you have a home-base for health and positivity. I share it so that you have one more tool in your pocket. A tool that may help you to go out and make incredible things happen in the world.

SO, what’s my GREAT BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? What is this highly-teased #fedandfitsurpriseproject all about?

I know a bunch of you smarty-pants already have it figured out ….


AH! A BOOK! It’s the most humbling, exciting, and equally terrifying endeavor I’ve ever embarked on.

Fun facts about the book:

  • Name: Fed & Fit
  • When can I hold it in my hands? July 12, 2016 (a few months away!)
  • Is it available for pre-order on Amazon? YES! You can find it by clicking HERE.
  • You just got married. Are you changing your name for the book? Nope! I’m going to remain Cassy Joy Garcia professionally – I started my business as a Garcia and my Papa (paternal grandfather) would be tickled pink.
  • Is it a cookbook? YES! It’s going to have over 175 (easy, delicious, batch-cook-friendly) recipes.
  • Are these new recipes? YUP. In fact, these are some of my most prized recipes and I’ve been saving them for this very purpose. I can’t WAIT for you to see them!
  • What kind of recipes are we talking about? These recipes are as healthy as healthy gets. In fact, while writing this book – I ate more than EVER before and my body never changed. There are LOTS of casserole recipes, slow-cooker dishes, a very special “things that are stuffed” chapter, and no baked goods.
  • Juli Bauer is working with you on this?? She sure is! My soul sister, JB of PaleOMG, graciously teamed up with me to help augment the fitness section of the book with her incredible expertise and perspective. I wanted you guys to have THE BEST and she is the best.
  • Are you working with Juli on something else too? I sure am! Surprise #2 will be announced within the next month(ish).
  • Is your program going to be in the book? YES! I’m including a 28-day all-encompassing “Fed+Fit Project”-style nutrition and fitness template in the book. I’m also including a comprehensive overview of the 4 pillars of health and a BUNCH of perplexing nutrition science topics (the cortisol roller-coaster, portion sizes 101, fat vs. sugar adapted) explained with simple illustrations.
  • This is so exciting, what can I do to help? From what I understand about this book business, pre-orders are the name of the game. The more orders placed before the book’s release date, the more likely it will be available to more people down the line! Your pre-ordering is going to be tremendously helpful. Feel free to share this email with everyone/everyone who may enjoy this book, too!
  • Will you have a launch party and/or book tour? YES! The party will be in San Antonio, TX in mid-July (you’re all invited) and the book tour will follow nation-wide. Stay tuned for details!

So why all the mush? Well to be completely honest (I know no other way), writing a book is absolutely terrifying. When I write things on the internet, I have the option to edit, to expand, and to evolve. This book is an all-encompassing, in-depth overview on my nutrition, fitness, and cooking methods. I’m taking all the points collected over the last 8 years and connecting the dots. It’s, at times, overwhelming. Especially when my mind wonders to “are people going to find this helpful?

What truly gets me through, is the courage I have from YOUR support. Every single email, blog note, comment on Instagram, Facebook, and (even) Snapchat means the absolute world to me. You’re my fuel and my backbone. I want to consider this book a team effort and a team accomplishment. I’m just the spearhead. I’ve kept notes of your questions over the years and used them (combined with my personal experience) to build the content in the book. The power of this resource will be in YOUR hands. My dream is that you have a handy reference book of tired-and-true nutrition, a food+fitness program that changes lives, and over 175 squeaky-clean recipes to share with YOUR PEOPLE. This book is for people who want to make a lasting change and for the people who want to support them.

I can’t wait for you to see the finished product.

Click HERE to pre-order your copy in Amazon!

Your friend and partner,

Cassy Joy

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About the Author

Cassy Joy Garcia, NC

Cassy Joy Garcia, a New York Times best-selling author, of Cook Once Dinner Fix, Cook Once Eat All Week, and Fed and Fit as well as the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed & Fit.

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  1. Hi Cassy,

    I preordered. I am looking forward to your recipes and your 28 day plan. I am new to Paleo and looking to feel better and to drop the pounds.

    1. Thanks so much for your support Sondra!! Can’t wait for you to receive your copy 🙂