Today’s post is a peek into a day in my life and is brought to you by my friends at Lorissa’s Kitchen! Lorissa’s Kitchen makes my favorite high-quality meat snacks including my fav 100% grass-fed beef sticks that I REALLY have come to rely on for staying healthy every day.

women with long dark hair standing over a baby in an activity chair eating a beef stick with a white dog in the background

Back in the old-school days of blogging, these were the kinds of blog posts I enjoyed reading the most. I LOVED getting a peek into someone’s day and really loved learning about other’s routines. What others do, day in and day out, helped me brainstorm (in a more practical sense) what I can do in my own day. I love knowing about morning routines, what they make for breakfast, when they squeeze in a workout, when they snack (and on what), and how they balance work with family time.

So, it’s in that spirit that I’m writing to you today! “A Day in My Life” looks so much different right now than it did 6 months ago (before Gray was born). I find that I’m even BETTER now at time management than I was before! My day is made up of time spent setting ME up for success (helping me show up even better for others), time pouring into family, time pouring into friends, and time pouring into my business. I’m more productive and better about using my time wisely. So, let’s get to it!

6:00 a.m. (ish) – RISE AND SHINE

Graysen (our 6-month-old daughter) is still in our room with us, so I usually wake up when she wakes up. Austin (my hubby) will scoop her up, change her overnight diaper, and whisk her off to the couch for some Daddy/daughter time. I slide out of bed, kiss Gus right between his eyes, and make my way to the bathroom to quickly get ready. I have found that if I get ready for the day RIGHT AWAY, it helps my day start off a little easier. I’ll slide into my outfit for the day (usually some form of stretchy pants, sneakers, and t-shirt), bush my teeth, brush my hair, rinse my face, apply lotion, and apply some mascara. I then make my way out to our living room, usually right when Austin has Graysen face-timing (totally a verb, right?) his parents in San Angelo, TX. I settle in next to my pump for a morning milk deposit and sip my coffee (heavy cream + maple syrup + collagen) while I watch a little ESPN or HGTV (depends on who chose the channel).

Sometime after pumping, I’ll make us a quick breakfast, nurse Gray, feed Gus, and clean the kitchen.

8:00 a.m. – “CAN WE PEASE GO NOW?” -Gus

At *about* 8:00 a.m., the whole family gets ready for our neighborhood trail walk. Usually inspired by Gus giving us the “it’s time to go” look, we’ll get ourselves packed up. Gus is snapped into his harness, Gray is strapped into her stroller, coffees are poured into travel mugs, and we make our way out the door. I SO cherish this time in the morning. Austin (+ Gus and Gray) and I get about 1.5 miles (about 45 minutes) to just talk. We start off with some house-keeping conversations: how to handle our upcoming travel plans, how cute Gus’s Grinch feet are, if we have room in the budget for our first real vacation for just the two of us, etc. Then, once those are out of the way, we get to talk about the bigger things: ultimate dreams, how we can support one-another even better, how we can support our friends/family even better, how we may tackle parenting decisions, etc.

NOTE: On crazier days (which, sometimes feel like half of the days), I don’t have time for breakfast before our walk. BUT, because I am drinking coffee, I need to have a snack. My favorite thing to grab is a grass-fed beef stick by Lorissa’s Kitchen on my way out the door! I love the Smokey Sweet flavor. 

a woman in workout attire with long dark hair holding beef snacks next to a baby in a stroller


Unless it’s the rare occasion that I have a big looming deadline (at which this time I would hand Graysen off to a baby helper), Gray and I settle in for some morning snuggles. She naps while I hold her, keep sipping coffee, Vox (like the app) my Fed & Fit or Beautycounter team, and see what those adorable Property Brothers are up to now.


I still need to find a better name for our mostly full-time babysitter. She’s SO MUCH MORE than that! Cailey came into our lives and is now a real-deal member of #teamfedandfit. She helps with Gray, advises us at Fed & Fit (on all things relevant to 21 y/o’s), keeps us laughing, and cares beautifully for baby. On most days, she holds Gray right alongside our team while we’re working in the kitchen. It’s just so nice to have baby right by us, but I’ve still got 2 hands to get other work done (even though my brain is divided – half on baby, half on work).

I spend my day working through the tasks at hand! Some days I jet off to a coffee shop to computer next to a hot latte, some days I stay at home and interview guests for the podcast, some days Amber and I dirty every dish in the house as we develop recipes, and other days Amber (team member #1) and I sit and brainstorm at the kitchen table or up in our loft-style office. Gray is right by us and I get to nurse her on-demand (about every 2 hours). I so cherish those nursing sessions in the middle of the day. She reminds me to stop, drink water, breathe, and look into the eyes of a loved one.

The work day CAN last until 5 (especially on book-writing days), but I like for it to conclude around 3:00 p.m.

This time block is actually where I prefer to workout, too! There’s a noon CrossFit class that I love to attend. Though this time has been tough to negotiate (with a book #2 deadline), this is when I love to get in a sweat. My hubby (who also works from home) and I will go get in a workout and then hop back into our work day right after.

For meals, I do like to make sure I’m getting in a solid lunch …but, let’s be honest. That doesn’t always happen. So, I try to keep some healthy snacks in my purse so that I can quickly grab a few bites while I’m on the run or at my computer! A few of my favorites are Lorissa’s Kitchen grass-fed steak strips in Korean Barbeque for quick protein, a small pack of cashews, some dried fruit, and few squares of dark chocolate.

a woman with long dark hair working on her computer while eating beef snacks


About this time (again, unless we’re chasing a crazy deadline), I grab Graysen and we settle in for another nap and then playtime. While she naps, I’ll work on my phone or make my way even further though the documentary collection on Netflix (any recommendations?). Once she wakes up, phone/TV goes away and we just play! We practice her rolling, read books, giggle in the mirror, and make up songs.

6:00 p.m. – BATH, DINNER, THEN BED

We start Gray’s bedtime routine right about now! At about 6:00 p.m., we’ll start drawing her bath (which she loves). After her bath, we put her in her jammies, Austin and I eat dinner, I clean the kitchen, then sit down to nurse Gray one last time before she falls asleep. Computers are put away and we just spend time as a family.

9:00 p.m. – MAMA OUT

Let’s be honest – most days, I’m in bed earlier than 9. Once baby is really asleep, I’ll put on a pair of PJ’s, wash my face, brush my teeth, put my hair in a “no knots top knot,” and snuggle up in bed. If we’re in bed early, we may turn on a show, but mostly, we’re grateful for the rest so we just drift off to sleep right away.


Why I choose Lorissa’s Kitchen for my snacks… first of all, the ingredients are top-notch. They will ONLY source 100% grass-fed beef and chickens raised without antibiotics, neither of which have added growth hormones. Lorissa’s Kitchen helps me save time and keep me fueled for our busy days by providing a healthy, grab and go snack. I LOVE their stuff!

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Cassy Joy Garcia, a New York Times best-selling author, of Cook Once Dinner Fix, Cook Once Eat All Week, and Fed and Fit as well as the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed & Fit.

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  1. Enjoyed this post! Does Gray wake up in the middle of the night to nurse or does she sleep until 6am?

  2. It was so nice hearing how you structure you’re day! You strike a great balance between work and taking care of your little one, that is so nice to be able to have her with you all day. I am currently a stay at home mom to two under two so I can definitely relate to getting dressed as soon as possible and just wanting to get rest at the end of the day lol. I do miss working sometimes and hope to find something in a few years or possibly remotely. Thank you for this helpful post on balancing it all!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You are surely blessed to have so much support around you. Congratulations and continue to enjoy each moment.

  4. This is amazing. I love a good schedule break down! I need to know the brand of play table and stroller in these pics, they both look so classy and not overly bulky. Where are they from??

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Loved this post! I, too, love reading daily routines like the good ol’ blogging days 🙂 question – does sweet Gray only nap twice during the day? My little boy (4 months) is still napping an hour after each feed – usually every 3 hours. I know there’s no right answer on how to parent, but i like seeing what everyone is doing! Thanks so much! Love reading your posts!