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Bun in the oven might leave you scratching your head, and I know you can’t wait for the details, but first let me just say…

I can’t believe we’re here …and we’re here together! You guys have been with me from the beginning of this blog, the release of my first book, my engagement, my marriage, and so much of this pinch-me happily ever after. The next chapter of our lives has come into focus and I’m thrilled to finally let you in on the details…

a large white dog in a kitchen staring at an open oven with a hotdog bun in it

You guys, there’s a baby on the way.


Had you guessed?  That’s the bun in the oven just in case you aren’t familiar with that old saying!

She (SHE!!) is in my belly right now …oh gosh, the waterworks are starting and my fellow coffee shop folks are politely pretending not to notice.

We are SO excited! My husband, Austin, was BORN to be a Dad (yep, now the tears are really flowing) and I just think she’s the luckiest girl in the whole wide world to have him as a father. There is a LOT of newness ahead of us and we’re really looking forward to riding the waves of parenthood.

You probably have questions, so let’s chat details!

Note: this is the most personal post I’ve ever written in my 6 years of blogging. Despite my private nature, we’ve made the decision as a family to share the real-real with the hope that it may comfort anyone who has experienced or is experiencing something similar.

a smiling woman with long dark wavy hair stands with her hands palm up with a white shirt on that read "it's not a food baby"

How far along are you?

I’m currently 16 weeks! That puts me right at the beginning of my 2nd trimester. Baby girl is due January 13, 2018; which is actually my Papa’s (paternal grandfather) birthday. As soon as I learned the due date, I ugly cried. He was such a special, joyful, wonderful man that I have ALWAYS admired and who I strive to emulate. I was reminded that he was there, with us, excited to be a part of the ride ahead, even from up above. Note: I know the odds of her being born on her due date are slim, but gosh it feels like the warmest hug in the meantime.

How did you find out?

I took a “First Response” pregnancy test first thing in the morning before a BIG Beautycounter conference in Dallas, TX. Honestly, I didn’t think I was pregnant. I’d taken a test 3 days earlier (I was so eager) and had a negative result. I thought to take another test that morning because I knew there would be no shortage of cocktails at the conference, so I wanted to rule it out before I indulged in some bubbly with my beauty friends. My bleary-eyed 5:00 a.m. self looked at the positive result in jaw-dropped disbelief. My first (honest) thought was, “it’s too early to get this kind of news! Austin isn’t even awake yet!” I panicked. I put the stick back in the wrapper and hid it under the sink. I then made coffee, waited for Austin to surface, and took another test with him. Getting our great news didn’t play out like a movie. I didn’t bounce over to him with a fresh blowout and a positive test. There were no balloons or “you’re going to be a Dad!” greeting cards. Instead, it played out in the BEST real-life kind of way. My makeup was halfway applied, my hair was sopping wet, and my semi-packed suitcase spread out everywhere. In a frenzy, we took the test, waited the infinite 3 minutes for the results, and looked at each other in disbelief. It happened. A positive result. We’re being trusted with a baby!! Life was instantly different and I so, so cherish that haphazard morning.

Though we’d decided that we wanted our parents to be the first to know, that very evening my HIGHLY intuitive friend Diane Sanfilippo mouthed to me from across a party, “I’m onto you!” The next day, she asked, “are you pregnant? Because I have NEVER known you to pass up sushi and prosecco.” Ha! She was the first to know. 😉

Our parents were, of course, overjoyed. Baby girl will be the 6th grandchild (6th granddaughter, in fact!) on my husband’s side and she’ll be the first on mine. I think she’s got the best dang grandparents in the whole wide world.

Is she healthy? …and, how do you already know she’s a she?

I’m thrilled to tell you that she *is* healthy and measuring LARGE! Hearing her heartbeat for that first time was an incredible experience that I’ll likely never forget. One of our sonograms came back abnormal, so our doctor ordered a mother’s blood test (works like a normal blood draw, VERY different from amniocentesis) to rule out some possibly dangerous conditions. Scared isn’t the right word for how we felt …the couple weeks of not knowing were a strange state of limbo. We prayed for health and for the constitution to be whatever the baby needed. We weren’t scared because we knew we are made for (and will have joy in) the road ahead. We were eager to get official, not ambiguous results. We were eager to learn about the BEST ways to care for our baby in the womb. After a few weeks of waiting, we learned that the baby was healthy (PRAISE) and also that there were no Y-chromosomes detected in my blood …SHE’S A SHE! Though we’ll get an additional confirmation of sex at our 20-week sonogram, this blood test is known to be 99% correct.


Have you had any pregnancy symptoms?

Though the first trimester is notorious for nausea, food aversions, extreme exhaustion, and headaches, I’m counting my lucky stars because I have been symptom-free MINUS the headaches. I’ve experienced zero nausea, no aversions to any food, have had no food cravings (I have a hunch my diet is related), and only minor fatigue. That being said, the headaches more than made up for the others. GOODNESS, those guys were brutal. It’s possible you didn’t notice, but I’ve been a little slower to blog, slower to respond to emails, and slower to post on social media for the last couple months …this is why. Week 6 of pregnancy delivered the first migraine of my life and it knocked me on my tush for a good 4 days. After that, I’d walk through each day (of about 8 weeks) with a minor to severe headache. I’d try to muscle through work on the minor headache days and would wait out the storm hunkered down on the bad days. Because Advil is on the no-no list for pregnancy, I tried every other safe trick in the book. The ONLY thing that brought some relief was a visit to a chiropractor. Note: dehydration and food-related causes were all ruled out. I’m thrilled to say that it seems (knock on wood) that the majority of the headaches are behind me! I feel like me again and, after coming out of the fog, am eager to get back to work.

Were you trying?

Baby girl was wanted but not stressed over. Austin and I married in October of 2015 and knew that we wanted *at least* one year of marriage with just the two of us (and Gus, of course). Without knowing if we could even have kids, we’d made the decision to be open to whatever life had in store for us. After about 3 months of being ready for a baby, we decided to test my cycle with ovulation sticks. Worth noting: I have a VERY normal cycle. I’ve had a 27-day cycle ever since I stopped using birth control pills about 7 years ago. Though I tried the temperature method, I wasn’t quite as strict with the timings as needed for accurate results. As it turns out, I was ovulating a whopping 4 days sooner than I’d thought! Though 4 months before getting a positive pregnancy result is NOT a long period of time (it may take couples 6 to 12 months to conceive), the experience has left me truly in awe of the miracle of new life. For some brief entertainment, this YouTube video does an AMAZING JOB of illustrating the odds of conception …plus, the doomsday music had us rolling.

Have you picked out a name?

Though we DO have a front-runner for a name, I’m going to save that for a future post. However, we do have a nickname I can share! During our first sonogram, I remarked that the baby looked like a cricket …so we’ve been calling her Cricket ever since.

What does this mean for your blog/business?

For the time being, we’re business as usual! Amber, my trusted Project Manager, and I are working to get blog posts scheduled about 3 months out so that I can have a nice long maternity leave. That being said, I do still plan to post on social media in real-time. As I continue to learn and as we gather personal experiences, I will share our #fedandfitbaby experiences here as a new column!

Note that I DO have another enormous project we’re looking to launch late this year/early next year. This project is something you can *actually* sink a fork into! YES this is cutting close to when baby girl arrives. We’re building a team to help make it happen so that I can be in or out of the picture if ever needed. There’s a LOT of pregnancy left and a LOT unknown about Cricket, we’re planing my involvement on the extremely conservative side so that I can be fully present with her.

Any reservations?

A part of the reason I waited so long to share the news about this little bun in the oven is because I’ve seen *many* of my blogger friends get eaten ALIVE by unsolicited advice/parental policing by well-meaning readers. It, honestly, terrifies me …but, I think that there are two important things to take into consideration. First, this Fed & Fit community (YOU) is full of the most compassionate, loving, supportive, wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing …so I know you’ll honor us through this process. Second, addressing this head-first is out of respect for everyone involved. We have a LOT to learn and look forward to learning it in real-time with our personal experiences. We’re walking into parenthood ready to stay on our toes and excited to learn lessons in their due time.

I have more questions! Will you be sharing more??

YES! I plan to publish pregnancy updates (including bump photos) here on the blog, so I’ll likely cover most of your questions in the coming posts. If you’re familiar with me, my book, and my brand, you know how much I value informed decisions. As such, I’m currently and happily exploring the available trustworthy literature on the important pregnancy, delivery, and babe-related topics. I promise to share what resonates with our family (which when combined with personal experience, will get us closer to possible truths) as I finish sifting through what’s out there.

THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with us, and sharing in our joy over this little bun in the oven!

With love,

Cassy Joy

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  1. Sarah says

    Sarah —  07/28/2017 At 15:29

    Congratulations to you and Austin! This is so exciting, and I just know y’all will be great parents. Baby girl is blessed that God is giving her to you two. Praying for smooth second and third trimesters and an easy delivery!

  2. Jamey says

    Jamey —  07/28/2017 At 15:41

    Congratulations! Enjoy this time.

  3. Nora says

    Nora —  07/28/2017 At 15:44

    Yay congrats!!! Such joyous news and as a mom of 4 I had my suspicions when your headaches started and IG slowed down! You’ll be phenomenal parents and Gus will be a great big brother! My 2 year old baby woke up this morning and asked to hug our fur baby before giving me a good morning hug – she adores her furry sister and it’s simply adorable! We have a 3 year old lab who is full of energy but the sweetest calmest thing around the baby! This is such happy news for a Friday afternoon!! xoxo

  4. Laura says

    Laura —  07/28/2017 At 15:44

    This is possible the most adorable post I’ve ever read! I’ve been following you for a while and while I love your content, what really keeps me coming back is your sparkling attitude and bubbling personally! I honestly have never ‘met’ someone so genuine and nice in my whole life. You and Austin will be great parents and I wish you all the happiness! I’m so excited to see more info on Cricket and bump photos. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  5. Emily says

    Emily —  07/28/2017 At 15:46

    Cassy, thanks for sharing your journey with us. So happy for you and Austin, and I just know you will make absolutely terrific parents. Baby girl Cricket is a lucky gal. Looking forward to more pregnancy posts! <3

  6. Julie says

    Julie —  07/28/2017 At 15:49

    Congratulations Cassy Joy and Austin! Ive never met you, except on IG, but I can just tell that will be the best mommy, “Criicket” is a lucky little girl.

  7. Melissa says

    Melissa —  07/28/2017 At 16:00

    Just the best news ever! When you said Liz told you to eat more fruit…was hoping this announcement would be coming. Congrats!

  8. Kennedy says

    Kennedy —  07/28/2017 At 16:06

    I am SO thrilled for your little family!!! I wish you the most wonderful journey and that little one is so lucky to have you as a mom.

  9. Jen says

    Jen —  07/28/2017 At 16:22

    Beyond thrilled!!!

  10. Jennifer says

    Jennifer —  07/28/2017 At 16:23

    Congratulations!! Many blessings on this news to you both! May the Lord bless you and Keep you, may He cause His face to shine upon you and give you both peace.

  11. Cassie Kellison says

    Cassie Kellison —  07/28/2017 At 16:33

    I’m so happy for you! You had me misty eyed there a few times! I only have boys and nephews, so girls are a complete mystery to me! I am looking forward to seeing the sweet little Cricket and Gus chronicles!

  12. Jennifer says

    Jennifer —  07/28/2017 At 16:36

    So exciting! Fed & Fit baby and the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2040! When I found out I was pregnant, I had recently made your Italian stuffed eggplant (which was delicious), but I brought leftovers to work and could not stomach them. I instantly knew what my veggie aversion meant.

  13. Megan says

    Megan —  07/28/2017 At 16:38

    Oh my gosh I’m so excited! My husband and I loveeee your recipes and of course watching all of your instagram stories with Gus. I was just yelling that Gus’ mom is pregnant! I’m due January 17th so I’m doubly excited to follow along with your journey! Congrats!!!!

  14. Christa says

    Christa —  07/28/2017 At 16:42

    Overjoyed for you and your precious family! I shed some tears reading your story, you are such a gracious and wonderful individual and I am so so excited to cheer you on in this new journey!

  15. Sarah says

    Sarah —  07/28/2017 At 16:48

    Awe! Congratulations! So excited for you both and Gus!!

  16. Adrienne says

    Adrienne —  07/28/2017 At 16:48

    “I’m onto you” LOL Congratulations!! <3

  17. Lindsay says

    Lindsay —  07/28/2017 At 16:51

    Yeah!! So so happy for you! That night at the Sushi restaurant is when I first met you! How cool it was such a big day in your life! You will be amazing parents and the date date is just such a blessing and sign of many more miracles to come! Congrats!

  18. Linda says

    Linda —  07/28/2017 At 16:52

    I’m so happy for you guys!! Thank you for allowing us to share in this very personal and special experience. Did you know crickets are considered good luck?

  19. Candace says

    Candace —  07/28/2017 At 16:55

    Yea!! So exciting! I’m very thankful that you both are sharing your journey with us! Love and hugs!

  20. Laura says

    Laura —  07/28/2017 At 16:57

    I am sooo happy for your guys! My husband and I are expecting our first baby this November, so it will be cool to follow along on your journey since we’re not too too far apart! I look forward to reading your updates and seeing how Gus adapts to being a big brother!

  21. LUcy says

    LUcy —  07/28/2017 At 17:37

    Dianne is crazy intuitive

  22. Alison says

    Alison —  07/28/2017 At 18:13

    Cassy, you are inspiring! I love your clarity of thought and your demeanor! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I love everything you do, especially your Gus voice 🙂 You will be an awesome mama!!

  23. Rylee says

    Rylee —  07/28/2017 At 18:49

    Cassie you are just adorable! Can’t wait to follow your journey through the social interweb! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  24. Trish says

    Trish —  07/28/2017 At 19:26

    Thank you for sharing! I’m so excited for you!

  25. Morgan says

    Morgan —  07/28/2017 At 19:29

    Congratulations! How exciting for you both. I am due with our first almost exactly a month after you (2/12) …and it’s my husband’s birthday! Such an exciting time for sure, and I am so glad you have felt well (minus those dang headaches – ugh!). Excited to follow your journey!

  26. Candace says

    Candace —  07/28/2017 At 20:43

    What a great mommy you already are!

  27. Andrea Foushanji says

    Andrea Foushanji —  07/29/2017 At 04:28

    Congratulations to you both! My husband and I are expecting our first on a February 6th, 2018. We, like you and Austin, decided to wait a while before trying to have kids. So many of my friends took YEARS to get pregnant, so I expected something similar
    I am still not quite sure how it happened. We decided we were ready to have kids at the beginning of May 2017, and got a positive pregnancy test at the beginning of June. We are very blessed! I dreamed of buying a Father’s Day card and announcing that I was pregnant. There was no hiding my expression and my husband knew as soon as I made eye contact.
    I recently remember wondering if you were planning to have children, because I connect with you and enjoy you. Now I can relate even more to you.

  28. Kim says

    Kim —  07/29/2017 At 07:42

    CONGRATS, CASSY! When you said you’d be sharing big news I couldn’t help but wonder! Aww, y’all are going to be such great parents!

  29. Miranda says

    Miranda —  07/29/2017 At 10:13

    We are SO EXCITED for you guys! Thanks so much for sharing and CONGRATS!

  30. Sarah says

    Sarah —  07/29/2017 At 11:13

    Awww! Congratulations! This is such wonderful and exciting news! You are the kindest person I’ve never met! I think you’ll be the best mommy!

  31. CYNTHIA says

    CYNTHIA —  07/29/2017 At 11:25

    OH, CASEY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAYYY! so HAPPY! best. NEWS. EVER! EVER! I totally feel like an auntie, since I have been following for some time now.. I feel the connection & I am so HAPPY for you 2:) well, 3! Blessings and jOy to you and your loved ones:)

  32. Sarah says

    Sarah —  07/29/2017 At 12:18

    So, so, SO excited for you and your family! Can’t wait to follow along on your exciting journey!

  33. Alice says

    Alice —  07/29/2017 At 12:42

    I’m getting teary-eyed with excitement for you! You two and Gus will create a wonderful, healthy, loving life for little baby girl.

  34. Kim says

    Kim —  07/29/2017 At 12:57

    I just don’t have enough words for how happy I am for you and Austin and Gus! Children truly are a gift from God! Thank you for being willing to share this special time with all of us!! I’ll be praying for a happy, healthy baby and a smooth, drama free pregnancy and delivery! Congrats!!

  35. Jen says

    Jen —  07/29/2017 At 13:02

    Congratulations to you and Austin! Thank you for sharing with us! Hearing what is going on with you is like adding a ray of sunshine To my day. ☀️

  36. Miranda says

    Miranda —  07/29/2017 At 13:37

    Overjoyed for you!!! I hope she’s a little ball of sunshine just like her mommy!! ☀️✨

  37. Cassie says

    Cassie —  07/29/2017 At 15:01

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Best wishes for a terrific pregnancy and healthy baby girl!

  38. Rebecca says

    Rebecca —  07/29/2017 At 17:34

    Congratulations!!! Such exciting news! Your daughter is very blessed to have you for a mama. I think headaches are a girl thing. I usually have headaches and didn’t have a single one when I was pregnant with my son, but so many with my daughter. I’ve heard from some other women that they had the same thing. Weird!

  39. Melinda says

    Melinda —  07/29/2017 At 17:47

    Congratulations!! So happy for you and your husband!

  40. Jamie says

    Jamie —  07/29/2017 At 19:00

    Congratulations on the happy news!

  41. Holly says

    Holly —  07/29/2017 At 19:41

    Congratulations Cassy Joy – all the way fromMelbourne Australia. I love the work that you do and even through I don’t know you am sure you will make a fab mum.

  42. Sandra says

    Sandra —  07/30/2017 At 06:17

    So excited for you and your family! Gus is going to make a great big brother

  43. Karoline Gardner says

    Karoline Gardner —  07/30/2017 At 07:31

    Congratulations!!! Loved this post!

  44. Heather says

    Heather —  07/30/2017 At 10:19

    Congratulations to you both! I’m newer to your blog and book and have adored you since day one! What an exciting for you! Thank you for sharing! ♡

  45. mary says

    mary —  07/30/2017 At 14:50

    Hey, Cassy and Austin, here is Kansas we are just so tickled at your terrific news and love, love, love a new baby for you two. I knew this was a possibility when I saw a pic you posted a couple of months ago ( am intuitive in these things) but kept a lid on it!! Can’t wait to see her in January. love mary and gary

  46. Bethany says

    Bethany —  07/30/2017 At 22:36

    Congratulations! You are going to be the sweetest mom and kiddos are the best! =)

  47. Mariana says

    Mariana —  07/31/2017 At 01:24

    Omg.! I saw The email and click I though “she’s pregnant” oh girl I cry reading all the post I know that you don’t know me and seriously I dont even think one day I’ll see you in some airport or any kind of places you go. But you are one friend because when people come to this country is hard to make friends and last year when I start following and saw you in snapchat you good vibes your food, Gus, your beautiful nieces and nephews and all the little dogs, and you lovely family I really enjoyed all the love you give us in all social media, and that’s why you deserve love and all the good things God give to. So now telling us about your pregnancy make me so happy just like a good friend telling me, and I’ll wish all the best for you a beautiful experience with love and health. And my present to you and you family it will be my prayer for you little angel that is on the way✨

  48. Kimberly says

    Kimberly —  07/31/2017 At 05:22

    Such exciting news. Congratulations to you and Austin!!!!!

  49. Chris says

    Chris —  07/31/2017 At 06:08

    Congratulations and much happiness to you and your family!

  50. Caroline says

    Caroline —  07/31/2017 At 07:05

    Yay!!! Congratulations, guys! I have to admit that I was definitely wondering if this was the cause when you disappeared from Snapchat!

  51. Virginia says

    Virginia —  07/31/2017 At 10:56

    Congratulations to you and your family!!!!

  52. Angelica Garcia says

    Angelica Garcia —  07/31/2017 At 19:35

    I’m so excited for y’all! I’m late to reading your post but when I did, I saw you are due on January 13th!! That’s our due date too! After about 8 months of trying to get pregnant… we went on a last minute trip to Mexico and we returned I knew I just knew I was pregnant! Although this is my second child the journey is completely different.
    Congratulations again! I’m over joyed for you!

  53. Laurie says

    Laurie —  07/31/2017 At 21:43

    What a wonderful healthy start your little girl has with you. Congratulations and love to you and your family.

  54. Leslie says

    Leslie —  08/03/2017 At 10:32

    That is amazing news!! Congratulations!

  55. Rebecca says

    Rebecca —  08/31/2017 At 18:20

    This is such amazing news! We are so happy for you!! Congrats on your growing family and may GOD bless you and keep you both healthy!! 🙂 (I apologize for being behind the 8 ball on the news. My new job is trying to kill me!!)