This brand new episode meal plan is all about “grab and go” meal components. In the accompanying YouTube video, I walk you through every step of my “prep day” which will yield you a fridge full of cooked proteins, veggies, and sides. My goal for you (and for myself, tbh) is that you will be able to open your fridge, and see delicious OPTIONS that can be easily assembled into whatever you’re craving.

Like before, the F&F team put together a detailed eBook you can use to follow along (it’s linked below). Each step of your prep day is numbered, the shopping list is included, and suggested dinner recipes are listed and linked. In fact, the meal plan below can all be made from this prep day! Best of all, the groceries for the full plan (can feed 4 people dinner for 5 days) are under $100. I hope you find it helpful!

Grab & Go Meal Plan





*These recipes are not in the meal plan eBook linked above. If you plan on making them, here’s a separate shopping list with those ingredients.

**These recipes are not on the website. Find assembly instructions in the meal plan eBook.


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